PBS Classics

1st(and only)logo
PBS Classics Logo
Nicknames:"Walt Disney Classics Rip-Off","PBS Diamond","Reflection of Diamonds"

On a dark-blue gradient background,we see a silver P-Head with the split. Suddenly, a purple light starts to shimmer around the P-Head,and we zoom into it's eye. We see the purple light drawing a yellow outline of a diamond shape with a white glow around it, and red fills into the outline, and PBS emerges from the diamond in the corporate font, while CLASSICS in Garamond fades in with a purple glow around it. A red line draws in below Classics.

FX/SFX:The shimmering lights,the zooming,and the drawing effects.

Cheesy Factor:The purple light looks a little cheesy.

Music/Sounds:A seven-note piano tune and when we zoom in the P-Head's eye we have a synth corus tune.

Availability:Only can be seen on PBS Classics VHS tapes, which are rare nowadays.

Scare Factor:Low,because of the zooming into the P-Head.

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