Stop Sign Pictures

(Early 2011)
Nicknames:The playing children, The war children

Logo: In a city like backround we see a Very Scary Face The Face Say Look signs. Then we Zoom out and see a bunch of children 10 boys 10 girls play on the signs: The boys play on a yeild sign the Girls play on a stop sign one boy see a girl so they get in a fight, So the Other Children fight too only 1 boy and 1 girl was'nt fighting they both yelled Stop! Real loud. the children who was fighting stop.One boy yelled out Shut up at them The other yelled yeah so everyone was fighting.The cops seen the children fighting so they stop and said what was the problem? in a calm voice. So all of them start crying.Then we zoom out And the words Stop Sign Pictures in Blue.
SFX: All in Live action,The Children fighting
Music/Sounds:A Rock tune And the Sound that come in the logo


Scare Factor:It can range from None to Nightmare The very Scary Face and the music can catch you of guard

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