1st logo
Logo: On a yellow background, Yoshi's head flips upward along with "TBS" in black and in Century Gothic bold below the head. The logo later shines.
Music: A moog synthesizer chord along with another chord when the logo shines.
Cheesy Factor: 1970's computer animation
Availability: Rare. Saved on early "Gerald The Gas Station Boy" episodes when reran and on VHS and DVD releases.
Scare Factor: Medium, moog synthesizer chords could suprise you.

2nd logo
Logo: On a black background we see the familiar Yoshi head and a white egg with green spots zooms up and settles below the head which later cracks and "TBS" appears in a typewriter font.
Music: Same as the 1984 PBS logo music.
Cheesy Factor: 80's animation.
Variants: In 1983, the byline "Affiliated with (1970's Pepsi logo)" appears below the logo when the egg cracks. This was used until the the 3rd logo. Pepsi bought TBS stations in 1982 until they broke up in 1991.
Availabilty: The pre-byline version exists on pre-1983 "Gerald The Gas Station Boy" episodes and the byline version was used on some later TBS programs.
Scare Factor: Median

3rd logo
Logo: On a horizion at sunset, we see a moon rise and the sunset changes to nighttime, when the sky is finished becoming nighttime, the moon morphs into the Yoshi head used in the 1st two logos. "TBS" fades in under the head.
Music: We hear crickets chirping and a man say "This is T-B-S" when the yoshi head and text fade in.
Cheesy Factor: Lacks CGI unlike the next logo.
Availability: Seen on lots of TBS programs in the early 1990s.
Scare Factor: Low, may be a little creepy but okay.

4th logo

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