Sony Pictures/Universal/MGM/Paramount Home Entertainment

Background: In 1988, RCA Columbia Home Video, MCA Home Video, MGM/UA Home Video, and Paramount Home Video announced that they would merge themselves and combine all of their resources to form a new home entertainment company known as RCA/Columbia/MCA/MGM/UA/Paramount Home Video that would at the outset feature releases from all of these mentioned companies well as new content.

1st Logo

Logo: We see all the logos from these companies one by one, and they then zoom out onto a static silk background. After they fill it up, they all flip out in different directions, as we see the words RCA/COLUMBIA/MCA/MGM/UA/PARAMOUNT HOME VIDEO zoom in slowly (A la V of Doom).

Music/SFX: We hear the distinctive logo fanfares, then a rather stupid flute solo, that sounds like a 3-year old is playing it.

Animation/FX: Very 80's animation. The zoom-outs look like the marble is coming closer, and the flip looks too unprofessional, as you can see large pixel-y messes as logos.

Availability: Rare. Check your local Video store or Charity store. They are easy to spot because the logo literally takes up half the case.

Scare factor: Low to High.

2nd Logo

Logo: We see the logos one by one, then they attach themselves to a CGI filmstrip on a Blue gradiant background. after they all finish, we fly up past the filmstrip, to see the golden words, Columbia Tristar/MCA Universal/MGM/UA/Paramount Home Video. The words shine.

Music/SFX: The fanfares from the logos, then a beautifully arranged orchestral fanfare.

Animation/FX: This is a heck of a lot more professional than the last one, with some awesome CG work that still stands up to today's standards.

Availability: Rare.

Scare factor: None. This is a favorite among the logo community.

3rd Logo

Same as last time, except they all attach to a Videocassette or DVD player (Post-1997). We then take a trip inside the player, and we see Columbia Tristar/Universal/MGM/UA/Paramount Home Entertainment on the disc or tape. The words shine.

Music/SFX: Same as last time, except with a guitar solo.

Animation/FX: AWESOME CGI.

Availability: Common.

Scare factor: Low.

4th Logo

NOTE: This logo was just a placeholder.

Logo: We see the logos, and then we go inside a TV, and we see the words, "Columbia Tristar/Universal/MGM/Paramount Home Entertainment. The words shine, then fade.

Music: A remix of the last logo's music.

Animation/FX: Look at logo 3 for a description.

Availability: Rare. It was only on 15 DVDs.

Scare factor: Low.

5th Logo

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