Sanjac Pictures

Background: Sanjac Pictures is a production company formed by Mena Snyder, Carlo Zarghami and Sasha Wyckoff in 2017 after the former two left their previous venture Snyder/Zarghami/Dennehy the same year. Sanjac produces low budget, high concept horror films along with urban films and documentaries. According to Wyckoff, he came up with the company name. It was a nickname he gave to San Jacinto College, a community college based in his hometown of Houston, Texas that his son attended. The name popped into Wyckoff's head one night and he wrote it down, believing it to hold a level of importance.

Logo: Against a blue desert plain at night, we see a blue figure running from a bird's eye perspective. The camera pans down to reveal the figure's body. The figure jumps up as the background turns black and blue flames cover it. "SANJAC" appears below along with "pictures".

FX/SFX: 3D animation, which looks incredibly primitive.

Music/Sounds: A western-like tribal tune.

Availability: Seen on Sanjac's films, many of which are available on the Shudder platform. It appeared on West, Two Districts, Wonderful and Memory.

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