Rocko Rules Pictures

Rocko Rules Pictures

1st Logo
(October 20, 2008-)

Logo:We see SpongeBob SquarePants, Ren Hoek, Zim, Snap, Daggett Beaver, Helga G. Pataki, and Kimi Watanabe/Finster go inside Rocko Wallaby's house. SpongeBob and Zim play baseball and SpongeBob pitches the ball and Zim hits it into Rocko's closet while Daggett and Ren watch Rocko's 70" HDTV. Kimi goes to Rocko's room and looks at a picture of him, while Snap is dancing and Helga is playing Rocko's Xbox 360. We now see Rocko go down the stairs from his bedroom visibly shocked and Zim waves his hands in the air. Then we cut to SpongeBob spray-painting the wall reading the following:
Rocko Rules
~~~P I C T U R E S~~~
in the Segoe Print font (found in Windows Vista). And we see Rocko and everyone else group hug.

Trivia:The episode that plays on Rocko's 70" HDTV is "Power Trip", Snap wears a T-shirt that has the Nickelodeon logo on it from pre-2009 and the picture in the frame is Rocko appearing in a clip from "Trash-O-Madness".

FX/SFX:Animated elements.

Cheesy Factor:As the five Nicktoons enter Rocko's house, the zoom/pan in front of the house looks choppy.

Music/Sounds:Sound effects corresponding to the stuff happening in the video and a few seconds of theRocko's Modern Life/Nicktheme at the end.

Availability:Will be seen on seen everyRocko's Modern Lifeepisode from 1993-1996. Will also be likely known to be seen on the upcomingRocko's Modern Life: Static Cling TV movieand TV broadcastings of the Nicktoons crossover hybrid movie. To make this long story short, you can see itEVERYWHERE!

Scare factor:Definitely will be favorite for anyone who loves Rocko and Rocko's Modern Life.

2nd Logo
(October 20, 2008-)

Logo:We see SpongeBob SquarePants in his room showing us a picture of Rocko Wallaby and laying it on the floor. Then he holds a sign saying:

Rocko Ruled Pictures

and drops it.


Cheesy Factor:Looks like a cheap home video.

Music/Sounds:The show's closing theme.

Avalibility:Will be used in tandem with the first logo.

Scare factor:None.

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