MalamiteInk Films

MalamiteInk was founded in 1999 after a merger between Malamute and Eyriesink. It has become a multi-million dollar company, and well known for it's controversial company buyings, like in 2007 when it won a very brutal bidding war for Archie Comics between themselfs, Time Warner, and Blake Corporation, which in turn caused Blake Corporation to almost go bankrupt. Luckily, MalamiteInk is a friendly company, and gave both Time Warner and Blake Corporation about $500 dollars each. MalamiteInk Films is a movie production powerhouse, and their parent company's biggest profit.

1st Logo

Nickname: "Husky's Camera"

Logo: We see a husky sitting on a chair trying to work a film camera. It tilts it's head in confusion. A cat walks by, jumps on the table where the film camera is sitting on, then presses a button on it. The film camera starts to work, and we see the MalamiteInk Films logo projected on the wall. This entire shot fades out to the words "Go outside the box." then fades to the opening shot of the film it is on.

Sound Effects: The husky making a confused sound, the cat meowing, the cat touching the button, and the film projector working.

Music: A playful whistling tune.

Cheesy Factor: The husky and cat are animated horribly, which also adds to the Scare Factor.

Availability: In between Common and Uncommon. Seen on most prints of all MalamiteInk films from 1999 to 2003. The prints that don't have this logo on them have the 2006 logo instead, but with the same music.

Scare Factor: Low. The only thing that might scare you about this logo is the way the cat and husky are animated.

2nd logo

Nickname: "The Husky Of Doom", "Husky Of Death"

Logo: A husky runs towards the camera, then jumps towards the camera and breaks it. The crack it makes is shaped like the MalamiteInk Films logo. The shot fades out to the current tag line "Go beyond the universe" appears, then fades to the opening shot of the movie.

Sound Effects: The camera breaking and the voice whispering the tagline.

Music: None.

Cheesy Factor: The husky is again poorly animated.

Availability: Very Rare. Was only on 2 films, Pepper And Salt's Tokyo Adventure (2003), and ToRi The Eyrie: Fight Of Fights (2006)

Scare Factor: High. The entire thing was meant to scare people. However it isn't as scary as the "V of Doom" from Viacom.

3rd logo

Nickname: "Furries With Cameras"

Logo: A female dog furry wearing red clothes walks in holding a camera. She opens a door, and there are furries outside, holding cameras. The female dog furry gasps, then laughs. The current shot then fades out to the MalamiteInk Films logo, and the tagline for the company fades in underneath the logo.

Sound Effects: The female dog's footsteps, the door opening, the other furries footsteps, sounds of them talking, the female dog gasping, the female dog laughing, "Go beyond the universe" fading in, and a voice whispering the same sentence. This logo is sound effect heavy.

Variants: On the 2009 movie "Fliska, The Last Dragon", the studio tagline fades out, then "Celebrating 10 years of making awesome movies" fades in where the studio tagline was. Fliska reads it out loud.

Music: A cheerful harmonica tune.

Cheesy Factor: The crowd of furries are animated by limited animation.

Availability: Current. Has appeared on all films made by this company since 2006.

Scare Factor: Low. The voice whispering "Go beyond the universe" may scare some people.