MGM/Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Background: Due to MGM's bankruptcy Lionsgate has reached a deal to merge with MGM.

1st Logo

(2010 - 2014)

Nicknames: MGM Lionsgate, Filmstrips, MGM Gold

Logo: On a black gradient background we see the newly looked MGM logo on top of a text that reads MGM/Lionsgate Home Entertainment in gold,


beside it is the lion symbol from the Lionsgate Logo in gold on both sides of the text. Under the text is an extra MGM filmstrip. As the logo is zooming there are moving MGM filmstrips behind the logo, and the whole logo shines once.

Variants: It is sometimes shown on a blue gradient background

FX: The logo zooming out and shining, and the moving filmstrips

Trivia: The MGM logo shown is based on the MGM/UA Rollercoaster logo and the sign on the MGM Plaza in Santa Monica CA.

Cheesy Factor: The logo shining looks a little cheap, and the extra filmstrip is just the side of the MGM logo mirrored side-by-side

Music/Sounds: None

Availibility: Common. Seen on all DVD's and Blu-ray's produced by MGM and Lionsgate

Scare Factor: Low. The newly looked version of Leo may freak out a few.

2nd Logo

(2014 - 2019)

Nicknames: MGM Lionsgate II, Silver Filmstrips, MGM Silver, MGM Lion From Heaven, MGM Gold II, Walking Lion, United Lions

Logo: On a black background, we see silver filmstrips which then the Lionsgate cloud background fades in, with a lion walking in them, it soon fades black with the lion (who appears to be silver) walking in full body view with films strips emerging from him. He gives a roar which soon causes the lion to blur into the MGM/Lionsgate Logo (now in silver) zooming out, when a white flash suddenly causes Leo to appear. The logo shifts up to show this text


in silver. Leo roars twice, then the camera zooms into the drama mask

Variants: The logo would sometimes be gold, and omit Leo's second roar and the zoom in

FX: The lions, and filmstrips

Cheesy Factor: The end where the camera zooms into the mask looks done tacky

Music/Sounds: The 1994 United Artists Fanfare with a customized roar, followed by Leo's roar

Availibility: Common. Seen on all DVD's and Blu-rays produced by MGM and Lionsgate

Scare Factor: Low. The way the camera suddenly zooms in may startle a few, but overall, none. The logo is beautifully done, and may become a favorite of many

3rd Logo

(2019 -)

Background: When MGM lost control of Lionsgate, and still owned United Artists, they decided to release their DVD's under MGM/UA again

Nicknames: MGM/UA II, MGM Fire, MGM Lion From Hell, Walking Lion II

Logo: On a black background, we see a firey outline of the MGM Stylized logo drawing itself, it then transforms into the lion from the last logo, the current United Artists logo forming itself slides against the lion. As its walking, filmstrips are wrapping around it, and the eye of the lion can be seen beside him. When he roars the fiery outline draws against the lions head, which then transforms into the lion roaring again with the words MGM in a fiery outline with the UA logo in front of it, then a white flash of light flashes to the already formed MGM logo, with Leo in it, including a background of moving filmstrips. As he's roaring, he zooms back to make space for the words,


in gold blurring in. Leo roars once.

Variants: There was a later variant where the the fanfare was re edited, to include the UA swoosh sound, the lions roar was redone, and the second roar included the 1995 roar, which then includes a newly done (but cheap) ribboning drawing itself, with Leo roaring in, the MGM/UA text appears in the style of the first logo

FX: The lions, and filmstrips and fiery outlines.

Music/Sounds: The same as the 2nd logo, but with a sample of the 1982 roar as the lion walking roars again

Availibility: Common. Seen on all DVD's and Blu-rays produced by MGM and United Artists

Scare Factor: None. The logo is beautifully done.