SEI Pictures

Background: SEI Pictures was formed in 2006. The company creates products aimed at the teenage/young adult market and have stood out as one of the most successful studios within the genre. Darryl Costanzo is the current CEO of the company. In spite of fully forming in 2006, the company name has been used since 2005.
1st Logo

Logo: On a black background, a oval shaped iris effect appears, leading the viewer into a dimly-lit area with red, yellow, blue and purple colors. Various objects (mostly stars and filmstrips) float by, along with the letters S, E and I, which settle in the middle. Another iris effect occurs, encasing the logo in a box. "pictures" fades in below the box as the letter and box colors become inverted.

FX/SFX: Everything.

Music/Sounds: A calm oriental theme.

Availability: Seen on various independent films, many of which have been banned due to their subject matter. Known films include Normies,Going South, The Portrait on the Door and the Christmas Slay movies.

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