Puffilicious Feature Presentation (Japan)

1st Logo
(November 19, 1987-)

Nicknames: "Pufficlicious Unlimited", "Evil Feature Presentation", "The Worst Feature Presentation Ever", "AAAAAAAAHHH!", "The VHSs and DVDs of Doom", "The New Japanese Logo"

Logo: On a black background, we see a light blue oversized VHS zoom in/up from the bottom of the screen leaving a residue trail of discs. A light green laserdisc then zooms out from the bottom and zooms in towards the center and disappears. Then the center flashes white and the text "PUFFYLICIOUS"
in Japanese lettering, which changes to the English lettering, zooms in to the left of the screen while "Feature Presentation" in a cheap handwriting font writes by the laser and an underline draws itself under it.

- On
Snap's World (1984), the tapes and discs are replaced by Snap and there is no music.
- T
he red DVDs are added in 2000. In 2010, the Blu-Ray discs are also added.

Cheesy Factor: The videotape zooming in is AWFUL animation, not to mention the music can give someone a headache.

A tweaked version of the Worldvision Home Video jingle with no WHOOSH followed by an announcer speaking in Japanese, translated as "And now, our feature presentation from Puffilicious!" The announcer is Toshihiko Seki (later credited as the voice of Felix the Cat in Baby Felix and the voice of Nero in the PC fangame Sakira: Unlimited).

Extremely rare; only the seven films produced by the company are known to survive, the rest having been decomposed. Also available on the DVD of the 1984 film, Snap's World, and Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem VS The Sword of Justice, so you can find it here and there.

Scare Factor: High to Nightmare, the choppy animation and the creepy music make this a bad logo, not to mention the announcer! Medium for the Snap variant.

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