Starlight Pictures

Background: Starlight Pictures distributes many movies from VAS Theatrical Films and Oval Pictures just like A Big Trick.

1st Logo

Logo: A yellow laser carves out a line on a space background. The line flips towards the screen, revealing:



A yellow comet comes in and draws a yellow star next to the words then dissapears, leaving the star outlined, filling in color from up to down on two seconds. The star fills the screen with light, then we fade out in a black background with the logo already formed.

FX/SFX: Everything, which is good animation from the mid 1990s.

Music/Sounds: A loud "phaser" sound when the laser appears, following by a long whoosh sound, then another whoosh when the comet draws the star, and then a electric sound when the star fills in color. When the screen turns white, a loud drum hit is heard.

From many movies by Oval Pictures and VAS Theatrical Films just like It Was a Crocodile Attack, Under the Big Tree, The Secret, Skyclimber, and many more.

Scare Factor:
Medium to high due the animation and sounds.

2nd Logo

Logo: We see on a cloudy night background the words:



zooming in. It stops, then the words bulges to the center, breaking letter by letter, flying towards the screen when they are breaked out.


Cheese Factor:
It looks like a rip-off of the 3D variant of the Dimension Films logo.

A weird echoing sound at the beggining, then the same drum hit sound from before at the end.

Availability: Again, from many movies from Oval Pictures and VAS Theatrical Films. Some examples include My Dog Does Tricks, Before That, Umbrella Hotel and it's 2010 sequel, The Battle.

Scare Factor:
Medium, again, the animation or sounds may scare some.

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