Shadow Projects Television

Nicknames: "The Barking Dog," "WOOF WOOF!", "The Shadow Dog"

Logo: On a white background, we see a black silhouette of a dog's head (similar to a Labrador Retriever) in a circle with "SHADOW PROJECTS" in the text-wrap effect around the bottom of the circle. The dog silhouette barks twice.

  • On some episodes ofBear in the Big Blue House, the dog makes a different sound byte instead of barking.
  • On the episode "It's a Mystery to Me," the dog chirps like a bird.
  • On the episode "Bats are People Too," the dog shouts in a male voice "WAITER!" And another episode had the dog saying "Thank you" in a different male voice.

FX/SFX: The animation of the dog barking.

Cheesy Factor: Pretty lousy animation for the barking.

Music/Sound Effects
: The ending of the show's theme, with a dog barking sound effect heard during the animation of the dog barking. OnBear in the Big Blue House, the barking was deep and low-pitched like a large dog, and onThe Book of Pooh, the barking is higher-pitched and sounding more like a puppy.

Availability: Appears onBear in the Big Blue HouseandThe Book of Pooh (which was re-aired on Disney Junior) which is Playhouse Disney's replacement, but they can be found on DVD and VHS.

Scare Factor: Low, depends on the barking sound which catches everyone off guard.

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