Station Interactive

Background: Founded in 1992.

1st Logo

Logo: We see the blue word "STATION" in a weird-looking font. Below it there's "INTERACTIVE".


  • On Intergalatic Wars (the 1994 version), the logo zooms out on a space background. After seconds, a spaceship comes in and makes the logo fly away.
  • On Skating School, the logo is seen on a brick wall along with many graffiti drawings.
  • There's a version with the word "STATION" being black. This was seen on some earlier games of the company.
  • On Watch Out!, the logo is seen on a jungle. Next to it there's a canyon. A person is seen running to the right but then doesn't watch the canyon and then falls.
FX/SFX: None except for some variants.
Music/Sounds: None or the opening theme of the game.
Music/Sounds Variants: For the Watch Out! variant, a scream is heard when the person falls.
Availability: Appears on early games like the first King Of The City games.
Scare Factor:
  • None to minimal for the normal logo and variants.
  • Minimal for the Watch Out! variant.

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