United Plankton Productions Inc.

1st Logo

Logo:On a rain forest BG we see the company name fading in (with a slide effect).

Variant: In 1958 there's an 25 in the top of the waterfall and in the bottom of the company's name there's some words saying: Celebrating 25 Years. 1930-1958.

FX/SFX: The words appearing.

Music: The Embassy fanfare.

Availability: Ultra rare.

Scare Factor: It depends:

  • Low to medium for the B&W variant (1932-1963) version
  • Low for the Color variant (1963-1973) version

2nd Logo
United Plankton Pictures Inc. (1973)

Nickname: "Plankton and Coffee"

Logo: On a white BG we see a cup of coffee and ripples then Plankton and word bubble with UPPI on it appears and continues to ripple.

And all rest in TBA (To Be Announced)...