Miley Rules Pictures

Miley Rules Pictures
(Febuary 2008-)

Logo: We see sega3dmm, randomchannel134 and CaitlinSystems go inside Miley Cyrus' house. Sega3dmm and randomchannel134 play baseball. randomchannel134 pitches the ball and sega3dmm hits it. The ball flies out the door and CaitlinSystems picks it up. She goes to Billy Ray's room and looks at a picture of Miley as a 5-year-old in a heart-shaped frame reading "Dearly beloved Destiny Hope Cyrus: A true angel" while randomchannel134 is jumping on the bed and sega3dmm is playing Sonic & Knuckles on Miley's Wii U. We now see Miley Cyrus go down the stairs from her bedroom visiblyshocked and happy.CaitlinSystems waves her hands in the air. Then we cut to sega3dmm spray-painting the wall reading the following:

Miley Rules

~~~P I C T U R E S~~~

And we see Miley (with a microphone, a present, and fanmail) dancing, singing, and laughing with sega3dmm, randomchannel134, and CaitlynSystems in a synthesized voice.

SFX: Animated elements.

Chessy Factor: As the three people enter Miley's house, the zoom/pan in front of the house looks choppy. The synthesized laughing sounds like it's generated on an old Macintosh computer.

Music: Sound effects corresponding to the stuff happening in the video, Miley singing “The Climb”, the three people laughing, and a 5 note tune at the end.

Availability: Will be seen on seen on Hannah Montana since Febuary 2008 and will plaster every 2006-2007 episode of that show. Will also be likely known to be seen on the upcoming Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Tour documentary and TV broadcastings of every single film she stars starting with Big Fish and every film she makes a cameo in (likeHigh School Musical 2). Also seen on the Colorado airing of Sonic & Knuckles because Miley appears in it.
A variant where the logo speeds up at 16x speed will play 10 times at the beginning, before and after the credits of Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Scare factor: High to nightmare for anti-Hannah Montana fans, but none for crazed Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fanfinatics.

Miley Ruled Pictures

Logo: We see sega3dmm in his 12-year-old form in his room showing us a picture of Hannah Montana and throwing it. Then he holds a sign saying:
Miley Ruled Pictures
and drops it.

SFX: Live-action

Chessy Factor: Looks like a cheap home video.

Music: The sounds.

Avalibility: Will be used in tandem with the Miley Rules Pictures logo.

Scare factor: None. Generally, it depends if you like her or not.

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