MalamiteInk Animation

MalamiteInk Animation is the 3rd biggest Canadian animation studio in the world, as well as one of the most powerful. However, this power hasn't gotten to their heads. Like their parent company MalamiteInk, they are very nice, and are willing to help other, smaller cartoon studios out.

1st Logo

Nickname: "Husky In The Inkpot" "Husky In The TV" "Husky In The Projecter"

Logo: We see the husky and the cat from the MalamiteInk Films logo from the time watching TV (or a film in a theatre if it's a movie). The husky walks up to the TV (or projecter), then gets sucked in. The husky puts it's paws up against the screen, and the cat laughs. The husky wanders to an inkpot inside the TV (or projecter), and jumps in. It comes out covered in ink. The cat laughs again. The husky draws the MalamiteInk Animation logo on a giant piece of paper. The camera goes to a birdseye view, and the logo is clearer. Most of the shot fades out to a black background, and the MalamiteInk Animation logo turns white. "MalamiteInk. Go beyond the box." is whispered by a mysterious voice that sounds alot like Kavis from the cartoon series made by MalamiteInk, "Kavis", which ran from September 2002 and still airs today.

Sound Effects: In the television variant, there's the sound of someone talking on TV. In the film variant, it's the sound of the film projecter. In both versions, there's also alot of other sound effects. The husky walking, the sound of the husky getting sucked in, the husky whimpering when it puts it's paws against the screen, the cat laughing, the husky jumping into the inkpot, the husky jumping out of the inkpot, the cat laughing again, the husky drawing the logo, and the voice whispering. Another sound effect heavy logo.

Variants: On early episodes of Kavis, we hear Spigot yelling "OH GOD *beep* THE SHOW IS OVER? WHY THE *beep* IS IT OVER? COME ON!" instead of the music. Also, on Season One episodes of ToRi The Eyrie, the normal music is replaced with a harmonica version of the tune.

Music: A heroic-sounding trumpet tune.

Cheesy Factor: The camera going to a birdseye view is kinda choppy.

Availability: Uncommon for the film version, Common for the television version. They did less films under this label during this era then television. Plus MalamiteInk does a good job at preserving their logos.

Scare Factor: Medium for the film and regular television logo, Medium for the early Kavis version because of how loud Spigot is yelling, and low for the ToRi The Eyrie season one version.

2nd Logo

Nickname: "Throwing Dice"

Logo: We see a husky throwing dice. The husky looks, and the faces he sees are of Pepper and ToRi. He smirks, then it goes to a birdseye view of the dice. The dice and background disappear, and the Pepper and ToRi faces turn, and go side by side. The MalamiteInk Animation text and border fades in around the two faces. "Go beyond the universe" fades in under the logo.

Sounds: The sound of the dice dropping on the background, the husky making a questioning noise, the husky chuckling, a whooshing sound, a long creaking sound, 3 clanging sounds, another woosh sound, then someone whispering "Go beyond the universe." Sound effect heavy.

Variants: On episodes of Kavis from this era, we can hear Kavis screaming "TURN OFF YOUR TEE VEEEEEEEEES" instead of the voice whispering "Go beyond the universe." at the end of the logo. "TURN OFF YOUR TEE VEEEEEEEEES" also fades in under the logo instead of "Go beyond the universe." Episodes of ToRi The Eyrie from this era has Akuma doing everything the husky does in the normal version. Also, a quote from the episode is said instead of "Go beyond the universe", and the tagline does the same. Example: On Episode 65 of ToRi The Eyrie, we hear Ralphie saying "kitty time", and "kitty time" fades under the logo instead of "Go beyond the universe" The same thing happens with Kingdom Kitty, except it's Sinta-tan doing everything the husky does in the normal version.

Music: A techno/salsa mix.

Cheesy Factor: None. It looks really nice.

Availability: The regular version is current, The Kavis version is common, The ToRi The Eyrie versions are very rare (Since they all appeared on just one episode.), The Kingdom Kitty versions are also very rare.

Scare Factor: None for most of the versions, Low for the Kavis variant.

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