Star-Born Home Video

1st Logo:

Logo: On A Granite Background, We See Stars (a la "Hollywood Star Pavement") Showing Several Music Artists' Signatures. All Of A Sudden, A CGI Star (It Looks Like Paper). It Starts Dancing (The Disco Dance, Breakdance), Then Jumps Up Into Space. Then, We Zoom Up Into Space, To See The Star in Gold, With "Star-Born" In Cursive, And "Home Video" In Neon Font. It Shines.

FX: Basically, This Is A "Lazy or Eat Your Food" Logo.

Cheesy Factor: The Star Looks Like Thin Paper, And The Neon Text Looks Like It Was Made In The 80's.

Music/Sound Effects: A Funky Disco Rhythm

Availability: Common, It Could Be Seen On Those Boring "Recorder Kid" Videos. Also Seen On Some Warner Music Vision Tapes.

Scare Factor: This Logo Is So Wierd And Trippy, It Rises To A Medium

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