: In a funky-style room, two eyes, big glasses, a mouth, and a bow appear in the center. In the background two fists with eyes and lips on the right and two Taito/Nicks on the left. The two fists do the Nick Nick Nick. Screens behind them say "Taito/Nick." Every time the center face says Nickelodeon, the Taito/Nicks change to "Taito/Nickelodeon." After the second time, we see Taito/Nickelodeon pop up on the screen three times.

FX: Stop-motion animation, probably.

Music: A funky-sounding version of the Nickelodeon theme. The voice actor of the face in the center is Tom Kenny, well known for the voice of Spongebob Squarepants.

Availability: Current. It first appeared in a bumper for the 2013 Nintendo block The 90's Nick! on Niggo X. It also appears on the spin-off of the Dr. Mario TV series, Challenging Mario. It also appears at the beginning of Bust-a-Move Universe, Bubble Bobble Heroes, Bust-a-Move Millennium, and sometimes the Pokémon movie, Zoroark: Masters of Illusions. A copy of this ID is at the local Walmart store at a time.

  • This logo accidentally appeared at the beginning of Ryo the Cat: The Festival of All Magic instead of the 1991 Alchemist logo "Presents" variant. This was fixed in October 2013, the same month Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Versions were released.
  • The logo also appeared in the promo for Nickelodeon in the DVD of Me, the Wolf and the Rooster: The Story.
  • As part of the 36th Anniversary on Nickelodeon, the big face in the middle was named "Tom", after Tom Kenny, and was given arms and legs, and will star in his own CGI animated series.

Scare Factor: Medium to NIGHTMARE. The big face in the middle, the close-up of the Taito/Nickelodeons, and the graphics may scare some. This also contains seizure-inducing flashing.

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