Malamute was founded in 1927 by Louise McKee as an independent film studio. This American film company was a powerhouse for independent films from 1940 to 1971. In 1986, the company filed for bankruptcy. Pathe and Warner Communications got into a vicious bidding war for the bankrupted company, which Pathe won. A year later in 1987, Pathe, which had nursed the company back to health, tried to sell Malamute, but no one bought it. They decided to let the company go anyway, as it made the least profit out of all their divisions, making Malamute independent again. In 1999, Eyriesink decided to merge with Malamute to form MalamiteInk. Malamute, Malamite Limited and MKA still exist as divisions of MalamiteInk.

1st Logo

Nickname: "Silent Era Wolf"

Logo: We see a wolf walking past a sign with some sort of cloth covering it (it's hard to make out because of the film quality). The wolf turns around, then sits down. It sees the cloth, and takes it off the sign. It walks away with the cloth in it's mouth, and the camera zooms in to the sign. On the sign is "Malamute Studios".

Trivia: It took 101 takes for the logo to be completed because the wolf kept misbehaving (biting the director's hands instead of the tarp, going to the bathroom on the set, not going where it's supposed to. In fact, this logo is why we have animal trainers on set today.)

Sound Effects/Music: None until 1932, when a wolf growl and some jazzy music was added into the logo.

Cheesy Factor: Well done for it's time, but never went into colour even when the company switched to colour in 1935.

Availability: Scarce for the silent version, Rare for the version with sound. Many of Malamute's films during this era were lost when Disney took over the old Malamute studio in 1986 and burned the films that were still in storage to make some space for their own films. It can still be found, as MKA has released the remaining films on DVD.

Scare Factor: Low to High for both versions depending on if you are scared of aged film and wolves growling or not.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "Jungle Wolf"

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