Rhite Wabbit Productiones

Backgrond: Rhite Wabbit Productiones (based in Salt Lake City, UT, did make this) is a parody of White Rabbit Productions (based in Salt Lake City, UT, did not make this).

1st Logo

Nickname: "Connecting The Dots", "The Spooky Black Screen That Destroyed The Company", "The Reason Why RWP Nearly Went Bankrupt"

Logo: First a star shines out of nowhere in a black background, then it turns into a dot. More dots appear, each connection and then forming the company's name. Then it zooms out and the connected dots turn into the byline, and another set of connecting dots form a big R, followed by W and P.

FX: The dots and zoom-out.

Music: The cartoon's closing theme.

Availability: Available on some Rhite Wabbit Productions shorts.

Scare Factor: High, due to the dark nature of the logo, but the 3rd logo may surprise you.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "The Billboard"

Logo: A pink billboard is shown on a city. The text "Rhite Wabbit Productiones" is on the billboard. Spotlights appear behind it. In some cartoons it is blue-tinted.

Variant: In some prints of the Pixel Chix cartoon "Fashion Troubles", the logo is green-tinted.

Closing Variant: We see the words "The End" and "A DIVISION OF RHITE WABBIT PRODUCTIONES".

Trivia: This was used as a star clip on the Pixel Chix Movie Maker. And on a Pixel Chix cartoon, the ending has "yrotciv rof sdnob raw erom yuB" which in reverse, it's "Buy more war bonds for victory".

FX: The spotlights.

Music: Many helicopter sounds, or the cartoon's opening theme.

Availability: Seen on some early Pixel Chix cartoons.

Scare Factor: None, the logo is much tamer now.

3rd Logo

Nicknames: "The Scary Writing", "The OTHER RWP Scary Logo", "Rhite Wabbit of Doom", "The Reason I Don't Watch Pixel Chix Shorts"

Logo: In a black background, lightning strikes to chip off one part of the screen, making a marble scuplture. We zoom in to the marble, and then a red laser draws the words "Rhite Wabbit" inside of it. Then the logo flashes very quickly 11 times, making "Productiones". When the logo is completed, a bright light comes in behind, making the screen white.

Closing Variant: We see a blank screen, which flashes suddenly 5 times to make the same marble from before, with nothing. Then, the same laser from the opening variant draws the words "The End", then the screen flashes again 4 times making "A Rhite Wabbit Production". Later, lighting destroys the marble.

FX: Everything.

Music: Thunder sounds, followed by a creepy held synth note, with a loud phaser sound when the laser draws the words, then a whooshing sound at the end. Sometimes the cartoon's opening theme would play. On the closing variant, the thunder sounds replaces the whooshing sound.

Availability: Seen on some Pixel Chix cartoons.

Scare Factor: Nightmare, the creepy animation and the loud, scary music/sounds, and the jarring start of all this, may be very unnerving to a few, especially Pixel Chix fans. Low for these who are used to it.

4th Logo

Nickname: "The Clapboard"

Logo: At a black background, we see a clapboard, which claps one. Then, the clapboard zooms out, and lasers write the words "Rhite", "Wabbit", and "Productiones" in the Vladamir Script font. The words then shines.

Closing Variant: We see the same clapboard from before zooming in. When it stops, lasers write the words "The End" and "A Rhite Wabbit Productiones Production" in the same font from the opening variant. The clapboard then claps.

FX: Everything.

Music: The sound of a clapboard clapping, then the cartoon's opening theme. On the closing variant, we hear the closing theme, then the clapping sound at the end.

Availability: Seen on some later Pixel Chix cartoons.

Scare Factor: Low, much tamer than before.