Rainbow Lights Video Distribution (Singapore)

Logo descriptions by SnowflakesOmega

Background: This Singaporean home video company distributed Hong Kong films, videokes, and Asian TV shows.

1st Logo

2nd Logo

Logo: We first see a metropolis from sunrise. There's a tall gray lighthouse near the port. The camera then fastly moves to the lighthouse and goes inside it, moving up to the staircase, and then we see the lens. There's the RGB colors (red, green and blue) on the lens. The day quickly changes from morning to night, like a fast timelapse, as the light of the lens turns up and starts to rotate. The whole lighthouse CGI zooms out to a black background, where it sweeps one time and forms the Chinese text and the English "Rainbow Lights Video Distribution Ltd.", both in red, and the lens goes to rotate into the night sky as usual.


Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: Low. It's actually a well-animated logo.

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