Universal Cinemas

1st Logo

Logo:On a starry bg,a posterized drawing of the Earth with two blue rings on it zooms in,Universal Cinemas fades in below.

FX:Eat your food,its just zooming and fading.

Cheesy Factor:Too cheesy,but good for 1967


Availability:Scarce,its still seen in the Asian Universal Cinemas.

Scare Factor:Low,the silence and the drawing may catch off-guard.

2nd Logo

Logo:Same as the 1980's Universal logo,but it has CINEMAS under in Gold Times New Roman font...

FX:Same as the 80's Universal Pictures Logo.

Music/Sounds:A piano song what sounds like the Revue fanfare.


Scare Factor:None.

3rd Logo

Nicknames:The ride in the cinema space,Filmstrip Globe.

Logo:In the Early 90's logo of the Universal,we zoom in the space,Lots of popcorn zooms in while we go faster in the space,Then the Coca Cola logo in red fastly zooms in,then candy zooms out,and forms the Universal Globe.They fade into the Universal Globe,then Universal scrolls in from the left,then Cinemas scrolls in from the right and filmstrips fall to the globe.

FX:Very nice CGI for the 90's...

Music/Sounds:A majestic fanfare,what perhaps sounds like the 1990's logo of Universal.

Availability:Rare,still seen in the Romanian,Hungarian,and Czech Universal Cinemas.

Scare Factor:Minimal for the zooming in food...

4th Logo
Logo:The previous finished logo spins and zooms in on a spotlight BG,then it fades to the space.

FX:Not so much...

Music/Sounds:The previous fanfare,just shorter.


Scare Factor:None.

5th Logo

Logo:We see the countries of the earth zooming out,then the blue globe forms,and the countries attach to the globe,Then Universal fades in with below Cinemas...

FX:Like the 4th logo.

Music/Sounds:The 1997 fanfare more majestic with projector sounds...

Availability:Still seen in lot of Universal Cinemas

Scare Factor:None,its very popular like its film counterpart.

6th Logo

Logo:Like the 100th Anniversary Universal Logo,but with Cinemas under Universal...

FX:Same as the 100th Anniversary Universal Logo

Music/Sounds:See FX.


Scare Factor:Low.

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