Background: TAKE THE PICTURE! Productions was founded in 2005 by Hillbilly Gus. TAKE THE PICTURE! Productions got it's name after a friend of Hillbilly Gus was taking a picture, but it took a really long time and he shouted "TAKE THE PICTURE ALREADY!" to the camraman after he got frustrated. TAKE THE PICTURE! Productions produces shows like Crazi, The Amazing World of Sam Strawberry, Bagelman: The Yummy and The Toasty, The Plain Old Show, The Silly Songs Show, Awesome Time, and Nate's Desk, all shows on Animation Network's Saturday Nite LOLs. TAKE THE PICTURE! Productions can also be refered as Hilbilly Gus' title company.

1st Logo
TAKE THE PICTURE! Productions (2005)

Logo: On a white background, a black blob comes from the left of the screen and scrolls across the screen. As it scrolls, "TAKE THE PICTURE!" comes up from the trail the blob made. The blob then jumps ontop of the "E" in "PICTURE" and becomes a camera facing us. A red ball comes bouncing hitting and turning red the letters "T", "E", "H", "I", "U", and finally hitting the camera on the "E", flashing and turning the screen white, all while a black "Productions" zooms out below "TAKE THE PICTURE!". The flash dies down, revealing the final product, with the letters that have been turned red somewhat knocked out of place. Sometimes a copyright saying "(C) [YEAR] TAKE THE PICTURE! Productions, Inc. [SHOW], all characters, TAKE THE PICTURE! Productions, and anything related are trademarked copyrights of TAKE THE PICTURE! Productions, Inc." will appear below.

FX/SFX: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^(that means up there)

  • The Amazing World of Sam Strawberry: The background is replaced by a TV screen.
  • Nate's Desk: The background is replaced with Nate's room, with him sleeping. When the flash happens, Nate springs to a start, but shrugs and goes back to sleep.
  • Crazi: The background is replaced with a yellow notepad and the logo looks more sketched out.
  • The Silly Songs Show: Gragz is leaning against the logo.
  • Awesome Time: The logo is punched at the end.
  • Bagelman: The Yummy and The Toasty: The logo is destroyed by Knifeman at the end.

Music: Sounds that fit with this logo, the end theme of the show, or silent.

Avalibility: Seen on episodes of above shows from 2005-2008.

Scare Factor: None to low.

2nd Logo

Logo: On a white background, we see the logo, but with no red on it, the camera is placed on the "E" in "THE", and "PICTURE!" is below "TAKE THE". It splits in half, revealing the following variants. After theanimation finishes, the logo merges together again and "PRODUCTIONS" fades in below.

  • Nate's Desk: Cameron walks across the screen, but gets crushed by Larry.
  • The Silly Songs Show: Robbie is seen being chased Will, who is seen being chased by a truck.
  • Awesome Time: James does a flip in midair, but falls down a hole.
  • Crazi: Alec is seen trying to pop his pimples. One pops, spewing puss all over the screen.
  • The Amazing World of Sam Stawberry: Benjamin, Adam, Lauren, and Abby are seen running away from Kevin and Carter.
FX/SFX: Look at Logo.

Music: What ever sounds accompany this logo, the end theme of the show including what I said first, or silent.

Avalibility: Seen on episodes of the above shows from 2008-2011.

Scare Factor: It varies depending on variant.

3rd Logo

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