Wave Entertainment

Background: Wave Entertainment started to make Home Video and DVD releases on the late 90's. In 2007 they left the VHS and they now are making Blu-ray releases.

1st (known) logo

Wave Entertaniment (1997) (Opening Logo)Wave Entertaniment (1997) Feature PresentationWave Entertaniment (1997) Closing Logo

Nicknames: "3D Words" "Words and Squares"

Logo: First we see an black BG, then, it fades into a silver background with waves of many colors, where we can find a montage of rectangles with the "Wave Entertainment" 3D words inside in the rectangles, the camera zooms out, then the squares dissapears, making only the "Wave Entertainment" 3D words keep only on the stage with the color waves, the another words put his place on the top or the bottom of the "Wave Entertainment" words. The another words are:

  • You're watching this movie with: The opening logo.
  • Feature Presentation: Feature presentation logo.
  • Thank you for watching: Closing logo.

FX/SFX: The 3D words, the fading of the top and bottom words.

Chessy Factor: The logo is so 55% boring.

Music/Sounds: We start with an Boeing sound effect with some chimes, then a decending tune with a marimba plays, and then an 15-note fanfare plays, then it ends, followed by an Boeing sound effect again. On the "Feature Presentation" logo, the music plays again, followed in the medium part of the logo the voiceover saying: "And now, our feature presentation!" as all the Feature Presentation logos, on the closing logo, the opening music plays again.

Availability: Can be found only on Home Video, DVD, and Blu-ray releases.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, the logo is boring, but the fanfare will catch you off guard.

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