Nippon Warner Film Company (Japan)

Background: Nippon Warner Film Company was founded in 1975 to release a wider range of Japanese-language films that Warner Bros would not otherwise release in Japan. The distributor's biggest box office success was Doraemon and the Wonderful Balloon Island (1977, the first of three pilot films produced by TMS to warrant a future TV series, though the 1979 TV series would be produced by Shin-Ei Animation two years later), which grossed ¥5,023,722,616.48 at the Japanese box office. In the summer of 1978, the second pilot film Doraemon and the Martian Circus grossed ¥3 billion in Japan. The third pilot was prepared for distribution in 1979, but these plans (despite the fact that the movie was finished) were scrapped once Doraemon began broadcast on TV Asahi that year. The distributor's final movie Hondaiyama-san (本大山さん, 1981) pushed the distributor to bankruptcy. In December of that year, Nippon Warner was finally folded into Warner Communications.


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