Stick Figure Productions


Stick Figure Productions (1997)Stick Figure Productions (Gradient)Stick Figure Productions (Grass)
Nickname: "The Stick Figure"

Logo: We see a stick figure performing the fusion dance like in Dragon Ball Z while in a crude font appears

Stick Figure
Copyright appears below it.

FX: The stick performing the fusion dance.


  • On Animator vs. Animation: The Series, the stick instead breaks out of the logo instead of the fusion dance.
  • In 1999, the logo has a gradient look. This began with episode 24 of Mr. Brian Gets Grounded.
  • On a rare TF! Jenusse airing of Animate all day, the stick dies.
  • Beginning in 2002, the logo has a grassy field.
  • In TARDIS, the TARDIS replaces the stick and there is no byline and aside to the BBC Entertainment logo.
Music: A joyful tune.

Availability: Seen on the GoAnimate network throughout the years.

Scare Factor: None.

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