Question Mark Productions

Logo descriptions by wikithomasian

Background: Question Mark Productions opened it's doors in 1996 by executives Calvin Stevens Roade, Warren S. Grande and Gordon Gould. The company made a butt load of movies from it's early heydays (1996-2004) until the fall in popularity sales (2005-2007). In 2008, Question Mark made another series of blockbusters including The Sister Seeks and Muckers Are Craving, landing the eponymous businessmen back on top. In 2010, Question Mark produced its first television series The Quest For Victory which inspired other TV shows produced by this company.

1st Logo
(July 7th, 1996)

The Logo: In a light blue background, we see a sphere enter from the top right corner of the screen as it shrinks into animation to the bottom. As it stops, the
question mark hook fades in, then the word "qMark" appears with "productions" on the bottom.

SFX/FX: Droning synths. The breathtaking 3D animation.

Music: A 45-note musical piece played through a synthesizer. It is "Greater Is Good" by Coco Blancs.

Availability: Extinct. Only seen on The Morris Denny Bunny Telemovie. If ever aired again, it will likely be intact.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. The droning might put off guard a few, but it's harmless compared to the next one below.
2nd Logo
(September 9th, 1996-May 7th, 2006)

The Logo: In another light background, we see a 2 dimensional circle appear out of nowhere on the top right corner of the screen. As it shrinks once again, it forms into a 3D sphere. The question mark hook fades in slowly than the predecessor as the words "Q-Mark" and "Productions" on the bottom.

SFX/FX: The sound of even louder droning synths, followed by a deep probing drone sounder at sync with the question mark hook. The movement of the animated dot below the question mark hook.

Music: A 45-note musical remix of "Greater Is Good" with reverberation.

Availability: Ultra Common. This logo appeared on VHS prints of Radioactive Sabre Warriors, Destiny High: The Movie, Trauma Horde And The Battle For Argonia, Preys Of The Brain Wars, System Brings Us, The Brotherhood Sisters, Mathematics Community College, Thy Blessed Old Man, Pur Sol, The Maximum Retention, Insomnia 2.0, Reckless Are The Damned among others. The films on DVD were of The Promenade, Super Vase, Tremolo Popp's The Serenity and Night Of The Kissy Dances. Between 2005 and 2007, the films were Totta's The Terrific School, Error Pyromania, Hell A Star and The Risen Rotten.

Scare Factor: WTF. This logo got people having nightmares. Plus the loudest droning synth at the sight of the question mark hook does not **** sit with anybody. The scale is much lower for those who are used to it.

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