Yoshidude987 productions

Background: This is made by several Yoshis in 2009. It had the headquarters in a large Yoshi Egg

1st (known logo) (2009-):
YoshiDude987 Productions logo
Nickname: "Yoshi Egg"

Logo: on a White background we see a Yoshi egg on top of the screen. It was crudely drawn by
Yoshidude987. We see the words:

YoshiDude987 Productions

like this. Someone cracks it by throwing another object that is invisible (Possibly, a Boo).

FX/SFX: The cracking of the egg, the Boo spinning

Music/Sounds: A cracking sound followed by a boo laughing in the background in the egg.

Availability:Common; can be seen on Episodes of The Mama Luigi Show, Yoshi and Friends, and
amongst others.

Scare Factor: Low to Medium; the boo cackling, and the crack of the egg may catch you off guard. Nevertheless, it is a common logo.

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