Your Dream Variations - Cartoon Network Studios

New Cartoon Cartoons on the Block (season 1-2)

Steven Universe: Steven and Connie are sitting next to each other. Lion sneaks behind them and startles them. The two then chuckle. Other times, they used a retrofitted version of the CN Studios logo that appears on Steven Universe.

Ed, Edd and Eddy: Ed Edd and Eddy are chasing jawbreakers (a reference to the end of "The Ed-Touchables")

Cow and Chicken: Cow (as her alter ego Super Cow) leaps out and lands on Chicken.

Sheep in the Big City: Sheep is at a bus stop. The bus zooms past him, causing his fur to fly off.

Mike, Lu and Og: The logo opens half way. Og could be seen applying a blow torch to the logo as Mike watches. Lu then comes in and accidentally knocks Mike into Og, causing him to fall forward and make the logo close.

Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones: Robot Jones approaches Shannon, and as he attempts to talk to her, his head explodes.

Codename: Kids Next Door: Numbuh 4 is holding a Musket. He smirks and proceeds to fire at the audience as the logo closes.

I.M. Weasel
: I.R. walks on screen and he bends down to pick up a penny. His butt faces the audience and a laugh track is heard.

Courage the Cowardly Dog: Eustace scares Courage with his mask. Muriel (of screen), hits him with a rolling pin.

New Cartoon Cartoons on the Block (season 3-)

A grand bulk of the variants used here are centered around She-Line, due to the NCCotB deciding to use the modern CN Studios look and making something a bit more original.
Bathing: Ashley and Ryan are licking their arms. They look to the viewer and blush, pulling the logo shut.
Yarn: A ball of yarn drops down and Ashley and Ryan both leap toward it.
Together: Ashley and Ryan sit next to each other, purring.

Tim and Eric Awesome Movie, Great Job! (2008): The "Skull" logo plays, but there is no byline and screaming follows the saying of "Skull!". The 1999 logo then plays, but the byline is not there.

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