Train Pig Enterprises Network (TPEN)

Please, everyone. Make a logo for Silversword55! Feel free!
Date:October 2008
Logo 1:On a White BG, we see an 3D black glossy arrow come. On the arrow, the letters
unfold from under the arrow, letter by letter.
Then the arrow stops.
Audio: A reverse piano chord is seen, ala Legendary Pictures.
Avail:Every Train Pig TV show will contain this.
2nd Logo:
Nicknames: Universal Rip-Off
Logo: We see the planet earth, which rotates to reveal 3D text saying "Train Pig Television".
FX/SFX: The globe rotating to reveal the text.
Music: A 5 note trumpet fanfare, with a cymbal crash on the last note.
Cheesy Factor: The text looks rather blocky.
Avalibility: Current, and much more common than the last logo.
Scare Factor: None.