Your Dream Nightmare Logos

Everest Films
1st logo (1984-1999)
Nicknames: "Everest" "Husky of Doom"
Logo: We see a husky (named Everest) howling at the screen. The camera zooms in to her and Everest finishes howling. The text "EVEREST Films" appears.

FX: It's 3d animated, with the exception of the text.

Music/Sounds: The sound of Everest howling, then a bang sound when the text appears.
Scare Factor: High to nightmare. The bang sound, Everest howling, and the zoom in can give someone the shakes.

Qem95 Studios

1st Logo (2016 -)

Logo: We see a rusty mech. The mech explodes and a man gets shot towards the camera. He goes to the remains of the mech and makes it into a walking robotic banner. The banner reads "Qem95 Studios". The text flies off the banner. The man jumps on the banner and it flies off with the text in its position when it flew away.

FX: The mech exploding, etc.

Music/Sounds: For the music, its a funky techno-style theme. For the sounds, the man being shot towards the camera, the mech exploding, wrenches when the man's building the banner, the text flying away and the banner flying.

Scare Factor: It depends. It can range from low to nightmare. The man getting shot towards the camera, the exploding mech, the wasteland-like background and the loud music can scare afew. It can be elevated to "HEART ATTACK" for those who hate the "Nickelodeon TV Monster" ident and the Viacom V of Doom as, in a way, its a combination of the two,

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