Background: MAXSIDE (AKA MAX51D3) was founded in 1909 as a appliance company, It made some models during its day, and tried finding new ways to invent new stuff. In 1930, a month after NBC opened a tv station, MAXSIDE closed its appliance business in favor of TV broadcasting.

1st logo
Logo: We see the letters "MAXSIDE Station XZVN" on a black background.
FX/SFX: None.
Music/Sounds: Just announcer saying, "This is MAXSIDE Station XZVN"
Availability: Extinct. Used as a station ID.
Scare Factor: None.
2nd Logo
Nickname(s): "The Scanimation Logo"
Logo: A circle zooms in and starts to sweep away, revealing a "X". And then it starts to flash rapidly, distorting the "X" in the process. Then a "ZV" zooms in and starts to stretch, squeeze, crush and then cracks open to reveal a "N". The cracked "ZV" breaks in tiny fragments and sweeps at the center then explodes in a circle. The Top of the "N" then sweeps out the letters "X", "Z" and "V". Then they form the letters "XZVN". After a few seconds, it sweeps out-wards, revealing a circle with a moon on one end, and a sun with its triangles on the other end.
FX/SFX: Scanimation effects.
Cheesy Factor: High due to Scanimation effects.
Music/Sounds: A Sound Bite of "Silver Apples Of the moon", Then announcer says, "MAXSIDE Station XZVN"
Availability: Same as The Above logo.
Scare Factor: Low to Medium due to the seizure and somewhat creepy music.
3rd Logo
Logo: against a background with a clip of a TV show/movie with the glass vertical letters "XZVN" moving from up and down, the symbol from the above logo zooms to the center in 3D. The words, "MAXSIDE Station XZVN" in a checkbook font Fades in. After a few seconds, it fades out.
FX/SFX: 3D graphics, the glass letters were obviously chroma-keyed.
Music/Sounds: A low pitch wobbling synth with a upbeat tune.
Availability: Same as the 1st logo.
Scare Factor: Mininal.
4th logo
Nickname(s): "The NBC N returns"
Logo: against a sky blue background with binary numbers and hexagons, the NBC N from the 70's zooms in. The words "XZVN" comes flying in at different directions. After a few seconds, the background starts to crack, then breaks.
FX/SFX: the background breaking.
Music/Sounds: An upbeat tune, and the sound of glass breaking.
Availability: Same as the 1st logo.
Scare Factor: Minimal, due to the background breaking.
5th logo
Logo: on a cybernetic background, the N flys to the center in a 3D fashion. Then multiple hexagons change the background to a city background. Then the words "The MAXSIDE Channel" and "Station XZVN" come into focus. Then after that, it fades out.
FX/SFX: the transition of the backgrounds by hexagons.
Music/Sounds: a epic orchestra followed by an announcer saying, "this is the MAXSIDE Channel Station XZVN"
Availability: Current.
Scare Factor: None.