Qixar Animation

Background: Qixar Animation is a animation company made in 2009 by Ruby Mart, which is the only person who runs the company. The company's shorts are only available online.


Nicknames: "Luso", "Pixar Parody"

Logo: We see the text:


Then a lamp, named Luso, hops by. He stops once he notices the "I". He shakes his body and
bounces on the I and finally squishes it again. But then another I falls down and makes the lamp go underground.

Variants: depending on shorts used:

  • Luso: Luso's Nightmare: When the lamp bounces on it, the image gets blurry and stops when the lamp squishes the I, as it transitions into the dream sequence.
  • Missing: When the lamp bounces on the I, but then the I opens and eats the lamp, then it turns back to normal.
  • Tiny Toys: After the lamp squashing the I, the second I then attacks the lamp, making him hit itself with the roof, and he suddenly gets stuck there.
  • Monster: The I gets big, and then the lamp escapes. The I suddenly follows it.
  • Luso II: Escape From the Nightmare: Same as the regular version, except it blurs in from the beginning.
  • No More!: The lamp looks at the I, then goes outside.
  • Not Our Final Short: After squashing the I, the second I does not appear and the lamp looks at the camera.
  • Tiny Toys II: The lamp bounces on the I and squishes it again. But the I then attacks the lamp and makes him fall on the floor. He then looks at us.
  • Dressers: The lamp transforms into an iMac G4, and then bounces on the I and squishes it. He then looks at us.
  • No More! II: Oh Noes!: The I runs away and the lamp then looks at us.
  • Eli: Same as the Dressers animation, but the lamp transforms into a kid's face.
  • Our First Lego Animation!: The whole logo transforms into lego, and then the lamp bounces on the I, but then gets stuck. The I later runs away.
  • This Is Not The End: The lamp bounces on the I and squishes it again. The lights then go off. After a few seconds, they turn on again, and then the I attacks the lamp, making it break into pieces.
  • We Survived, But Someone Didn't: A shortened version of the "This Is Not The End" animation. It starts on the part where the lights go on.
  • Bye Bye Willie: The whole logo turns into 2D. The lamp then bounces on the I and squishes it, then looks at us.
  • What To Do When The Lights Turn Off: The lights of the background turn off, and the lamp turns on. He then bounces and squishes something, implying that it is the I. The lights turn on, and then we see that he squished a duck.
  • Qixfra: The lamp then bounces on the I, then squishes it, but the I bleeds and the "A" and "R" letters change positions. Suddenly a "F" appears running and places itself at the right of the X, making the word "QIXFRA". The words: "OUR BLOODIEST SHORT EVER" fade above.
  • No More! III: Yes!: The I runs away and the lamp places itself at the position of the I. He then looks at us.
  • Dynamite: The lamp tries to bounce on the I, but he doesn't squish it. Suddenly, the I explodes and the lamp breaks into pieces.
  • Dynamite II: The Revenge: The lamp runs away and sees a face and a bomb. He then fights with the face, and he knocks the face out. The lamp then looks at us.

FX/SFX: CGI made with 3DS Max and Premiere.

Music/Sounds: In order: the metallic sound of the lamp hopping, a "jingle" when the lamp shakes its body,
squeaky rubber-like sounds when it jumps on the I, the falling sound when the I falls, andthen anothersqueaky rubber-like sound when the I pushes the lamp into the ground. The sounds varies on the depending variant. For the Not Our Final Short variant (and other variants related to that variant),the other sound when it looks at us instead of the falling sound and another another squeaky rubber-like sound.

Availability: Seen on all Qixar shorts, all available online.

Scare Factor: Low for the regular variant, but none to nightmare, depending on the variant used, but this is a fun-to-watch logo.

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