Sourketchup Films

1st Logo

Nickname: Cheesy Ketchup, Sliding Text

Logo: On a black background, we see SOUR sliding in from the left and KETCHUP sliding in from the right in the Impact font. Then when they meet and form the text "SOURKETCHUP", Films fades in below in the Times New Roman font.

FX: Sliding and fading, that's it.

Cheesy Factor: Very cheesy, but what you can expect from a smaller film company's first logo?

Music/Sounds: None, but on the film "Zombie Ponies in Ponyville" from 1990 an ascending synthetized bass note plays, and when the text SOUR and KETCHUP meets, there is a similar deep synth chime like in the old 80's WFSU logo. On a Slovakian airing of "The Mad Fat Orange Cat" on Markíza in 1997, the 1976 Columbia Pictures jingle plays, pitched down 1 semitone.

Availability: Rare, you can probably find VHS's. Old Sourketchup film VHS's are mostly distributed by RCA Columbia Pictures Home Video/Columbia Tristar Home Video or MGM/UA Home Video.

Scare Factor: Low, if you are easily creeped by cheesiness.

2nd Logo

Nickname: The Famous Ketchup Bottle, Ketchup All The Way!, Ketchup Is Cool

Logo: On a mechanical looking gray background, we see a laser drawing the outline of a ketchup bottle. Then, a tomato flies on it and spins until it morphs into a ketchup bottle. Then the ketchup bottle fits itself inside the outline, and we zoom out seeing SOURKETCHUP in the same Impact font as before with FILMS below SOURKETCHUP in Arial Narrow below the ketchup bottle. The background then fades to black.

FX: Nice CGI for 1992!

Music/Sounds: A deep bass note and laser sounds when the laser is drawing the outline. Then when we zoom out, the deep bass note changes to a 5-note tune played on a piano. There is a slow, descending whoosh when the background fades to black.

Availability: Uncommon, but luckily this logo is not usually plastered, so you could have a good chance seeing it.

Scare Factor: Minimal, this logo is loved by a lot of people.

3rd Logo

Nickname: Flying Tomatoes, Ketchup Is Still Cool

Logo: On a clear sky background, we see multiple tomatoes flying, then one tomato stops and goes to the middle of the screen, and it opens to reveal the same ketchup bottle as before. Then it zooms out to reveal SOURKETCHUP in Impact flying below the bottle with FILMS below in Arial Narrow. Starting with 2011, the logo was enhanced to fit in with the HD resolution.

FX: Beautiful CGI animation!

Music/Sounds: A beautiful piano/violin/brass tune, complete with flying whoosh noises.

Availability: Common, seen on a lot of films.

Scare Factor: None, this is a beautiful logo.

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