YTV (Canada)

Editions by emini4, WillWill45, and PaPaLuigi

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1st Logo
(September 1 1988-)

Nicknames: "No Problem Penguin", "Whoa-POW-WWW! No Problem" "Screaming HDTV" ''The HDTV of DOOM (or) HELL'' ''Screaming Pingu''

Logo: On a Really Helly black background, we see a purple HDTV Television set with green buttons on the right side of it. Inside the TV screen is an Violencet orange background with the white CGI letters "YTV", with "T" and "V" on the left, and arranged on top of each other. The YTV text then "explodes" out of the screen to cover up of the HDTV set. Above the TV set is the white text saying:"Produced in association with Pingu" (There is text at all!).

FX: The text "exploding" Out the HDTV.

Cheesy Factor: Minimal To High, The unexpected Pingu's loud scream, not to mention the choppy CGI animation of the YTV text.(It really COOL Logo)

Music/Sounds: Either the end theme of the show, or Pingu's loud scream and then after a scream, a Girl says: "No Problem Penguin".

Variants: On "Are you afraid of the Dark?" Above the TV set is the white text saying: "Produced in association with Club Penguin".

Availability: Uncommon on TV in the United States, where it was last seen on Nickelodeon airings of the first two seasons of Are You Afraid of the Dark?. In Canada Its Ultra-common in Canada because most cartoons and shows that air on Canada usually carry this logo at the end of most of YTV's post-1988 programming, it can be found on a YTV program of the Christmas special Christopher the Christmas Tree. "Are you Afraid of the Dark?" was last seen in the United States on Nicktoons Network and The N in October 2008 and this logo was Luckily saved during re-runs. It can now be Possible that this logo is now Rare.

Scare Factor: High for the variant with the end theme, but Medium to WTH (or WTF) for the variant with Pingu's loud scream. Surprisingly, an unexpected Super scream that combined with a Hell black background definitely don't go well together (It's Really SCARY and God Hates it), especially if you haven't seen it before. It Kills a lots for Canadians in One day. (And your Pets and the Angry Video Game Nerd)

2nd logo:


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