Synth Video

Background: Synth Video is one of the most video conversation companies in the United States of America and North America. It was founded in June 25, 1985 by Adam Abel and Lakshman Poorvashaada. The company started distributing some adult and pornography videos from 1985 to 1992, which meant to be inappropriate for persons under 18 years of age and above. On April 27, 1992, after the release of Kirby's Dream Land, the company stopped distributing some adult and pornography videos and started producing some Kirby videos (including the main and other characters from Kirby). As of December 18, 2012, Synth Video was one of the most famous video conversation companies besides Bombastic Video, New Age Video, Derann Video, Cine Video, Keroro Gunso Productions, Giroro Productions, Tamama Productions, Kururu Productions, Dororo Productions, and more. As of today, the company is still alive and active.
1st Logo

WARNING: Due to the logo's nature, disturbing sexual content and graphic nudity, videos of this logo will not be allowed on this site.

Nicknames: "Theft Of The Red Tape", "One Of The Rarest Home Video Logos Ever", "Almost Red Tape", "Star To Kirby's Eye", "A Red Tape Productions Ripoff!"

Logo: Same as the 1980's Red Tape Productions logo with black bars, which meant to be censored, but it slides with a paper transition, and "SYNTH VIDEO" slides in to the left. The star is in place of the heart, Kirby's eye is in place of the lips, and inside "SYNTH" is in place of "RED TAPE".

FX/SFX: Same as the 1980's Red Tape Productions logo...

Cheesy Factor: ...and we thought the Pro Experto Video Producción logo wasn't enough! This logo stole both the animation AND music from a different logo, plus adding even cheaper computer animation for their own name. We don't know if Red Tape Productions have sued them or not because this logo's company is from the U.S., but there will be no question that this would not be a candidate of the worst logos ever.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1980's Red Tape Productions logo.

Availability: Rare. Can be seen on a few adult video tapes from the United States and North America. Go to said country and check adults shops and adult video retailers for VHS tapes with a Synth Video print.

Scare Factor: None to medium. It depends on what you think of the subject matter, or are crying of laughter at the blatant theft of the logo animation it was based off.
2nd Logo
(April 27, 1992-)

Nicknames: "Synth S", "An Anirudha Arts Ripoff!"

Logo: Same as the Anirudha Arts logo, but instead of the filmstrip coming out of nowhere, "S" spins and puts to its normal position. "SYNTH VIDEO" is in place of "ANIRUDHA ARTS"

FX/SFX: It's a 2D logo.

Cheesy Factor: So they can't find or make their own for the logo and as replacement they use other logos' animation and theme? Not only the logo was ripped off and the music was stolen, the animation is outdated and it would fit the mid-1980s or the early 2000s.

Music/Sounds: The 1991 Anirudha Arts fanfare.

Availability: The most current home video logos ever made. Seen on some Kirby videos, which it will be including some of main and other characters from the series of the video games of the same name.

Scare Factor: Minimal to low, mainly due to the music. However some might laugh at the blatant music theft.

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