Verandering Video (Eutomnia)

Logo descriptions by SnowflakesOmega

Background: Also called by just "Verandering", this home video company distributes Eutomnian, WB, Universal, Columbia and 20th Century Fox films to HV formats in Eutomnia.

1st Logo

Logo: On a white/gray gradient, the bold outline of an oval starts drawing as the camera follows it. Once the oval finishes drawing, we cut into a more zoomed-out area in which the oval is seen in full. It fills with a gray gradient as a dark rectangle wipes in behind the oval. Once everything's finished, a line comes out spinning and moves to the right of the rectangle. An orange arrow comes out from the line and places above it. "KONTROLEPUNT" wipes in from below.

Variant: The logo is still on a few VHSs.

FX/SFX: The animation.

Music/Sounds: Some descending/whooshing/swooshing sounds.

Availability: Scarce. Found mostly on early 2000's prints from their distributed releases on VHS and VCD. Most of the films distributed are Eutomnian or come from major Hollywood studios.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

2nd Logo

Logo: TBA. The finished result has the same logo on a white background, but with the rectangle behind the logo now in style of an outline.

FX/SFX: TBA, which is good animation for an early 2000's African logo.

Music/Sounds: A fast theme with echoing bells.

Availability: Rare. Easily seen in Eutomnian VHS's (in early years), VCDs and later DVDs (since 2003), mostly from Eutomnian or Hollywood films and TV shows.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

3rd Logo

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: Even more great animation.

Music/Sounds: A buzzing theme.

Availability: Seen mostly on Eutomnian DVDs (VCDs were no longer popular in the country since 2005).

Scare Factor: None.

4th Logo

Logo: TBA. The finished result has the new oval logo from the previous logo on a blue/black horizontal gradient, but with the font modified to look modern.

FX/SFX: Clean 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen mostly on late 2000's Eutomnian DVDs.

Scare Factor: None.

5th Logo

Logo: We see various yellow light holes on a mountainous steel land. The camera pans to above, goes to the starry sky, and turns so we can see that the mountainous land is inside a steel "V", with it still visible. "VERANDERING" fades in below.

FX/SFX: Again, more great African animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on current Eutomnian DVDs and BDs from them.

Scare Factor: None.

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