Mammoth Pictures

Background: Mammoth Pictures, founded in 1917 is the company of L.B Mammoth.

1st Logo (1917-1927)

Nickname: "Jumbo the Mammoth Elephant"

Logo: On a Black background, we see a ribbon art with the saying "Optimum Maximum" (Latin for Bigger is Better) one word on each side , with "EST" at the bottom of the ribbon's ring. In the hole of the ring is an elephant dressed as a Wooly Mammoth (named Jumbo). He turns his head a few times, then raises his trunk. He turns his head left and we fade out.

SFX/FX: Live action. The elephant mammoth turning his head. The fading.

Music/Sounds: Nothing

Availability: ULTRA RARE. Most silent films (of which this logo was on) were destroyed. Only 11 films with this logo (Including the 1919 silent film The Adventures of The Little Mermaid) survived and are hardly (but currently) seen on TCM's Silent Sunday Nights.

Scare Factor: Low bordering on Medium, if silent films creep you out.

2nd Logo (1928- Fall 1958)

Logo: On a black background, another elephant looking like a mammoth (named Cashew) is in the ribbon art from the previous logo. Unlike Jumbo, he trumpets when he faces each direction (he faces right, then left), then we fade out.

SFX/FX: The live action mammoth trumpeting.

Music/Sounds: The mammoth elephant trumpeting, accompanied by the start music of a film.

Availability: Rare. Seen on releases of the Era, including the first few Darla Dimple films like Li'l Dickens and Pint Size General.

Scare Factor: Low, if you're scared of elephants.

3rd Logo (December 25, 1958-present)

Logo: Same as above, only a new elephant is used, named Wooley.

SFX/FX: Same as above.

  • Different backgrounds were used since 1962. The first wasorange and was used on Darla Get Yer Gun. A red variant was intended for 1964's Li'l Ark Angel, but the filmwas cancelled due to problems and was reused for The Essential Danny and Sawyer
Music/Sounds: Same as above. Beginning in 1983, The logo was remastered.

Availability: Common. Seen on current releases starting with 1959's A Darla Carol.

Scare Factor: Low, for those who don't expect it.

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