Patou TV

Background: Patou TV is a french TV channel created in 2016 by Lolo. This channel produces principally shows that can be suitable by the whole family, but sometimes, they can make mature content, but actually, there is one show that can be suitable only by adults and mature people: a stop-motion series made with tons of Lego using USB keys that look likes cartoons or movie characters made by Tribe: USB Town.

1st (and only known logo)
Note:If you're french, this logo looks likes a France Télévision channel logo with a stripe next of it.

Nicknames:"Flat design", "Flat Patou TV logo"

Logo: On a black background, we see a stripe being formed. Then, we see a P fall while turning on himself, and at the same time, a form is formed by being stretched. Then, the text "Patou TV" appears behind the l

Variants: Normally, the stripe is green and the form is red. But there is other variants:
  • The stripe is red and the form is green, blue or grey.
  • The stripe is green but the form is purple.
These logos are used in the commercial bumpers of the channel.

FX: The stripe and the form appearing, the big P turning, the text appearing below the logo.

Music/Sounds: A jingle similar to the Coca-Cola Telecommunication one.

Availability: Ultra common. It appears on all the Patou TV logos

Scare Factor: None, the logo is pretty good.

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