Logos From a Dream

Logos from a Dream is a place for logos that popped up in your dreams, not thought up internally. Yes, we actually had these dreams. It's a side effect of looking at logos too much.

Logophile: I have had different dreams in which logos appeared. The first one was when I was five or six, and it made some predictions that came true. This is a dream I had around 1995-96. Anyway, I don't remember exactly what happened in the dream, but I saw the WB Shield with "Warner Home Video". I saw the MGM logo with Home Video underneath. I saw Columbia's 1993 logo with Home Video underneath. This was before WHV introduced the current logo, this was when MGM/UA Home Video was an active lable and this was when Columbia Tristar Home Video was active. Yet later on in my life, Warner Home Video introduced this logo, MGM/UA Home Video became MGM Home Entertainment. Besides the Home Entertainment, I had dreamt the basic concept. No Columbia Home Video, but hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Warner Home VideoMGM Home VideoColumbia Home Video

My second was a creepy dream which had the 1993 Tristar logo. I don't remember a lot about this dream myself (it was in 2005, I think), but I do remember this. On my TV, I remember seeing the 1993 Tristar logo. It was in 3-D and it was coming out of my TV. It creeped me out a little and I turned around and I saw "666" sketching in on my bedroom wall. I was creeped out.

Tristar zooming into Logophile's room

And in my last one, I've had several dreams with the MGM logo, a lot of them very unpleasant. Here I am watching TV, and the credits begin. I predict the MGM logo at the end, and I turn it down all the way to no sound, but there is still sound. I mute it and it doesn't do good. Then the MGM lion roars and scares me. And those are my dreams.

IsmailGenius2010: The following is a dream compilation:
- Firstly, there was this MGM logo. It had Jackie or Leo, but then the lion was in reverse doing his first roar. I saw him on the clock years ago in the living room.
- Second and last, I saw a bumper for Cartoon Network. It had my favorite characters, Ed, Edd and Eddy. Then the show came up and it looked weird in the introduction. When I woke up, I had a thought of Ed and Edd still in pose, but Eddy was crying in a worse way.

WillWill45: I had three Klasky-Csupo logos from a dream, but rare today. One of them is the SSF, followed by green garbled stuff, and the Klasky-Csupo logo appearing. Another one, SSF, followed by a quick live action scene, and the latter of the SSF. A third one, had a 3D metal still of the boxes, on a sun background, with green specks scattered. The latter is going to be used to plaster the SSF, but animated. (At least in my dream logo world.)

Silversword55: I had an HBO Ind. Productions logo in my dream, but instead of the Light of Doom, it had the 1996-2005 Variation, with the HBO logo surrounded by "INDEPENDENT PRODUCTIONS" on a glass parallelogram, in a navy background. Another parallelogram appared, then a bunch of random text popped up on the sides, and the best part is it didn't scare me!

JHprod: I had 2 Hanna-Barbera All-Star Action logos, but different. It has the Gorillaz-like peoplewho had blue shirts & 1 zebra. The first one is those guys walking n' runnin' & the rock guy gets slammed & the 2nd one is these guys running & the zebra stands still on the left & then, the zebra gets slammed. The 1st logo had the extended version of the Hanna-Barbera All-Star Action jingle. The 2nd one had the original version of the Hanna-Barbera All-Star Action jingle.

xxStarMan122xx: I had a dream that there was a logo called "VCI Collection". Instead of the music used on the SVI logo, it had the same music and animation on the UK Video Collection logo. It was cool at first, but the logo on the end scared me. So I wish there was that logo.

Green_lantern40: I had a variation of the Hanna-Barbera "Zooming H-B" logo in my dream. What was different visually was that a drawing of Scooby-Doo on a nest zoomed up in place of the H-B. Also, the music was a grumbling sound as the drawing zoomed up, and a SCARY lion's roar when the drawing stopped.
Unusual version of the Hanna-Barbera logo

WGBHBGW: I had a dream where I was watching a variant of the WGBH logo that was faint and blue instead of orange. It came on after an episode of the 2000s era ZOOM and had no sound or music that I could recall with certainty, but I think it might have had an announcer on it.

Blue WGBH logo

Wolfie14: I had a weird dream where I was watching a variation of the V of Doom. The V was red, the background was black, and the text was light purple. The V was zooming in slowly, and there was an almost heavenly synth as music. It was really weird.

Viacom Red V of Doom

Another dream was from 2010 when I was watching a variant of the Paramount 2002 logo, but the stars wereorange and moved differently. The text "Paramount" was in light blue and zoomed from the "m" instead of the "P". Several light rays came down to the mountain and made a flash. That was weird.

Unusual version of the Paramount 2002 logo

Yet another one, it was when I was seeing the 1984 PBS logo, but when the piece moved to the right, it rotated and flew away instantly. After that, the P-Head turned yellow and the text "PBS" faded up and zoomed in below. Finally, another piece came out from the P-Head to the right. That was so odd!

PBS 1984 Yellow P-Head
Another one was when I was watching a still version of the 1975-1986 Paramount logo. Suddenly, a red V of Doom zoomed in and made the Paramount logo zoom in very quickly. After that, the words "A Viacom Presentation" faded in instead of zooming in. That was odd.

The next one was when I was seeing the 1971 PBS logo, but when the "P" turned into a P-Head, the background turned white and the text turned black. Also, the "B" turned green and the "S" turned red. After the music finished, the P-Head grabbed a microphone and yelled "Hey, you guuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyys!" That was odd.

Unusual version of the 1971 PBS logo

I had a variation of the 1965 Screen Gems logo in my next dream. The difference is that the background was black, the "S" was yellow and the text was blue. Also, instead of drawing in, the already-formed "S" spinnedin to the middle position and the text "SCREEN GEMS" slided in letter-by-letter instead of zooming. The music in this logo was a quiet peaceful fanfare. That was odd!

Unusual version of the Screen Gems logo

Another dream was when I visited the dining room at my house to eat a sandwich. When I did, I saw a paper bag that had a picture of the 1976 LBS logo with black text and a white background. That was weird!

Cameo appearance of the LBS logo

Another dream was when I was watching the 1978 Lorimar logo, but when the music finished, the logo spinnedaround for three seconds. After that, the words "HOME VIDEO" in red and in the Times New Roman font zoomed out below "LORIMAR". That was so odd!

Lorimar Home Video

PaPaLuigi: I had a wacky dream of a variation of the cool SSF logo. The SSF's face was replaced with Optimus Prime's face from the 1st Transformers movie and he said, "Megatron is in my sight.". When the letters appeared, they were replaced by some of the faces of the robots in the 2nd movie. They transformed into the letters afterwards.

DreamMechanic: I had a dream when I was about 5 years old, I think sometime during 2000-2001, with numerous Disney logos. One had a bumper with the Walt Disney Classics Diamond at the top-left corner of the TV screen except it had numerous characters on the screen, all I can remember was there was Wart from The Sword in the Stone and Dawson from The Great Mouse Detective peeking out from behind the diamond and there was an announcer saying "Available now on videocassette." before it zoomed away ala Sorcerer Mickey. Later on, can't remember if it was in the same dream though, there was a Walt Disney Classics logo that had the Orange small alien from Space Jam trying to open a treasure chest, he looked at the screen and laughed, then unleashed a load of balloons and the background changed to the background in the Just for Kids logo (with the castle and hills) and "Walt Disney Classics" appeared. The end of the music was the tail end of the string quartet music used for Peter in Disney's Peter and the Wolf, just before Sasha the bird appears, mind you.
Walt Disney Classics (logo from a dream I had)

When I was about 6, I had a dream where we had a TV in my room and I was lying on a bunk bed with my mom on the lower bunk, and there was a Universal Cartoon Studios logo that had the main characters from The Land Before Time on balls bouncing around the logo, each one was on a different-colored ball.
Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

When I was about 6 or 7, I had a dream where I was watching We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story in my living room and I was at the part just before "Roll Back the Rock" where Louie and Cecilia were looking at each other romantically, but all of a sudden the "Coming Soon to Home Video" bumper from the 1992 VHS of The Rescuers came on and I was so scared that I jumped up so high that my head came through the ceiling and poked up through an upper room.

In around 2002 or 2003, I had a dream where there was an odd Walt Disney Television logo on a gradient background. "Television" was much smaller than "Walt Disney" and the half-circle line was more narrow. It came after a New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episode in which the end credits had Pooh arguing with Piglet (odd since they're not the type to argue).
Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

When I was about 7 or 8, I had a dream where, midway through the strange events such as turning sunlight on and off with a dimmer switch, I saw, on a black background, the Magic School Bus crashing through a glass pane (from the front view) and driving off. Then, below the big gaping glass hole, the word "COLUMBIA" in the same font as the record label logo faded in. There were glass breaking and bus driving sounds, and I was really scared. I think it was in the same dream, but I was watching the end credits of The Land Before Time and after the Don Bluth logo, a strange Paramount/Nickelodeon promo started instead of the Amblin logo. I remember that for a split-second there was a Paramount logo that had four circles instead of stars, the bottom-right circle was small and the bottom-left circle was big (a small-to-big/right-to-left scale, mind you).
Columbia logo (from a dream I had)Paramount logo (from a dream I had)

When I was 8, in grade 2 or grade 3, I had a dream where I was in a fast-food restaurant (or something) and one of the menu-boards had a screen playing the theatrical trailer for The Land Before Time (I have it on my LBT 7: The Stone of Cold Fire DVD that I got for Christmas 2003) but there were some technical difficulties. To begin with, the Universal Studios logo (with the comet belts) had a smiling Lego person/robot head instead of the globe that winked (with a ding sound) shortly after the trailer announcer said "This holiday season". Then, the trailer stopped and instead there was the logo for CBC Television on a green background stretching and squashing in various directions before the "Preview has been approved" screen appeared and the trailer started up again.

Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream LogosLogos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

In early 2004, I had a dream where I walked into a movie theater, which was shaped exactly like the worm from Spongebob, Sandy and the Worm. So its mouth was the entrance, I walked in, and in the lobby, I saw, among numerous things, the THX logo on a black background inside a picture frame hanging on one of the walls. For some reason, the room where the auditorium was had a doorway that was completely black. I walked through the doorway, but the black disappeared and it somehow became my basement with a big and bulky (small screen) TV. The TV was already on, and there was the Universal Studios logo (with the comet belts) playing. But instead of the words "Universal" and "An MCA Company", there was a bunch of strange images, shapes and clips of stock footage (black-and-white films) superimposed over the globe. Then, after it faded to black, the word "Presents" faded in, in a bizarre cursive font. The beginning of the opening music from The Dark Crystal, played under it.

Sometime in the summer of 2005, I had a dream where I was watching a random movie and there was a Universal Pictures logo where the text was smaller than the globe and the globe was red and slightly on fire or something like that. I was scared.
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Later in the fall of 2005, I had a dream where there was a modified version of the Universal Pictures logo with the comet belts that was commemorating a big anniversary, which preceded a trailer for a movie involving a quick, clever, silent man in a black cape and hat going through the desert on a horse to deliver stuff and finding out more about him.
Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

In the spring of 2006, sometime before April, I had a dream where my classmates and I (in Grade 4) were each on a bed in front of a TV on a cart that showed a warning that the video we were watching could make us sick. It then showed a variation of the 1999 PBS Kids "Dot" logo with Krumm from Aaahh!! Real Monsters instead of Dot running. After that, we had to get our hepatitis shots (which I was anxious about getting at the time) in the dream.
Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

In July of 2006, I was 10 at the time, I had a dream where I found a 1992 copy of 101 Dalmatians (My family did have it before, but it got broken or something) and I put it in a VCR but a strange variation of the Walt Disney Classics logo came up, it had Sorcerer Mickey in a different position, pointing at the right side of the screen, then when "Walt Disney" was written, it zoomed out really far, but then it settled in front of the diamond, but the background was very bright sky blue. Then, the spark turned them extremely bright, and when it ended, the diamond opened up like a door and zoomed in, it revealed a background like the "flashbang" bumpers, and text faded in asking us to stay tuned for previews after the movie. NOTE: The VHS copy was in a pink clam-shell case with artwork or something in my dream.

Around the same time, I had a dream where my family and I borrowed a different VHS copy of 101 Dalmatians from some friends/relatives of my parents, and there was a trailer for The Muppet Movie before a strange variation of the Walt Disney Classics logo. It had the text "Walt Disney Home Video" (like in the 1984 "Classics" logo) spinning in a 2-D circular motion over Sorcerer Mickey's animation.

Later on in November, I was 11 then, I had a dream that started with my Grade 5 teacher putting on the 1992 VHS of Beauty and the Beast for the class but it had a series of strange "Coming Soon" bumpers, but I can't really recall them, though. I think there was a "Coming to Theatres" logo with a different announcer and the text displaying lightrays on a black background. I remember it had trailers for Aladdin, The Rescuers, The Great Mouse Detective and Pinocchio.

Sometime in the summer of 2007, I had a dream where I was watching a movie that had the 1998 Warner Bros. logo at the beginning, only the "WB" letters disappeared and a humanface photoshopped onto it (ala the April Fool's VID TV variant) appeared and started talking to me. I was creeped out.

When I was about 12, possibly in 2008 before I turned 13, I had a dream where I was in my basement when it was dark and the TV suddenly turned on and played the short version of the Walt Disney Pictures logo that began where the circle engulfs the castle. But the text was backwards, and I was silently scared.

I had a dream where I was visiting a friend of my older brother's house for their birthday and I played a trumpet that had the "Disney Videos" logo on it sans the "Videos" rectangle and text, and after I blew a couple notes, the trumpet was rumbling and shaking so I let go of it and it floated in midair. Then the rectangle with the text "Videos" on it flew out of the mouthpiece, at first it was a CGI hourglass shape that morphed into "Videos" as it flew out, and settled where the "Disney" logo was.

Cameo appearence of the Disney Videos logo

Another logo dream I had, I think it was back in 2008 (can't believe I remember that far, especially since it's a dream), was when I was watching "Teen Titans" on TV on one of those "syndication" channels but instead of the Warner Bros. Television logo shown after the credits (although the logo was still superimposed in the end credits) the long version of the Sony Pictures TV logo was playing but throughout the logo, Knuckles was chasing Sonic(as they appeared on Sonic X). Yet another one, the WNET logo played but the text circling it is in gray. Red outlines appear at the very end.

UPDATE: Sept. 1, 2012: I think it was in 2009 or 2010, I was about 14 at the time, I had a dream where I was watching a Disney VHS, and it had, before some trailers, a black/blue gradient background with the words "Movies to watch when growing up" with Brian Cummings saying "Here are some Disney movies to watch while you're growing up."

Last night, I had a dream where I was going to an underground convenience store during lunch break from a summer camp I was taking (I took it in real life but it was in mid-July), and I saw that near the right of the counter, there was a shelf full of videotapes. I looked at a VHS of Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland but it had the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo (late 90's) on top without the words "Family Entertainment".

UPDATE: Nov. 3, 2012: I had a dream last night in which I was at some convention involving fun stuff, anime, swimming, videos etc. After I went through an Osamu Tezuka exhibition (if you don't know who he was, he was the guy who created Astro Boy, Black Jack, Kimba the White Lion etc.) with my dad, I went looking for my little sister throughout the convention. Along the way, I picked up a random Walt Disney Classics VHS of The Fox and the Hound, the cover was just a re-drawn version of the film's original theatrical poster (the one with the characters on it) with the WDC Black Diamond on top, from the convention's flea market. As I continuedto look for her, I went through a bar, around some water slides and a diving board, and past a roller coaster before I found her. Afterwards, I went to some area in the convention where people were using laptops. I was using one and watching logos on it. This part, my memory of it is pretty foggy, I'll try to remember the best I can. I was watching some bizarre logo (I don't remember the name) but it involved the company's name stretching outward before breaking off into thick strands of clay, animating in claymation, moving on a black background. Then, I saw a strange variation of the logo for Rainbow Releasing (In case you don't know, it's Orson Welles pulling out a rainbow and staring) but it didn't zoom closer after freezing and the letters were more neatly centered above the rainbow. I believe he also said "Rainbow", but I wasn't really paying too much attention because I was looking away in terror, since the logos were too weird for my liking.

UPDATE: Dec. 16, 2012: I didn't have this dream last night, but I recently remembered a dream I had when I was 10, in the winter, in which I saw a logo for Nickelodeon Movies that began with a zoom-in to an animated scene of a native American tribe doing a dance. Then, it showed spotlights opening up, for some reason, which eventually revealed the Nickelodeon Movies logo (the three balls).

I also remember a dream I had where I was watching the Nickelodeon Sleeping Boy ident, but it had the kid going outside, through a snowy street and into a cave where he slept with a couple penguins and polar bears. That was back in early 2008, when I also had a dream where I was watching it but when the boy slept at the end, there were his parents and grandparents around him smiling proudly... for some reason. Then there was, back in 2010, I was watching the Nickelodeon "Reindeer" bumper, but the reindeer went too close to the screen!

UPDATE: Jan. 1, 2013: I just had a dream last night in which, among other things, I went into my high school's film class, yes I take film class in grade 11, and we were starting to watch Blade Runner (watched in film class last fall in real life) and the movie started off with an awkward sequence of logos. The first logo was a strange variation of the 1998 Warner Bros "75 Years" logo, in which the WB shield was tilted slightly and inside an orange box with 75 Years below it. There were also black bars on the sides of the logo. It was a silent still logo.
Warner Bros. (75 Years - Dream)

Then, it faded out and the second logo, which was even more weird. It was a variation of The Ladd Company which showed two Royal Canadian Navy crests (side-by-side) forming in the same manner as the tree in the LC logo. Below it, "A Ladd Company, 100th Anniversary" and "1910-2010" faded in. The music in the original logo played throughout the logo. I sat at my desk completely baffled. The final one, I don't remember off the top of my head, was a logo for a military-funded film company showing a 2D-animated globe and a military symbol fading in with the name (don't remember) over the globe. There was a soothing flute and synth tune throughout it.

UPDATE: February 17, 2013: I had a dream in which, among many events, my sister and I were watching a Heathcliff/Catillac Catsepisode on TV and after the end credits (which strangely had the end credits music from the 1983-1990 Alvin and the Chipmunks series), I saw the Bagdasarian Productions logo (O_O) and then the 1987 DiC logo. This DiC logo was a strange variation in which the text was in a generic computerized font and the background changed from space to completely dark blue when the text completely turned around.

4/18/2013: Yesterday, while I took a nap in the afternoon, I had a dream where, among many events (as usual), I turned on a Game Boy Advance but the boot screen showed the words "GAME BOY ADVANCE" in a square blocky font (ala Minecraft). The words zoomed in and shined with the GBA "ding" sound.

7/6/2013: I had a dream last night in which my family put on a VHS of The Lion King in our living room. After the trailer for Pocahontas, it showed the words "Now Available to ownon Videocassette" in a white Rockwell font on the lilac/blue gradient background instead of the Coming Soon to Videocassette logo. It had Brian Cummings saying "Now available to ownon videocassette" with the 1989 Feature Presentation logo music under it.
Now Available to Own on Videocassette (dream)

Then it played a bizarre trailer for Muppet Treasure Island. After that, it showed the gradient again but "Now Available from Disney Interactive" zoomed in. It was in Laser font this time, and Brian Cummings said "Both of these titles are available from Disney Interactive" with the 1989 FP fanfare. It cut to a weird ad for a non-existent James and the Giant Peach PC game. Even though it said "both titles", I only saw one because I was frequently looking away from the screen in fear of seeing a scary Disney logo.
Now Available from Disney Interactive (dream)

Then the logo played again after the promo but it had the "flashbang" Now Available from Disney Interactive logo sounds/voiceover and the 1989 FP fanfare combined. But instead of advertising a Disney game, it showed the early-2000's logo for Dairy Queen (the red ovoid with "DQ" on it) on the right side of a rounded rectangle. Then the logo zoomed in so that the DQ logo was in the center of the screen, then it advertised a series of fictional ice cream products now available, as my mom and I read through the Dairy Queen coupon pamphlet that came with the video. That's about as far as we got watching the VHS before the dream went to something else.
Dairy Queen promo logo (dream)
8/25/2014: I was so tired that I took a nap this morning where I had a dream in which I found a VHS of a fictional Stickin' Around movie (for those who don't know, it's a Canadian cartoon from the late 90's). I popped it in and rewound the tape (periodically checking to see what point in the film I was at) and started at the last half of the 1993 Columbia TriStar Home Video logo (with "Home Entertainment" in place of "Home Video"). After the logo, another logo faded in showing a freeze-frame of a man catching a frisbee at a beach near the water. It consisted of the words "Visual Effects by Great FX Presentation" which then faded into a promo for a collection of sports and Animal Planet videos. After that, I never even got a chance to watch the movie because the dream cut to something else... :(
10/26/2014: I had a dream last night in which my family and I were in the living room watching a Disney VHS from 1992 and we were on the previews. It a different trailer for The Great Mouse Detective and Beauty and the Beast (which came on twice). In between one of the trailers, one of the strange title cards from the 1992 VHS tapes of 101 Dalmatians, The Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers and Beauty and the Beast came on but was doctored to say "Now in Portuguese" below "Walt Disney" while a different fanfare played under it.
11/14/2014: I had a dream in which I was watching a VHS of Disney's Tarzan. During the opening, I saw a variation of the 2001 blue background WDHE logo in which it played, with the "Walt Disney" and the ring slightly smaller and the background a bit darker. Then, it played a scary but awesome CGI intro in which the camera moved through a square tunnel with various Disney logos and title cards along the bottom and clips from various Disney films along the sides, with some sides blank. Eventually, the tunnel revealed the trailer for Tarzan. During this intro, a dark and creepy futuristic synth fanfare with loud whoosh sounds played. After that, when the Walt Disney Pictures logo started, white computerized text appeared in the upper-right corner for a few seconds reading, in a few rows from top-to-bottom, "Tarzan. US Release: 6/18/99. Brazil Release: 7/2/99."
3/28/2015: While taking a nap earlier today, I had a dream that I was watching the opening to an oldPingu VHS from the UK on YouTube. At the beginning, there was a logo in which Pingu was sitting in a chair happily reading a book on a blue background. As the words "Pingu" and "Video" flew in from the top and bottom of the screen, Pingu, for some odd reason, morphed into the shape/position he assumed in "Pingu Sits on the Egg" (all done in CGI) as the background turned black with a circular blue gradient behind him. As some yellow warning text faded in above him, Pingu's "NUG-NUG!" sound could be heard as the peaceful sounding synth tune throughout the logo was ending. Then, a strange logo for BBC Video came on in which it started with the camera going through a view of the Taj Mahal and various other national landmarks in gold CGI on blue. Then, it zoomed into a dark blue gradient background where the words "BBC Video", in an italic Times New Roman font, flew in from the right. Suddenly, "Free BBC Home Video" preview faded in. During this part, the music from the 1990-1997 BBC Video logo played. Then, it began to show more CGI monuments that the camera seemed to tour as a promo was about to begin. Then, I decided to look at the description of a weird logo on CLG Wiki... it showed a 2D animated ballet duel between two fat feline ballerinas (I know, weird) with some white text with a drop shadow chyroned in over it. The stock music from these logos(at 0:23)played under it. And it was in several variations, too. Odd.
12/20/2015: I had a dream after I (accidentally) went back to sleep this morning. At one point, I was visiting a family friend's house that they moved into where a party was being held. After exploring the place, I looked through their VHS collection and found a VHS of what looked like a Disney featurette with a cover showing a prince and princess happily dancing... with two circles that each had the heads of Belle and the Beast indicating that they hosted it. I turned the case around to examine it and found that though there was a Disney logo on the front, it had the logos for Universal and Amblin on the back. I thought this was weird, so I popped it into the VCR to watch the opening on an old CRT TV. Of what was in the opening, all I remember I saw was a really bizarre trailer for Balto followed by the late 90's warning screens used on Disney videos, except with the text much taller arranged line by line from the left to the right of the screen. Then, the THX Broadway "Digitally Mastered" logo played with the sound in mono going from the left speaker to the right constantly. Then, the program started on two live-action kids in their bedroom talking to each other as I stopped the tape. The rest was me looking around the house during the party. Nothing else worth talking about.
5/16/2016: I just remembered a logo dream I had when I was 6. In it, I went into what was then my brothers' bedroom and saw that we had a few big TV screens showing different stuff. At one point, I saw a logo for Cinepix Film Properties (a real film company that used to exist, if you're wondering). It had a 3-dimensional ruby X (resembling the V from the old Viz Video logo), tilted upward, and I believe it zoomed out from the right towards the left as the words "CINEPIX FILM PROPERTIES, INC." appeared. This took place on a cloudy sky blue background, and I think there was a shining sound/synth theme. Then, I saw another logo that showed the actual CFP logo form the late 90'sbut it had the Postman from Olive, the Other Reindeer hanging by the collar of his uniform on the P and looking at us with a scared expression. The background was a birds' eye view of a busy highway in the film's art style. A dramatic orchestral fanfare played in the background ending with him making a scream for mercy just before the camera zoomed towards his face.
9/29/16:Last night, part of my dream involved me watching a sci-fi film with a ragtag group of a human boy, a cyborg girl and a few other pals. I was watching it in a cinema and saw these two logo variations. I saw a 20th Century Fox logo where it zooms out in front of the structure as two circle outlines arc in from the back to the top of it (with a trail effect) and form the "20". The logo was basically a brightly glowing outline of the 20th Century Fox strucure on a dark blue ground and an even darker blue gradient sky. Then, a variant of the Summit Entertainment logo was shown on a dark blue spaceground with the square, mountain outline and "SUMMIT" fading in with "Entertainment" fading in after. Then, the opening titles began showing as the camera scrolled down the space background below the logo. After a bit of the movie, the dream cut to something different.
10/3/16: At one point during my dream last night, I was watching the openings to a few homemade VHS tapes. In addition to some stuff like weird trailers and cinema concessions ads, this weird logo popped up. It had a gold 3D wireframe structure of a video tape rotating in front of the Earth (combined with the camera movement, not unlike the 1991-1997 Universal logo). Speaking of which, the 3D wireframe VHS morphed into the globe and text from the aforementioned Universal logo that zoomed in enough to cover the CGI Earth in the logo as text referring to film restoration or video duplication service faded in below. The music from the 1991 Universal logo also played under it.

5/4/2017: Part of my dream had me watching the ending of the 1992 VHS of 101 Dalmatians. When the Walt Disney Home Video title cards came on, one of them had the "Walt Disney" and white text at the bottom appearing more three-dimensional and were shining a bit (like someone made it in BluffTitler).
7/19/2017: A couple weeks or so ago, part of my dream had me find an odd VHS of the 1997 film A Simple Wish (I think) in a house I was going through. I examined the tape itself and it was white on the outside with labels on every side (including the top). I popped it in and it turned out to have warbly white static on the image at the beginning, which consisted of the 1997-2012 Universal Studios logo looking like it was made with slightly cheap models instead of CG. Then, after that, a weird version of the 1994 20th Century Fox logo with misspelled nonsense written in the structure, that had the music to the logo for The Bubble Factory. After the film started, I shut it off (likely to avoid further weirdness).
Last night, part of my dream had me watching 101 Dalmatians on VHS as it was ending. I was certain it was the 1999 VHS, but right after "The End - A Walt Disney Production" wrote itself onscreen, it was interrupted by one of the title cards from the 1992 VHS, except with the fanfare and announcer. Backed away from the TV in fright, I was seeing trailers for other stuff, including The Great Mouse Detective...
...but after that, another title card in that style announcing what was now available on videocassette had a weird variant. It started with a fanfare and announcement, but the audio was cut off by a different fanfare and announcer's voice before cutting to black and the next trailer began.
10/7/2017: I remembered part of a dream I had when I was about 6 years old. The Nickelodeon Movies logo at the beginning of Rugrats in Paris: The Movie played, but instead of a Nickelodeon ball destroying the man's house, what looked like a construction worker wearing a hard hat and uniform fell from the sky clung to the top-front of the house for dear life... dangling his legs back and forth. Then, it showed Philip Brainard from Flubber (1997) standing inside the (sort of) wrecked interior of the house, commenting "What a mess". Then it cut to a few people picking up long blocks of wood to start repairing. One of them was the woman on the left of this shot from the "Eleanor Rigby" scene in Yellow Submarine.
I also remembered part of a dream I had when I was about 7 or 8. It had the early 2000's logo for Fox Kids superimposed in front of a semi-aerial shot of a two-story house, with a tune similar to the 1997 Warner Home Video logo... before it suddenly flew backwards into the front of the house, leaving visible destruction just as a few middle-aged people (two men and a woman, I think) happily marched out the front door of the house. Then it cut to a shot of one of them, a man who looked like Wayne Szalinski from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids turned around to see the mess, looking unhappy.
11/28/2017: At some point in my dream last night, I was showing my dad the ending of a 1992 VHS of 101 Dalmatians in the living room of our old house. After a trailer for The Great Mouse Detective ended, a rather strange variation on the WDHV title cards at the end of the actual tape came up. The 3D red "Walt Disney" text zoomed out from the bottom with a trail effect and was shining a bit, then some odd text (involving an address, I think) appeared at the bottom. The announcer was talking about that while a somewhat calm and a bit majestic fanfare (not unlike the 1988 AMC Previews snipe) played. Then after that, a variation of "Coming This Fall to Home Video" played, starting off in a similar manner, which also plastered over the Walt Disney Pictures logo at the beginning of the Beauty and the Beast trailer.
6/1/2018: At some point in my dream last night, I was watching a 1992 Walt Disney Classics VHS and I saw one of the title cards of the era (from the VHS tapes of 101 Dalmatians, The Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers and Beauty and the Beast) but the bottom text looked a bit vertically stretched. When I came back to it later on, I rewound the tape from when it was stopped after a trailer for Aladdin until I got to the beginning. Then, some white text on a black background came up encouraging viewers to spot some errors... which lead to a sequence of various different versions of the aforementioned title cards, usually littered with typos and different fonts. One in particular had "Walt Disney" morph into "Walt Disnin" in a font not unlike the opening credits of Aladdin and move slightly upward with the bottom text saying "Aladdin". Then, after all that weirdness, the 1994-99 Masterpiece Collection logo played but the text was more golden in colour. I thought this shouldn't be on an early 90's Classics tape! Weird.
1/28/19: I dreamt I was watching Disney title cards from 1992 Classics VHS tapes (man, why do I keep having those dreams?). One simply had the white text below reading "Enjoy Video" and another was oddly shrunk down and placed on the right side of the screen. Both of these were to start the trailer for The Great Mouse Detective. If I recall correctly, another one of these had a more bombastic fanfare than the usual "Great Ovation".
3/6/19: At one point in my dream last night, I was watching the end of an obscure animated Christmas special (in March, go figure). After the credits, there were a lot of logos. Among others, there was a still of the 1987-1999 Miramax logo altered to refer to "International Television", the 1997 Treehouse TV logo zooming in from the center of a dark blue snowy sky background and this bizarre variation of the 1996 Saban logo. It instead took place on a dark starry background and instead of morphing into the standard Saban logo, it was a globe with longitude/latitude lines and a couple rounded abstract images of child arms and heads wrapped around the globe with the text below it referring to it as a "Saban Foundation for Children". Strange, no?

Adventure_Time: I had a dream when there was a V of Doom As a Flipnote. Then I got a DSi XL to sign up to Hatena but the DSi crashed. It was the V of Doom, but it did not scare me, it was funny that the DSi XL crashed.
Another one is where logos dream about their new replacements. Then gizmo, a flipnoter came along and it was scary logo fight of other friends of Hatena (Everybody). They were holding water balloons with the WBGH logo on them. gizmo said 3.. 2.. 1.. but later gizmo said FIGHT! The Hampster Dance played when battling the scary logos. At the end, Homer Simpson came and said D'oh! That dream is funnier than everybody's.
Another one is that a yoyo with Walt Disney on it. When it goes down XD instead of Pictures in Exablock. (a la the Disney XD logo.)
In a dream i had earlier, The 1986 WDHV logo plays, but Mario replaces Mickey and says "WARNING, DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO!" so loud, and when the wand forms the logo, it says "YouTube Poop Home Video". Then the rest goes like a YouTube Poop.
I once had a dream where the Paramount feature presentation logo played, but everything started to turn VOMIT GREEN and blood is coming out of the mountain. Then it just swirled instead of breaking apart. The pinchface appeared and started to say, "I'm your best friend. Watch sucky channels now!". Then I changed the channel to NBC to the Tonight Show with the BND logo and the Viacom logos at the end of the program. Then I changed it to Cartoon Network, but instead of it's CHECK it. bumpers, they are really bad drawings of Mordecai, Rigby, Orange, Apple, Pear, Finn, Jake, and Marshmallow shooting the CN logo. Then it turned on to [adult swim]. Sooo creepy...
Once again, another dream that I had is that a V of Doom in a toilet and the water became the BND mask and flushed the toilet but then an extremely loud S from Hell came with the BND of Doom with a THX logo playing over it. Then it becomes exactly CHEAP CRUDE animated noob as Domo killing the plankton from the United Plankton Pictures logo.
Here's another dream that looks like a CREEPYPASTA: So I was watching the Hotel Mario cutscenes and at the end, a blue (The same shade as XP's Windows Movie Maker version) background but this time it said THIS CUTSCENE CAN BE ONLY PLAYED WHEN YOU PINCH WENDY'S PENNIES. And some subtext appeared saying GENESIS ACTUALLY DOES WHAT NINTENDON'T. Then it looked like poop that came over my screen, shaped like the DiC logo, with Satan killing the screen and then, the Tails doll from Sonic R came up and burned down my house.

I_Like_Peanut_Butter: A couple of days ago, I had a dream about a Zombie invasion, and at one point a Bloody, kinda Gory V of Doom smashes into the screen, and then a Zombie bursts out of the screen. That was probably the Weirdest part...

ATROCITYSODA333: I had a dream of the 20th Century Fox logo playing 12 times. Each time it played it was spinningslow. It played one last time which was when it turned beet red. Then it plays again for about 3 more times and speeds up to 4x. It plays one last time which was when it turned inverted and was changing to slow-mo. Then the 20th Century Fox logo blinks 5 times. So odd.........

BreilLogos: I had a dream where movie logos are seen at my old house. This is one back in 1993. I saw the 1990 Universal logo with an MCA copyright date, and another 1990 Universal logo with an MCA copyright date in Roman numerals. Here is another one: Back in 1994, I remember seeing the 1984 MGM/UA Home Video logo in 3-D. It comes out of my old TV. It had Leo roaring, this time using the 1982 lion roar. I see Leo roaring. Before Leo roars. I mute it, but I turned the volume back on. I turned off the TV afterwards. A 3rd one: Back in 1997, I remember the credits coming, then into the 1993 WGBH logo. However, it is in slow-mo. I just turned off the TV as well.

MechaKingghidoraFan: I had a dream that the Walt Disney Home Video 1991-1999 Feature Presentation logo's music played over the 1986-2000 WDHV logo (albeit the music was extended). Creepy...

ncarw: In September 2009, I danced on the WGBH logo, but then, somebody danced on the WB Shield and then, an ugly V of doom crashed the studio wall. Another dream this month (in October) I played chess by myself. But then, I saw Nathan B. coming to where I was. Blake was happy to see me. But then, an SSF came but then, used the V of Doom to scare the SSF away.

kidinbed: After puppygnu109694 moved, I saw a DiC Kid in Bed. Newave went to Retrojunk but the V of Doom crashed and broke. Is it odd?
FJK2344: In 1999, my dad had a dream when ncarw wore a V of Doom T-shirt. Leo started to roar. In August of 2009 and this year, I saw a yoyo that said Tristar. A Sony byline fell down below then went down. I threw the Tristar yoyo And the Sony byline away outside.

Tristar text on a yoyo

aidan6829: I had a dream about 3 strange versions of the DiC Kid In Bed logo. First, was the DiC text was small and wide and on the top of the screen. Second, was instead of zooming in on the windowLogos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos it was zooming in on the kid in bed. The kid in bed woke up and screamed. Third, was instead of zooming in on the window it was zooming in on a shelf. There were 2 items on the shelf. A jar and a stapler. The kid in bed woke up and pushed on the stapler.

Another one are 2 versions of the SSF. First, was there was Kermit's head saying, "Klasky Csupo". Second, was there was a small K-C logo above at the end of the logo with Kermit dancing.

Another one, was a Barney version of the 1993 Tristar logo with the SSF and the Sesame Street sign. The pegasus was jumping towards the Sesame Street sign and crashed to a light blue screen with Barney dancing. Barney runs over 123 Sesame Street apartment course, in the footsteps of 123 Sesame Street. Then Barney walks on the sidewalk, then pushes on the stroller with Baby Bop. Then crosses the street, here comes the Magic School Bus. Goofy (Goofy is a Disney character) wears boots and jeans, a T-shirt and a jacket. Then the pegasus comes saying Tristar Films as the SSF comes.

ComedyCentralLover2: I had a dream of where I was in my room, and I had a collection of Fifi and the Flowertots DVD's. I put one of them on, and when it started, a still of the 2 entertain logo is seen with "Home Video" in red glowing lines a la the WALL-E styled Disney Interactive Studios logo. Then the 2 entertain warning came up. After that, the 1994-2006 VCI logo plays. Then the 2 entertain logo plays. Then the DVD menu begins and I choose "Play All". So so so so so so odd.........

And another one was I had a variation of the 2002 Nickelodeon Movies logo (not the Dogone, but the Sneezing). What was different visually was that there was a deep grumbling sound before the deep voice was about to sneeze and sneezed in the normal way in the real logo. Also, the music when the balls appear was...I think... a remix of the 2004 Nickelodeon Movies logo (not the Moons, but the Bubbles). At the end, the Nickelodeon ball turns to the Movies ball, and they shrink, while "NICKELODEON" changes to "NICK" and "movies" changes to "m" (short for "Nickelodeon Movies"). Also, it cross-fades to the Klasky Csupo rooster logo. Very odd...

Yet another one was where I had a dream of the Nelvana logo, but the BBC Toybox logo as seen on its videos and on New Toybox (I got it again because it was broken and we gave it away) replaces the Nelvana logo. It came on Timothy Goes to School and has a weird 7-note tune and I think the byline "NOT A Corus ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY!" is under it. That was completely odd...

And another, was when I was on the Sega website and I saw an odd looking Sega logo with the audio high pitched and I saw a description telling us the logo like the Wetpaint sites.

Another dream was the scariest of all dreams than everybody else's. I am watching a DVD, and the 1984 LBS "Unfolding Letters" logo came on, with the usual music. When the last note of the music comes in, the music bends up at a high pitch, then the entire logo explodes! (I watched this twice.) This may be perfect for a Monster LBS logo, but really odd and SCARY too.

And now, another one was where I had a Disney DVD logo after the real DDVD logo. It was a black space background with the logo in light purple, and I think it animates like the 2002 logo, and I think the byline says "THE MAGIC IN HIGH-DEFINITION", and Tinkerbell is in her 2007 style. The music remained, however.

MattBr: I had one earlier this week, a variant of the 1995 variant of the 1988-2006 Paramount Home Entertainment logo, except "Paramount" was replaced by "Public TV for" and "/\ VI/\COM COMP/\NY" was replaced by "E/\ST TENNESSEE". After that, "SUPPORTED BY VIEWERS" replaced "FEATURE PRESENTATION". Also, the announcer said "We are pleased to bring you public TV for east Tennessee".

Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream LogosLogos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

Another was that of the 1991-2006 Universal Cartoon Studios logo, except "UNIVERSAL" was replaced by "SOUTH CAROLINA" and "CARTOON STUDIOS" was replaced by "EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION". Also, the background was the outline of South Carolina against a green background.

Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

5/1/2011 Update: One I just had, it began with a black screen with blue text saying "YOU ARE WATCHING THIS PROGRAM VIA VHS". Then it cut to the "ALSO FROM" variant of the 1986 WDHV logo, but "ALSO" was censored and Bryan Cummings said, "****** from Walt Disney Home Video." (the asterikts is where he normally says "Coming" but it has been censored. Then it cut to the intro of some Shirley Temple film in sepia. Then suddenly the tape fast forwarded by itself and it stopped at the final minutes of the credits and then the normal 1986 WDHV logo played in reverse, but during it, the tape froze and this appeared on a black screen: "An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button, remove the VHS, then cut the VCR's electricity. Please contact Walt Disney Home Video for more information via telephone."

8/8/2011 Update: Just had another one, this one I was watching the credits of 2 Stupid Dogs, the Hanna-Barbera logo came on as usual but instead of the Turner ProgramServices logo there was a strange logo. It started out as the 2002-2010 Regal Entertainment policytrailer but there was no dashboard and the concessions were replaced by planets. Then after the roller coaster passed by the futuristic hall, it zooomed in onto Earth and then onto downtown Detroit. Then "A WTVS Detroit Presentation" appeared in a manner similar to the "V of Doom", then "in association with" faded in, then it cut to the 1983-1996 Georgia Public Broadcasting logo, which then cut to the 1993-1999 PBS Kids logo.

And had another one, a new WGTE 60th Anniversary logo that was similar to the 2010 20th Century Fox logo. The camera pan showed the Toledo, Ohio skyline at dusk, then showed a structure that read from top to bottom: wgte (in the same font as their current logo), TV 30 and TOLEDO. "A News Corporation Company" instead read "Public Television for Northwest Ohio". Then it panned up and then it was like the "Celebrating 75 Years" portion of the 2010 20th logo but the light streaks drew "60" instead of "75". Then Yoshi, Toad, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Mario, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Birdo, Koopa, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Speedy, Tom, Jerry, Garfield, Odie, Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole all said "Celebrating 60 years of providing public TV to northwestern Ohio". Then it ended.

Another one had many logos! I put in disc 3 of a four-disc Super Mario World DVD set, then the 2nd Cinar logo animated as usual, then "HOME VIDEO" faded in beneath "CiNAR". Then the 1997 Disney warning (VHS variant) came on, then the 2nd Strand Home Video logo appeared, followed by the Golden Book Video "Goldenvision" logo appeared. Then the menu appeared, I pressed "Play", then the 5th Coporation for Public Broadcasting logo appeared, then it cut to the 4th Connecticut Public Television logo appeared, then the Super Mario World opening intro began, but at the end, the title card morphed into a fire hydrant, the pink BG turned black and it culminated into the final part of the opening intro of 2 Stupid Dogs. Then the Super Mario World episode Cave Christmas played, followed by an episode of the revivals of Secret Squirrel that appears on every episode of 2 Stupid Dogs. Then the credits of Super Mario World played, then the 1992 MTM logo appeared, then the Viacom "Wigga-Wigga" logo played, then the menu appeared again. The oddness was way off scale!

1/19/2012 Update: Last night I had a dream that Yoshi and I were about to see The New Looney Tunes Movie (fictional movie, so don't go find a showtime for it!) at the Merrie Melody Jellystone Stadium 10 theaters in Woodhaven, MI. The 2010 Merrie Melody Theaters policytrailer appeared. Afterwards the Warner Bros. Pictures logo appeared, then for some reason Tom & Jerry ran into the camera room and knocked over the projector! Then a silent 2004 Merrie Melody Theaters policyappeared, then these words appeared: "Movie not found. We are sorry. This screening has been cancelled until further notice". From this point on everything was funny randomness! Snoopy tripped over the projector and crashed through the glass onto the auditorium floor, then Kamek came in through the broken glass and teleported me (and Yoshi) to the concession stand where I saw: Penelope Pitstop being held hostage by Iggy Koopa, then Red Green came in and saved Penelope; all three Powerpuff Girls flying out of the arcade, then a Wiggler entered and then left with Penelope, Charlie Brown appeared and kicked a football that was on the ceiling, then the dream ended!

3/9/2012 Update: Another one last night, this time a new Hanna-Barbera logo came on twice! It was on a black background. I think it had a red "hb." There was also a black bar, possibly a useless byline was beneath. One of the times, I think another byline appeared on the bar.

Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

7/13/2017: Haven't had one of these in a VERY LONG while. I had a color Gunsmoke episode airing on Me TV on my main TV (which for some reason was in front of my fireplace, not the same as IRL) and at the end an unusual variant of the filmed V of Doom popped up where it added "International" before "Presentation".
Viacom International (1976)


I had some ctw dreams.
1.I was watching the credits of sesame street, and i was eating a donut. Instead of the logo, there was a weird commercial. I ran out of the room, screaming with a mouthful of donut.
2. i was watching the house of boredom logo, and it kept repeating. After a couple of times, it went hey babyto MY MOM!
3. It was justa new logo that was kinda long...
I also had a dream where me and my dad were playing monopoly and the credits for gumball was on, then, an ssf in g major turned on. It sounded like Jimpachi from tekken 5(Does anybody know what im talking about?) then I said that was weird. Another dream I had was a klasky csupo ssf logo where it had a sponge face (ala spongebob) and it sounded like my other ssf dream, and it was extended, like the length of thenick bumper with the cast of icarly.


1. Nickelodeon Box Bumper (1993-1998)

The face was singing "Disco Band" by Scotch. When the song was finished, the face faded out. Mickey then appeared on the box, saying "That was a good song, Mr. Face!".

2. MGM Tanner the Lion (1934-1953) and MGM Television (1959-1961?)

I watched a VHS of a MGM movie, then the MGM 1934-1953 logo came on, but Tanner roared 10 times. I lowered the volume, but Tanner then roared very loud. At Tanner's 5th roar, the 1959-1961 MGM Television music played and i screamed "AAAHHH!"

3. Nintendo (Mario Kart 64 Variant)

I was watching a video of the Nintendo logo seen on Mario Kart 64, but the Nintendo logo was silver. At the end, the logo didn't faded to white. Instead, the logo zoomed in, breaking the screen. After that, the Nintendo logo stopped spinning, but it then exploded.
4. Ontario Educational Communications Authority
So a racing game came out and was fun, but it had a secret easter egg which involves clicking the sky on a specific region at night. After doing that, a more creepier, slower version of the 1st version of the logo appeared. The name instead of 4 lines, was in just one line. But that wasn't all. 2 races after a more slower and louder version of the 3rd version appeared. And before completing the game, a close-up of the eye logo appeared and a louder, more stretched, think like the PlayStation "Fearful Harmony" variant played for some minutes before I went to uninstall the game. Really creepy dream that I would have forgotten.



First when i was 2 years old i had a dream that i was in my car stroller watching tv in the living room then A Paramount logo appeared it had two bylines(?) On each side ,they were moving from side to side ,i heard the nick jingle (NI-NICK-NICK-NA-NICK-NICK-NICK!) I was scared.

Another one I had when i was 4 years old, is that I saw the Golden Book Family Entertainment logo (With the G reading the book),, but then the G jumped out of the TV! I started dancing with it.

I also had a dream last year about a new Oz film company logo, I don't renember it that much but I think it had a charecter from the Oz books reading, the text "Oz Film Company" was below it.

I also had a dream in which I was watching TV with my Chickens (Yes, I have 5 chickens) and I saw the Revue logo (The Film Camera one).


Last night I had a dream that i was watching The 90's Are All That then I saw a Nickelodeon Studios logo, but it was diffrent, The logo had Chickens in it playing around the studio! Also there were Fish swimming in the Universal fountain!

more TBA!

LogoFanatic2011: I remembered once I think in 2007 or 2006, that i had this dream that i was watching Youtube and saw this variant of the 1957 MGM Logo it looked like the one from Strange Brew but with Leo in the logo, I think he did three or two roars then after words he fades to a text inside the circle saying I think 50 years of great entertainment. then it faded out.

Lukesams: I recently had a dream when I was watching the end of a Big Time Rush episode on a Big Time Rush DVD one afternoon. What was unusual was that instead of the 2009 Nickelodeon Productions logo, the TriStar Television logo from 1995 was seen, but the music was borrowed from the 2000 Disney Channel Originals logo. After that, the pegasus morphed into a green slimy substance. Then, the logo cut to the 2003 Warner Bros. Animation logo, the 1984 KingWorld logo, and the 1971 PBS logo. When, the 1971 PBS logo ended, the screen faded to white and the 1965 Screen Gems logo zoomed in, causing the DVD to play 104 SpongeBob episodes. That was very wierd. On June 5, 2012, I had another dream in which the 1990 BND (VID Russia) logo played as usual, but when it finished, the background turned green and the BND mask sang "Thriller" by Micheal Jackson. When the song finished, the S from Hell came in and clapped its hands. That dream was really unusual.

9/10/2012: I had a strange dream last night, I was watching a Jimmy Neutron episode on Nicktoons, but when the 2002 DNA logo finished, I saw the 1991 Klasky-Csupo logo with the shortened Jimmy Neutron instrumental music retained, but when the logo formed, it turned into a still picture and flashed two times and I saw the 1977 version of the 1975 Paramount Television logo playing with the Viacom byline, but the word "Television" kept sliding and the logo played four times, one was in blue, the second was red, the third was green, and the fourth was gold. On the fourth time, the word "Television" slid away. Suddenly, the record needle scratched and the logo was shaken by a glass shattering sound. Then, I changed the channel to Boomerang to watch the ending of a Powerpuff Girls episode, but when the 1998 version of the 1986 Hanna-Barbera logo was playing, it morphed into the 1979 Hanna-Barbera logo with the Taft byline intact. Then, an orange blob appeared and morphed into the Nickelodeon splat logo and a wierd fanfare played. After that, the shortened 1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo played, but when the word "Walt Disney" appeared, a blue flash appeared, revealing "TELEVISION ANIMATION" in the Impact font instead of "PICTURES" and I saw a strange version of the 2002 Disney Channel Originals in which the liquid was pink and Bubbles flew by the logo. Finally, the 1990 Camelot Entertainment Sales logo showed up, but the word "CAMELOT" turned blue and green in sync to the last two notes of the logo's fanfare. The laughing green planet from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy zoomed in quick and I woke up after that.

9/11/2012: Back in April 2005, I had a dream in which I saw the end of an episode of The Proud Family, but instead of the 2002 Disney Channel Originals logo, the 1990 Viacom logo appeared, but the background was red and the logo morphed into a Coke can. The can then zoomed in and I woke up after that.

offcampusstudent1993: There was this one dream I had last year. While watching a Jim Henson Video tape, I saw a Feature Programlogo which was a modified version of the Feature Presentation logo as seen on "Muppet Classic Theater". The music was the same as the one heard on "Wish Upon a Starfish", the 1992 WDHV music with the announcer saying "And Now, Our Feature Program".

In 2004, I had this dream where there was the 1985 Warner Home Video with the "AOL Time Warner" byline. Such a rare variant to see.
Recently, I dreamed where I owned the Season 1 VHS tapes of "Gravity Falls" from DiC Toon Time Video. One of the tapes had a variant of the Feature Programlogo.
Feature Program (DiC's Gravity Falls)
It is the variant of the primary Feature Program bumper, but it took place on a gray background, and the blue words were in goldLogos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos. The music remained the same, however.
On one of the six Gravity Falls tapes (from DiC), there is a boring version of the Feature Program logo. I noticed this, while watching "Gideon Rises" (consisting of "Dreamscaperers" and "Gideon Rises"). After the preview for "Sailor Moon: Quest for Sailor Era" (a fictional Sailor Moon movie I dreamed of, which was a finale to the Sailor Moon franchise), the boring Feature Program logo played. Same as usual, the only difference was that the words "Feature Program" shined, but didn't zoom in (like usual).
Boring Feature Program logo

Also, the DiC Toon Time Video was cut short. The music was the 1990 DiC music with the 1987 kid saying "DiC" with a short-I sound.
Early on in the year, I dreamed where I owned a "Gravity Falls" DVD from France (the language options include original English, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Hebrew, Greek, and Czech). The episodes on the disc included "Headhunters","Summerween", "Bottomless Pit","Boyz Crazy", and more.
At the end of the episodes, given that the DVD was given to me from France, there plays the "Disney International Television" logo. This was based on the "Disney" logo, seen before the Chinese music video for "Let it Go!" from "Frozen".
Disney International Television logo (2014)

TheBigLogoFan: I was watching the credits of a show (I forgot which one), so after this, it went to the Viacom Pinball logo. I had my captions on, and there were two captions during the logo. One said "(VIACOM PINBALL THEME MUSIC)", while the other said (I think) "(WEIRD SOUND EFFECT)". When the final note came in, the logo zoomed out ever furthur on a black screen with the last note replaced by an ascending in pitch sound effect.

MGM Animated Entertainment
I had a dream where I was watching Garfield & Friends, I expected the 20th Television logo at the end, but instead, the TCF Television 1960 logo played in colour! I danced to the theme, because it sounded more beautiful than ever! Then the THX Moo Can logo played, but Tex was replaced by Arlene! I saw a logo called MGM Animated Entertainment, with Leo at the top... just like the Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment logo! I watched Top Catwith my petIckis, at the end, the Turner Program Services 1993 logo played, then Warner Bros. Television played. A Castle Rock Television logo played, then the Viacom "Wigga-Wigga logo" played. Keegan Strain Productions proceeded it, then Jaybird Films played. We saw Fred Flintstone smoking a cigarette on a "Turner Adult Cartoons" logo, and then Leo from the No More Ladies trailer smoking a cigar. On Johnny Bravo, the Cartoon NetworkStudios logo played, but Ickis noticed that this variant had the ViD mask trying to scare Johnny, then the MGM 1928 logo played and then the Nickelodeon Box ident. It stormed and rained, Dish Networkhad it's Complete Signal Loss thingy: But here were the listings:
1. To be doomed by the ViD mask, press 5.
2. To kill turkey, press #
3. To watch TV, watch ViD mask for 10 hours.
4. But Wait! you can't press 3 because it's broken!
5. Call Dish you idiot to fix this problem.
T-Bone & Razorpressed the 5 button, and me & Ickis got scared. But we changed the channel to TCM then changed it back to Boomerang, on Boomerang, they played PPG with the DiC logo and the CiNAR logo at the end. Me and the Fire Ickis went to bed at 10:30pm.
2. I had another where I bought my pet Fire Ickis, we watched SWAT Kats together, but at the end insted of the Hanna-Barbera logo had an extremely funny video, ViD mask started screaming and singing "I LIKE FOOD! THERE ISN'T ANYTHING BETTER THAN FOOD!" and the logo was completely sped up. Then the Klasky-Csupo logo appeared, but he said, "HEY LOOK! IT'S FRED FLOON-STEEN!" followed by Pinchface singing Figaro's Aria. The Enterprise clapboard logo was replaced by Dexter saying "Welcome to Enterprise home video, please be sea-" Dee Dee interuppted him saying "HI DEXTER!!!!! Ooooooooh! What's this pretty logo do????" Dexter said "Don't press that! It'll scare the viewers!" *CLAP* Dee dee screamed and said, "EEEEEEK! MOM! DEXTER'S GOT A SCARY ENTERPRISE HOME VIDEO LOGO!". It was followed by Bubbles and Blossom getting scared of the Closet Killer. But hey, no Buttercup. Then it cut to a Cow And Chicken episode where Chicken laughs at the V Of Doom logo scaring Cow. Thundarr destroyed the SSF, WillWill45 was glad, Sealab 2020 had a shark scare away the S from Hell from Penelope Pitstop, which caused Hong Kong Phooey to accedentaly kill the Warner Bros. logo! The Warner logo had a headstone... but top Catkilled the Zoooming H-B logo from scaring Tom & Jerry.
3. I had a dream last night where the Paramount DVD logo was sped up, causing the DVD to play 50 Spongebob episodes sped up 37000%. But after that the dream ended. It was SOOOOOOO odd! o_O It was followed by my first dream listed here.
8/23/11 Update: Last night, I had a dream where I saw an Embassy logo simular to the Paramount logo, first I saw a big E (ala Embassy logo) made out of rock. Then a star near the logo fades in, the Embassy Pictures fades under low, the logo crossfades into the normal version. Then I saw the VID logo transform into Kermit The Frog. Then the Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment logo was normal, but inside the "from", there was the new Telepictures logo there. The Hanna-Barbera CGI Swirling Star logo had the same colours as the original Swirling Star logo, under it said "HANNA-BARBERA CARTOONS" and under that it said "AN AOL TIME WARNER COMPANY". Such a 2003-styled variant to see! Then the MGM/UA Television Productions was seen, but it was replaced by "MGM Television" and the byline was "An MGM Holdings Company". If my memory serves right, the 1987 roar was used. It cut to the Lorimar logo, but Lorimar was replaced with the words "VIACOM". I saw a logo like Viacom, but it was called "The Atari Logo Of Doom". The Cartoon NetworkProductions logo followed as the final, but the logo was replaced with the Windows 98 logo. Odd... but cool, too! Wait... I had another where there was a Hanna-Barbera logo, but it had Bugs Bunny on it!

10/3/11 Update: I had some cool dreams of logos last month! One is when Paramount Television was returning. The logo looked like the Paramount Hi-Def logo used on Blu-rays except "High Definition" was replaced by "Paramount Television". The new Viacom byline was under that. Then a dream about the MGM 1924 logo, but Leo played the role of Slats. Then I saw some Paramount FP logos in my sleep, I woke up after that.

10/31/11: Last night I had a weird dream. First, me and my pet Fire Ickis were watching TV, and suddenly it started to rain. The Gracie Films logo appeared on TV, but after the Shush Lady said "Shhh", the logo completely froze and rusted! So me and Fire Ickis moved to the family room to watch Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!. But right in the middle of the episode, it cut to the Stretch Filmslogo, it played again, and again, and it got faster and faster. It went so fast that the NBC Laramie Peacock logo appeared. The VID logo played but the VID mask turned into The Wizard Of Oz. He said, "I am Oz, the great and--". I turned off the TV. Something funny started to happen. The TV turned itself back on. It had a cute little show where the V of Doom, the S from Hell, and the Flashing WGBH logo had their own puppet show. The V puppet said to the WGBH puppet, "Hey S from Hell, how many stupid WGBH logos does it take to go to the bathroom? Just one, YOU!!!!!!". That got WGBH so mad, he turned into the 1972 WGBH logo. V and S got so scared, they got very crazy like the Muppets. Fire Ickis started laughing so hard. Than WGBH turned the TV off. The dream ended after that. ODD!!!!!

12/15/11: I had a dream where the Warner Bros. logo kept going faster and faster. It got so fast that it cut to the NBC 2011 logo. Then I went to the theater to see a Pink Panther movie, but while the film was rolling a REAL Pink Panther came into the camera room and ripped up the film, then the dream ended. ODD!

1/14/12: I had a very long dream. The MGM 2008 logo appeared on my TV, then it was followed by the 20th Television logo. Then a Simpsons short came on to be a filler. After that it was followed by the Gracie Films logo. The a screen with "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" appeared. Then followed by the 20th Century Fox Television logo from the 1980s. Then followed by the Warner Bros. Pictures logo and the Cartoon NetworkStudios logo. Then, Tom & Jerry run into my house, and for some reason everything is funny randomness. Charlie Brown falls down from the ceiling, and then Popeye punches Rick Astley while Hong Kong Phooey wheres a V of Doom shirt causing the VID mask to scream and run away. Then Charlie Brown kicks a football without missing a hit, then a pencil test version of Gorosaurus from the Godzilla movies smashes a Coke can while Mario beats up Popeye. All of the MGM lions break into the house anddrink the root beer. Then Neon Mickey and the SSF come in. The Golden Book Family Entertainment G says, "BE QUIET! I'M TRYIN' TO READ!" Then the dream ended.

3/28/12: Last night, I was watching videos of the SSF. But then Kermit The Frog jumped out of the computer! Kermit said that the logos need help. Me and Kermit were in the logo of SSF. But only the blob was there. Then, the SSF popped up and gave us a map. Then the SSF ran away. Then I saw the BND logo from 1990, but BND wasn't there. I strangely wake up from the dream while Kermit is talking to me.

4/29/12: I had a dream that I was digging through VHS tapes at a Pawn Shop. I bought a tape marked "DUMBO". And the copyright was strangeley 1984. Whenever me and Fire Ickis ran the tape on a VCR, the Walt Disney Classics prototype logo appeared. But then a screen says "This VHS tape of the motion picture Dumbo is an exsclusive edition released by MGM/UA Home Video. Currently Disney is finding new productions to distribute. We will show you alot of the productions' logos at the end of this tape so you can call and vote which company can distribute this vido tap bi Diznee." Those typos got me confused. Could this be an evil Dumbo tape? Then when in the middle of the movie when Pink Elephants On Parade a creepy Intermission sign popped up. "THIS IS AN INRMSON. U CN FT FOWERD IF U WT." And I was like What in the world. Then a bunch of logos like GoldenVision, MGM/UA, Paramount, and a bunch of other logos popped up. And then at the end of Pink Elephants On Parade the logos went crazy and had a sonic explosion filled with rainbows and logos. Me and Frie Ickis were really scare, it was a logo NIGHTMARE!

5/06/12: Me and Fire Ickis were watching the Walt Disney Home Video logo from 1978. But after it was finished, a strange logo appeared out of NOWHERE! It had a Black Diamond on a Blue background. Then Mickey popped up and said, "Welcome to Walt Disney Home Videos's Classics!". Then he dissapeared, and THE CLASSICS zoomed out of the screen and landed on the diamond. Underneath, the Walt Disney Home Video (in the 1978 style) logo apppeared. Then, the opening titles for Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day appeared. At the end, instead of seeing a mistake with the Buena Vista logo, I saw the promo for Walt Disney and You. And when it was done, instead of fading out into black, I saw a space background (ala MTE logo) and the black diamond appeared. Walt Disney Home Enteratinment wrote itself on the diamond, and the 1978 logo's music played. Then a black screen it read "Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day (C) 1968 Walt Disney Productions, Renewed (C) 1978 by Walt Disney Home Entertainment". Followed by a preview called "The Next Generation of Walt Disney Home Video", which was a preview that never exsisted. It showed the Walt Disney Home Video 1986 logo. Then the dream ended.

5/07/12: I had one of the strangest and by far the most oddest dream last night. I was watching a movie on TheCW, when an MGM logo popped up. It was a widescreen version of Coffee The Lion. Then I changed the channel. It played a Disney channel bumper where Mickey, Pooh, Goofy, Donald, and Mario where standing on a white background. Then Mickey said, "Let's go!" and they all started doing a funny dance. Then the Walt Disney Home Entertainment 1978 logo popped up. Goofy got scared and ran away. Then Mario said, "Lets-a-go before Neon-a Mickey gets us!". Then they all ran off into Mario's house. The Heffalumps And Woozles invaded the logo and destroyed it. Then Timon comes up and puts on a Sorceror's hat (ala Fantasia). He does the Mickey pose in the 1986 WDHV logo. Then a green comet flies around and multiplies into two other comets as it draws the Disney Channel logo. Then Tigger says, "That's one big heck of a logo, eh? Hoohohohoohooh!". Then the dream ended.

5/17/12: I had a weird dream last night. It was another Walt Disney one. I finished watching The Aristocats, but instead of seeing "A Walt Disney Production", I saw a short version of the Walt Disney 2006 logo but it read Disney. I still heard the "Oh yeah" sound effect though. Then, I walked off. I saw the promo for "Walt Disney and You" but when it ended, I saw the 2006 Disney logo. Tigger popped up and said, "GRRRRRRRREAT!". And the dream ended.

6/07/12: I had a dream where I saw the DiC logo, but a pony (not an MLP one) came in and painted it purple. Then the fox Television Studios logo came, but it was tinted purple. Then I saw a Walt Disney logo. BUT IT WAS PURPLE! Then another pony came in and said, "WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE PURPLE?!?!?". Then a Daffy Duck drawing came in for 5 seconds, then it cut to the General Cinemas Feature Presentation logo and the Warner Village Cinema logo. The Gracie Films logo played, but the blue was changed to green. Then everything was painted purple. The dream ended after that.

6/08/12: I had a dream where I saw the Fox Television Studios logo. But then it cut to the Hanna-Barbera Swirling Star. But after it finished, the trail turned red and the star bounced all over the place. Then a Red V of Doom zoomed in on a black background. It transformed into the S from Hell logo. Then the DiC logo came in, but it was daytime and the Kid in Bed was playing with his dog. Then I saw the F.H.E. logo, but it was muted. The Walt Disney Home Video 1986 logo played, but Mickey was wearing a top hat and Walt Disney Home Video was blue instead. Then another DiC logo played. The kid was watching TV and The Green Vortex came on. And it kept playing for 2 minutes. The DiC came in, and saw the Vortex. So he hid under the kid's blanket. Then some bizarre comercial for The Resucers Down Under came on. Then the kid turned off his TV. REALLY odd. .__.

11/04/12: I had the strangest dream last night. I was watching TV when the DiC logo came on. It was daytime, and the kid in bed was playing with his dog and toys. Then, I saw a giant MGM Logo zoom in to the screen very fast. Then I saw the DiC logo, but it was in the style of the Swirling Star logo. Then It showed a picture of Pooh for 10 minutes. Then an explosion happened with logos flying everywhere. The rest of my dream wasn't logo-related.

4/28/13: Last night I had a dream where the MGM Lion appeared on a Barney DVD I was watching. After the end, the lion appeared again, and cut to the Barney Home Video logo. But Barney's head turned upside down and transformed into that ugly creature from Courage the Cowardly Dog and sad "You're no perfect." Then it randomly rewound itself to the Barney Theme Song. I took out my DVD and decided to watch Beany & Cecil Volume 2 instead. Before the intro, said lion appeared again. After his second roar, he turned into Cecil. During the song, when Cecil was singing, "A Bob Clampett Cartooooooooooon!", his head turned into a VID mask. I was scared, so I skipped to the first cartoon. After the first show of three cartoons, the V of Doom zoomed into the screen and turned into Baby Bop's head and said in a weird voice, "I WANT MY BLANKEEEEEEEE-" until it crashed into the screen. Then the DiC logo popped up, but the kid was eating pizza and the dog played with his toys. The dream ended. ODD!

5/9/13: Last night I had a dream where the SSF had a big fight with other scary logos. The S from Hell destroyed the V of Doom and the VID mask shot bullets at WGBH. The dream changed and got off-topic after that...strange.

6/16/13: Two nights ago I had a strange logo dream. I was watching an episode of "Barney & The Backyard Gang" when all of the sudden a really eerie version of The Lyons Group logo popped up out of nowhere. Then a weird Barney Home Video logo popped up. Barney was holding some sort of purple TV thing where the words "Barney Home Video" was there. The logo cut to the DiC Kid-in-Bed logo, which is weird because DiC never owned Barney. I decided to go to a forest, where Kermit the Frog came in saying the scary logos need help. The SSF was depressed, and the VID mask was at war with the V of Doom. Kermit said the scary logos are at war, and the SSF needs help to stop it. But then the dream ended after that.
Barney Home Video from a drean


3/28/2012: Last night, I dreamed that my pet Ickis and I were watching an extremely rare VHS of Dumbo from about 1984. I saw a galaxy background (think of the end of the Walt Disney and You promo from the early 1980s) and a rotating sign zoomed out that looked like a rectangular marquee, but had the red Walt Disney Home Video logo on it. The fanfare from the 1978 Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo played over the logo.

4/17/2012: Last night I had a dream that I saw the end of the VID logo, but "BND" is replaced by the 1990s Cartoon Network logo and the mask was replaced by that creepy blue thing from Courage the Cowardly Dog who whispered "You're not perfect," but this time, he whispered "Cartoon Network presents..." Then, the 1988 SNAS, Inc. logo played with the 1988 Alliance Releasing logo's music, but "In Association With" was above the company's name. The intro to The Powerpuff Girls played after.
Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

07/25/2012: There was a dream I had a couple years ago. I saw the "Youre' Not Perfect" thing from Courage the Cowardly Dog in my house, but this time he sang "Blue" by Eiffel 65 in a chipmunk voice. Then, a dinosaur from the Nickelodeon "Doo-Wop-a-Saurus" bumper stomped on it. His name was Donny Dino and he wore sunglasses, an orange cape with the Nickelodeon logo on it, and a blue T-shirt with a picture of the Klasky-Csupo SSF in it. He flew to Toronto, Canada to poop a huge, brown thing that looked a lot like the Paramount mountain on the ground. The scary face from the 1986 Mess Productions logo opened a windowin a building, sniffed at the brown thing, and said "What the he-- is that smell?" The clown from the 1994 View Askew Productions logo (as seen in the film Clerks) with the same T-shirt as the dinosaur was wearing opened a window next to the scary face and said "Smells like dinosaur poop." He spat some orange gum that looked like the 1990s Nickelodeon logo out his window. The dinosaur said "No... it wasn't me... it was the one-armed man!" (a line from the 1994 film The Mask). I woke up after that.

09/04/2012: I had a dream last night that I went to That's Entertainment! Theaters again to see some fictional movie about humanswho discover a planet full of pink aliens that look a bit like the aliens from the 1979 film Alien. According to a movie poster I saw, the film was entitled Argok: A Musical Alien Story. After the previews for ParaNorman, Frankenweenie, and Hotel Transylvania, I saw the same "Feature Presentation" logo from the dream I had on November 19, 2011. Then, another "Feature Presentation" logo played. It had a weird violet-red orange background and the words "and now, our FEATURE PRESENTATION!" The music sounded like a song played on a 1970s Moog synthesizer. The 20th Century Fox logo from High Anxiety (1978) played after that, but the logo was "re-colorized" to look like the 2009 logo, the News Corporation byline was below the word "FOX", and the music was the 1980s extended version of the famous 20th Century Fox fanfare. Then, a weird logo for a company named CMP Films (formerly Caleb M. Productions) played. It was similar to the Illumination Entertainment logo, but it featured two aliens from the film singing an acapella of a song that sounded like "Hero" by Miss Papaya (from Dance Dance Revolution: 2nd Mix). After I saw the scene where a man set foot on Argok (the name of the planet in the film), I woke up.

09/05/2012: In 2007, I had a dream that I watched a 1995 VHS of Melody Time (1948). After the preview for , I saw the 1991 lilac blue "Feature Presentation" logo from Walt Disney Home Video tapes from the 1990s, but the background was replaced by a clip from the Fire Emblem Japanese commercial. The video was tinted lilac blue and the music was an instrumental version of the Fire Emblem theme. When Mark Elliott said "And now..." the video showed himself saying the word "now" (as seen on the YouTube video "Five Guys in a Limo"). Then, the 1994 Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo played, but Tinkerbell was replaced by the bee from "Bumble Boogie" (from Melody Time). He flew past the logo and the purple shape faded. The VCR automatically fast-forwarded the tape to the scene where Johnny Appleseed sang "Get in a Wagon Rolling West". I woke up after that.
1991 WDHV Feature Presentation (Fire Emblem version)Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection (Melody Time, 1996)

09/06/2012: In my dream last night, I watched a 1996 VHS of Fire Emblem (a fictional movie based on a real video game) that I borrowed from a young boy named Frank, who wore a Klasky-Csupo SSF t-shirt. It had the green warning screens, but the background changed colors like the background in the 1980s Paramount Home Video FBI warnings. Then, the 1986 Walt Disney Home Video logo played, but the text "COMING FROM" appeared and a James-Earl-Jones-like voice said "Don't miss these exciting upcoming releases that you'll find at your favorite video rental store." A preview for some movie about a battle between little gremlins and an evil sorcerer, who looked kind of like I.M. Meen, played after. After the preview for a movie with singing monsters who live in a haunted house, the same "Feature Presentation" logo from the previous dream played, but an indigo fire appeared behind Marth. Then, the 1985 Walt Disney Pictures logo played, but the background was black and a flame is seen behind the logo after the flash appears.

09/08/2012: I had a dream last night that I watched a DVD of Prometheus that I bought from Wal-Mart. When I put the disc in the Playstation 3, I saw a weird variation of the 20th Century Fox logo. The logo was in the style of the Prometheus variation, but In the middle, lightning struck "20th" and turned it into "70th". Then, a smaller structure appeared on the rightwith the words "20th CENTURY FOX". On the side of the structure were the words "HOME ENTERTAINMENT". After the first few minutes of the movie, it cut to a video of a giant snake squeezing Arnold Schwarzenegger. I woke up after that.

02/12/2013: I had a dream last night that I saw the 1994 View Askew Productions logo on TV, but with the Dexter-like boy replaced by Bobby Hill (from King of the Hill) and the clown replaced by Hank Hill wearing his V of Doom T-shirt, then getting dressed up in an Ickis costume. When the clothes changer fell, Stan Curtis (my original character) appeared and the music changed to the V of Doom logo's music. Stan said "I didn't do that!" Live-action Howie Mandel (as seen on the 90s animated TV series Bobby's World) with a broom on his hand walked to the logo and shouted, "CUT!!! Stan, why you (CENSORED)ing son of a (CENSORED), you ruined my show! Now I'm gonna send you to the witch and she's gonna turn you into an Ickis!" Caleb said "Cool! I'm gonna be like my best friend! I'll have great hearing, night vision, one toe on each..." Then, Howie came to the camera (just like at the end of the Bobby's World episode "Caution: Bobby at Work") and said "Now I'm just like the MGM lion! I can roar so loud that I can scare a hundred people away from the movie theater. Wanna hear?" Before I could hear Howie roar, I woke up.
MGM (Howie Mandel)

06/15/2013: I remember having a dream about a month ago that I opened a 1992 videocassette of Disney's Beauty and the Beast from a foreign country (Camilla, an imaginary island country in Southeast Aisa that speaks English). It started with a 10-second warning screen that takes place in a blue background. Then, an image of Sorcerer Mickey, with his eyes looking another way, appeared and moved to the bottom-left corner of the screen, as the first long note of the 1986 Walt Disney Home Video logo played. A text about video piracy and an image of a sticker (kind of like the ones you see in VHS tapes in the UK, but it's not a hollogram) appeared in the screen. Mickey's pupils moved like they were reading the text. An image of a video tape appeared and the sticker flew to the label. The text changed to another text about video piracy jeopardizing future film production. After the movie and the previews for The Great Mouse Detective and 101 Dalmatians, there was a still image of Sorcerer Mickey with normal eyes on the left side of the screen, the 1986 Walt Disney Home Video on the right, and a copyright text at the bottom, and the tape ended with a 30-second warning screen.

06/16/2012: I dreamed last night that I saw a Walt Disney Home Video promo from a 1995 VHS of The Lion King from Camilla, the same country as the logo from a previous dream. It started with the beginning of the 1986 Walt Disney Home Video, but when the spark appears, it flies to the center of the screen and explodes. Clips from several classic Disney films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Dumbo, and Peter Pan were shown in the promo. A male voiceover says "Welcome to the wonderful world of Walt Disney Home Video! Here are some previews of what's coming soon or available now on videocassette." The last few seconds of the 1986 Walt Disney Home Video logo plays at the end, but with a copyright text below it. The music in the whole bumper was a synthesized version of "When You Wish Upon a Star". Then, the logo faded to a still image of Sorcerer Mickey on the bottom-left corner of the screen looking at the text "COMING TO VIDEOCASSETTE". The previews for Cinderella and Angels in the Outfield were shown. After that, a logo appeared with Sorcerer Mickey and the text "MORE PREVIEWS AFTER THE MOVIE". Then, a spark flew from Mickey's hand and exploded. The spotlight below Mickey disappeared, the background became starry, and the text was replaced by "FEATURE PRESENTATION". The music throughout the logo was the same as the previous logo. I woke up after that.

06/17/2015: I had a dream last night which had logos as well as bumpers. I found some old video tapes from Camilla (fictional Asian country) and an early 80s VCR with and old TV set in my basement. I put on a VHS of Don Bluth'sThumbelina(which I know was distributed by Warner Bros in at least North America). The tape started with a logo that took place in a retro-futuristic city. The text "UPTOWN VIDEO" appeared and it was followed by a scrolling Warning screen which read:
The copyright owner,
Entertainment Co, Ltd.
has licensed this videocassette
For further details, please refer to
the end of the tape.
The MGM/UA copyright screen appeared right after. Then, I saw a bumper with the 1980s MGM/UA Home Video logo and the text "Coming Soon to Theaters" replacing "HOME VIDEO" and a roaring sound at the end. A trailer for The Pebble and the Penguinfollowed with another bumper (a still version of the MGM lion and the text "Coming Soon to Videocassette") and a trailer for A Troll in Central Park, which was also distributed in North America by Warner Bros. After that, a notice appeared, which read "Please Stay Tuned After the Feature for Another Great Preview from MGM/UA Home Video." The 1980s MGM/UA Home Video logo played again, but a text below it read "Our Feature Presentation" I woke up after that.
06/29/2017: I just had a very strange dream where some drunk guy who hated me dragged me to the Cineplex theater to see a very scary movie The Child. The movie began with The Boss Baby variant of the DreamWorks logo, but all the shapes on the mobile, except for the moons and fishing boys, were replaced by knives, axes, other deadly weapons, and a girl's severed head. The mobile was pink with the text "DreamWorks SKG" and the background was dusty grey and a scary thunderstorm happened in the sky. The music in that logo was a music-box rendition of Chopin's "Funeral March" as heard on a trailer for Alice through the Looking Glass. A variation of the 2012 Universal Pictures logo followed, but it was also in the form of a baby mobile with the globe in the center and the letters that form the word "UNIVERSAL" covered in blood. The horror version of the Blumhouse Productions logo from that movie took place in a baby's nursery with a crib and rocking chair and the BH logo looks like it was written in blood with the music being a creepy music-box rendition of Brahms Lullaby with creepy noises.

I had 3 dreams,heres the first one,its like a CREEPYPASTA!.

So i watched the garfield show credits on boomerang,and i expected a logo on the end but it was all static,then a black background,and garfield with a weird,creepy style without eyes walked to the audience with a axe,then they showed me in jon's garden with a heckler&koch g3,i go into the house,and everythig was shaking,i turned up the light,garfield was there with a vid mask replacing his head and a axe in his hand,the vid mask didnt have eyes,it was bleeding,a big paramount logo in the 100th anniversary style goed up in the street,it was all blood,odie was putten up the mountain,and the 22 stars flied in,but they flew in the house,i grabbed the axe,and killed the stars,then tried to axe the demonic vid mask garfield,i from outside,watched the tv,then boomerang got all static,a odd creepy old v of doom was shown,the text was in Segoe UI Light,and the text said,Windows 8Demonic Preview,the bg was green,and a creepy blurry windows logo zoomed in fastly,it had skull eye sockets and a creepy red star flew around it,then they showed blurry b&w creepy bloody human heads they had white eyes,then my house exploded, i waked up and go back to sleep,and the second dream started.

i was watching Phineas and Ferb,then i at the credits i expected the disney logo,but a odd mgm logo was there,it had perry in the circle,Metro Goldwyn Mayer was replaced with Disney Animation Corporation,the drama mask was not there and it was in cartoonish style,perry morphed into Mickey Mouse,and he said:kgbeugzwf.referjfwqeeeeeeee3 i said,What the hell?!,then goed into boomerang,it showed human heads from the first dream,but it stopped and showed a b&w depressed google chrome logo for 3 second,then it goed to a odd closet killer,a shortened version of the paramount 100 th anniversary logo,the printed mountain was replaced with the 100th anniversary mountain,but it doenst had 100th anniversary text under it,the text was in segoe ui,and when we zoomed in the logo,it had a radial blur effect,then a odd boomerang ident was shown,we zoomed in some gold coins,then it revealed the ducktales logo,an annoucer said:ducktales is coming next to boomerang while we goed left and some new boomerang logo was there,instead of the scribbled boomerang logo,it had a similar one,but it had a gold line under it and arent were lines between the letters,and the oo had eyes,toonish eyes,and it looked around,then a commercial goed,it had slow music,showing the old blue boomerang logo zooming in slowly,then the depressed google chrome logo was shown,he said,the scary*cough*presentation was old boomerangs funeral.please there arent a montage.then the 2nd dream ended,after 19 seconds,the third and last one was shown.

I,the vid mask,the ssf,ickis,nermal,odie,arlene,v of doom was watching the tv,then the closet killer logo popped up,and top cat comed in with the axe from the 1st dream(brrr!)then cutted up the closet killer logo,then the s from hell zoomed on the tv,then afrench toast was shown on the tv,but it flew away showing a purple vid mask with a cutie face(awww)with a body legs hands,then it danced and vid mask said hey its my sis!,KAYLA! then i shooted the vid mask and it end.
So i watched TV with my white kitten Odie(yes thats his name) We watched Disney Channel,It was Kid vs Kat,And the credits came on.when the studio b logo came in,The bubble thing from XP came on and said,No more space on the disk.Then the logo glitched up,the bg goed green,the b slided every way and it turned into a skull,a Loud noise played,It scared Odie away! Then some Adobe Premiere effects on the 2009 YTV logo Played,It was inverted by 40%,Then swirled,spinned,then the distorting spinning stopped,then it slided slided.Then a commercial to the Garfield Show came on,But it was Nermals Picture for 5 sec.then Odie came back.I gived him some milk.he drinked it up.then my LCD Tv automaticly
turned to TCM,it played the WindowsXP logo swirling,then the loud noise came back,But odie talked:"IDIOT WINDOWS XP" Then i turned to boomerang,it was the Flinstones credits.The newer one...Then the ScreenGems S from hell came in,it was the polka Flinstones song.And the S was on a stone BG,The Text was white.and the S was Green.
Then i went to sleep with Odie at 9:30.

I watched kid vs kat.After the credits.Some blue ////'s comed up...Then a WB Logo appeared with Cosmo chewing on a lollipop.Then it cut to Nermal,who's picking up a Universal Logo...Then he throws it to ncarw,ncarw's hand brokes.NCARW! WE DONT NEED YOU! Nermal shouted.Then the V of Doom logo appeared in red...It zoomed fastly to the screen and when it approached the screen,it formed into a cube and zoomed out,i turned to Boomerang.It had Tom and Jerry-Tom and Cherié episode(Super i has these hungarian letters!)Then when Tuffy goed out,he grabbed his sword,and sliced a Windows 98 logo into pieces,and throw it to Tom's face,who has a BND Head.Jerry shouted this:COOKIE JAR!!! Then i goed to my computerand watch Call of Duty 2 videos...


I was watching an episode of Johnny Test, and after the end credits kicked in, the 1984 MGM Logo kicked in and it extends to 9 seconds like the movie version of the logo, but it was from the variant of Undercover Blues on VHS... The one I had at home. After the logo ends, Johnny comes in and says "Well, that's over" and suddenly, the 1989 Barbor/Langley Productions logo kicked in and the Cookie jar entertainment plays. It was cool!

A Second dream that I had was when I was watching the episode of Sonic Underground, when it ends, the 1990 Paramount Television logo kicks in but Sonic rushes in and said "WAIT! HOLD IT!" The Music slows down at a split second, Sonic says "If you think We'd let it end, that way did you? Well, here's a REAL LOGO We want to show you!" and he tears down the Paramount filmstrip and puts up with the 1989 Barbour/Langley Productions logo with the rock version of the jingle. and Sonic says "And FIN!" I gave myself a pat on the shoulder and told Sonic "Well, GREAT JOB ON THE LOGO!" Sonic gave me Two thumbs up and said "THANKS! I'll Keep it up next time!"

This is the third dream that I had: I was watching the episode of "Sonic-X" The very last episode. After the credits roll in, there's the 4-Kids productions logo, and after that there's the 1994 Warner Bros. Television logo somewhat used on shows like "Smallville" Though they used the warp speed version of the 1989 Barbour/Langley productions logo jingle. I end up falling asleep after the logo ends at 12:00 Midnight. Pretty weird, eh? This is the fourth dream that I had, and it's the first one I had since last Wednesday? Oh, Man this is embarassing! Anyways, I was watching the series finale of "Smallville" and suddenly the Warner Bros. Television 1990 logo with the warp speed version of the Viacom V Of Steel. And after it ends, the 2011 Universal Television played the 1997 Universal Television jingle plays over the current logo. After it all ends, I went to sleep at 12:00 Midnight. Though both Smallville characters named Clark and Chloe were on the couch and I thought "Well, that's that" and went to bed. FIFTH DREAM, MAN! I was watching the entire season of "Fairly Odd Parents meet Smallville" on my Maxell 1997 VHS, while recording on to my 1995 Maxell UR 90 Minute Tape with Johnny Test, Timmy Turner, Spongebob Squarepants, Clark Kent of Smallville, and of course Sonic the Hedgehog, Suddenly, the 2012 Nickelodeon logo and Timmy Turner, and of course Smallville character Chloe Sullivan waves their arms and Timmy yells "HOLD IT!" the record needle scratches, Chloe said "If you think we all ended that way? Well, we'll have to rewind the tape and see what the real problem is." Timmy said "If you like to find out what the problem is, press rewind on the remote control." I press rewind on the VCR remote control, and hit play and suddenly, the 1993 Barbour/Langley Productions logo played in Warp speed. After it all ends, the videotape fades to black and after a second of silence, Johnny reads the screen saying "Reminder, the stunts in this movie were performed by Professionals or under the supervision of professionals. So, for your safety and the protection of those around you, Do not attempt any of the stunts you've just seen in this film." Then the 1995 Paramount Logo fades in and fades out. I hit the stop button, and rewound the tape all the way. Timmy looks at me and said "That's It?" Johnny smacks him in the face and said "OF COURSE THAT'S IT! NOW GET YOUR LITTLE FANNY OFF OF THAT COUCH AND GET READY FOR BED! YOU'VE GOT SCHOOL TOMORROW!" I looked back and I was like "Hey, You're right!" and ran to my room and got into my pjs and put on the 2001 VHS entitled "Scary Movie" and went to sleep with another Smallville Character, Chloe Sullivan and Clark joined me in. 6th Dream I Had: I was at home watching a DVD copy of "The Fairly Odd Parents meet Johnny Test" when Suddenly, the entire Warner Bros. Logo morphs into the logo from the Snakes and Arrows CD (Rush's 18th studio album) and suddenly, the camera pans into the band performing the song The Main Monkey Business. All in one take, the song was being tuned a half-stepped down. I ended up jamming to it and banged my head with the drum track. After it ends, The rest of the movie plays normally. When the movie ended, the 1984 Warner Logo kicks in, and suddenly Timmy Turner waves his arms and yelled "HOLD IT! STOP EVERYTHING!" The record needle scratches (from a conversation on the song "Earache My Eye") Johnny walks in and said "WHO'S IDEA IS TO MAKE THIS LOGO PURPLE?" Timmy said "I don't know! Maybe it's the crew's idea to make it purple." Cosmo and Wanda join Timmy in and Cosmo said "If they turn it into purple, next thing you'd know the whole movie turns into people." Johnny smacks himself in the face and said "OKAY, LET'S JUST END THIS MOVIE ALREADY!" and the logo returns to Normal. After 23 seconds of the black screen, the close-up of Vicky standing in the back view and Johnny pushes Vicky and said "WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING? HAVEN'T YOU HEARD? THE MOVIE'S OVER, YOU TWITS!" then he smacks the camera and it turns to static at the end of the movie and suddenly, The 1985 MGM Logo plays normally. Timmy and Johnny gave a sigh of relief and said "Whew! It's over" and we fade out. LUCKY 7, MAN! *Clears throat* Sorry, it's been a long time since I did this, Anyway, Here's my 7th dream I'd have. I was at home watching a VHS copy of "Pure Country" at the tail end, I expected a 1992 Warner Bros. Pictures to play at the end, but it turns out that the MCA Records logo appeared and the artwork of the soundtrack and the words "Music from the Motion Picture soundtrack. Pure Country. In stores now." I stopped the whole video tape and rewound it all the way through. I muttered to myself saying 'You know, I've already have the soundtrack on Audio cassette, and of course on my iPod.' I thought 'Well if that's over then we'd should probably get to bed' It was an okay dream I've had. 8, 8, 8! GOTTA HAVE ACE'S AND 8'S! *Record scratch* Well, that was smaltzy! ANYWAY! I was watching a concert film entitled 'The Fairly Oddparents: Schools out" After the Paramount logo kicks in, it turns to a curtain with strobe lights flickering white while the intro to Battery by Metallica kicks in. The crowd sound was from both Metallica's Cunning Stunts and LIVE **** Binge, and Purge (Seattle '89. If you guys were there). After the playback tape was over, the curtain drops to reveal the band performing Which is Metallica themselves. the fans were headbanging to the song. After the whole concert film ended, The paramount 1995 logo plays normally. After 23 seconds of silence, there's the sound of Chloe's pulse kicking in until the end of the video tape.
I had one rather boring dream where I saw a Dic logo rendered as the old "Boxes" Hanna Barbera logo.
Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos

But then I had one rather surreal dream where me and my friends were on some sort of treasure hunt where we kept getting clues from none other than the Klasky Csupo SSF itself. (Everyone referred to as Casey here, hence why I gave it that name). But the weird thing was, whenever he finished talking to us, he did his old logo routine, the difference being that his eyes merged into onebig black eye. Creepy. Anyways, the clues took us to a strange mall where Casey (the SSF) told us we needed to transform into different peoplein order to find the treasure. (I don't remember exactly who I turned into, but I think it was my grandma. Very weird...) I went into a bookstore and found a bunch of books that had the Pinchface, the VID mask, and the Viacom V of Doom on it, when we discovered the treasure, which was some sort of Chuckie Cheese's type area. We went in, where we went back to normal and ate cheeseburgers with Casey while watching some sort of bizarre educational video with Donald Duck in it. At one point, Donald was menaced by the Neon Mickey Of Doom in space, which for some reason caused him to turn into a baby. After that, I woke up.

Also, I had a dream about a Toon Disney Ident which was rapid fire and basically a shortened version of ShyGuysToyBox'es Toon Disney logo dream from further up. It started with the Big Bad Wolf (as the jazz player from that episode of House Of Mouse) blowing a trumpet, the sound blast causing Donald Duck, who was nearby doing a magic trick and saying "Abracadabra", to turn into a weird flashing starburst. The screen zoomed into the starburst where it showed Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Goofy, and another character (I think it was Luigi) just standing there, before Mickey said: "Let's go!" and they started doing a strange dance. Then a sparkle flew by, causing the four of them to explode and turn into more of those little starbursts. Then confetti and balloons flew everywhere, and Mario appeared and said: "It'sa me, Mario, anda you're watching Toona Disney!" After which, he opened his hand and the Toon Disney logo (the old 90's/early2000's version) flew out.

Finally, I had one where I went to the library with Ed, Edd, and Eddy. (The logo stuff came later, as an FYI.) We hung out there, and it started turning into a giant grocery store, and then we fought Eddy's Brother on top of a blimp. Suddenly, a credit linestarted and lead upto the Disney Productions logo (in dark blue) appearing on the blimp and the dream suddenly ending. That was rather strange....

Update: 6/3/12: Just last night I had an odd dream where several cartoon characters and I were secret agents and infiltrated the VID Mask's secret lair. Somehow everyone else was captured leaving just me and Ash Ketchum (technically he's anime, but he was there), and the VID Mask sprayed us with a gas that caused us to both turn into Pokemon. (Ash was a Pikachu, just like that one episode, while I was a Treeko.) The VID Mask proceeded to terrorize the world, and I suddenly woke up.

6/6/12: I just remembered a recurring element in my dreams, (because it showed up again last night), namely a completely awesome TV channel called: "Disney Channel Gold". The logo for the channel is just like the old Disney Channel logo from the late 90's, but in a glittery gold style, with the word "gold" rendered in large CGI gold letters. The channel airs every 90's cartoon ever made (including ones from Nickelodeon, CN, and Fox Kids). The channel's logo frequently shows up in a lot of my dreams, even without the channel itself. (It showed up in the aformentioned "Treasure Hunt with the SSF aka Casey" dream as well.)
6/20/12: I didn't actually have this dream last night, but I just remembered this one. The only thing I can remember was that I was browsing through CLG Wiki and came across a logo for a company called "Eight Little Stars Inc." The logo was eight little silver CGI stars (The stars' points were rounded at the end) all scattered across the middle with the company name written above it in white cursive lettering on a purple-blackgradient. I played the video, and it showed the stars slowly sliding into place from the top of the screen, the text fading in when the stars stopped. The music was a soft, peaceful, almost lullaby like piano jingle. It even had variants, namely, a still version with the stars and text black on a white background, and the other was the stars and text white on a black BG. (The availability stated that the latter was for a Halloween episode for a show that only existed within my dream).
6/30/12: Fascinating how this page makes you remember your strangest logo dreams, even from when you were younger. The earliest logo dream I can remember (That wasn't a Klasky Csupo SSF nightmare) was from when I was eight where I was watching a VHS of Pooh's Grand Adventure. It started normal, but in the middle of a preview for one of the Beauty and The Beast movies, it abruptly cut to a "Coming soon to ownon videocassette" ident. The letters were white and Comic Sans Serif and over an animated background of a park with cartoon characters on bikes, roller skates, and scooters passing by with the voice over for the Disney "Whoosh of Doom" CS2OVHS logo. It then showed a preview for a bizarre...thing that involved people exploding into rainbows or pizza, eating each other, and other insane things. (Idistinctly remember that it ended with Bugs Bunny about to bite into a giant carrot, only for Bugs to suddenly transform into an orca and the carrot into a giant ice cuberight as he bit into it with enough force to break all of his teeth except for two which pierced through his snout. Ouch.) Then it cut to anadvertisementfor a store which had videos and greeting cards for everything. If I remember correctly, the voice over was something along the lines of: "We know you like Disney videos, so we opened a store near where you live so you can get every video and greeting card that's Disney." (An obvious lie, as I saw VHS's and cards for several Nickelodeon shows as it showed you around the store). Then it cut to the "Feature Presentation" Ident which was a watercolor painting of a New York-type at night city animating like the watercolor Nickelodeon Studios logo from the 90s as the voice over from the 2nd version Disney "Handwriting" FP logo said "Thanks for joining us for this special preview..." like usual, but with an awesome, lower pitched, majestic version of the same logo's music as the words "And now, Our Feature Prensentation" in a computerised font appeared like someone was typing them in. I was unable to see the featurepresentation as I woke up before I could.
10/19/12: Last night, I had a dream where the internet was freaking out over a new logo Viacom had just put out. It was reportedly the scariest logo ever made, even surpassing the VID Mask, Klasky Csupo SSF, Screen Gems S from you-know-where, and even Viacom's own V of Doom. Everyone was talking about it. I wanted to see it, and I said so out loud. Then everyone ran away, and suddenly, the logo played rightin front of my face. It seem to be a Black and Gold gradient background, and the words "A" and "Presentation" suddenly shot up, followed by a new solid gold but not CGI "V" which seemed to just be a very fat one in the Times New Roman font, and it was wearing headphones!(Which were gigantic and also gold colored). A very loudorchestrated version of the usual "V of Doom" played the whole time. When it ended, the V offered to let me listen to his headphones. Somehow, I became so scared I wet myself and ran away. Right then, I woke up, and, wouldn't you know it, I actually HAD wet myself. Arrghhh...
3/22/13: Just remembered another logo type dream I had from a while ago, like when I was 4. I was playing a Nickelodeon related PC game for a little while, but then I started watching an episode of Hey Arnold. (Don't really recall what happened, though.) Anyway, when the episode ended, it started playing the credits, but it showed a weird Nickelodeon logo. It showed Arnold, Helga, Arnold's grandparents, and some other characters from the show, and Doug for some reason. Suddenly, Helga's head turned into an oval shaped Nickelodeon logo and she flew out the window. Helga floated to the ground, gestured towards her logo head and made two loud buzzing noises. Then I woke up into a dream where my bedroom window was a giant computer screen that I could control with my mind.
4/18/13: One dream I had the other month ended with a bizarre ident for the aforementioned Retro Disney Channel. My dream abruptly changed from me at a convention and suddenly an announcer said that Disney Channel Gold was every 90's (and early 2000's) fan's dream. Then it showed a strange cartoon involving a Sylvester the Cat lookalike being told by his owner not to harass the little baby chicky (who was a Tweety Bird lookalike itself). Not-Sylvester then tried to whack Not-Tweety with a broom anyway, and then suddenly, the graphics went crazy and Hannah Montana's "Party In The USA" song began playing before the announcer said: "Tooney Lunes" (Leems Segit) airs at 4:00e/12:00p on Disney Channel Gold!" Then it showed the Disney Channel Gold logo with Not-Sylvester inside as Not-Tweety walked by. Not-Sylvester reached for the birdy, but then Not-Tweety suddenly transformed into Ridley (from Metroid) and roared at him. The he turned into a little gray kitten and trotted away. The confused look on Not-Sylvester's face matched the one I was making when I woke up a few seconds later.

5/31/15: Wow, I haven't had logo dreams in forever! The other night I had a dream where I was watching movies on TV and every single one of them ended with the DiC "Kid In Bed" logo. They were all normal for the most part, but in one instance, for some reason, The "DiC" was replaced with the logo for the Duke University Blue Devils, the star became "Duke" and the kid said "Duke". Ok....


This one happened last night, and got turned into a dream logo.

I saw a chicken on the background of the Viacom V of Steel pulling the text along, after that, we go to a shot of where the text and logo finish their spin. The chicken also dragged the 2 segmented parts of the trapezium, and moved them into place. He then pointed to them, making them steel. Then, he came up and clucked in my face, and the dream ended, but i kept having it.

A few nights ago, I had a dream about a wacky plastering on TV. I was watching a movie, and instead of the 1994 TCF logo, the 1997 Universal logo played! I said to my mom, "I gotta put this on CLG!". Aaaaaaaand... so i did.

Anyways, I was watching the credits of Sesame Street, and at the end, the screen went black! Then all of a sudden, a red V of Doom appeared. I screamed, and changed the channel to Nickelodeon. I heard SpongeBob scream "IIIIIIIIIIIII NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!". Then I heard the "S from Heaven" music. I woke up after that.
Years later, I had a dream similar to johndakingofawesome's 2nd dream. I was watching TV and the commercial for Shadow the Hedgehog was playing, but after Shadow said "nearly impossible", the CTW House of Boredom appeared and went hey baby to my MOM! Then the Baby Bop thing from ShyGuysToyBox's dream happened, followed by the Magic School Bus thing from DreamMechanic's dream but minus Columbia, and I heard Shadow's laugh from the Pure Dark ending when it was supposed to show up. Immediately after which, I heard "I AM HIGH" from the YTP "1K SUB SPECIAL" and the intro to Rollie Polie Olie played. The last thing I remember is my brother and I singing "I am All of Me," then I woke up a while later.

I had a dream where I was sitting outside with my PSP. I got bored and I decided to play Puyo Puyo Fever 2. After the Sega and Sonic Team logos came up, the 1979 NBC "Proud as a Peacock" bumper appeared instead of the intro. Then after that, the 1999 Argosy Media and 1976 Viacom logos came up. Then, the intro played and I had to play on Endless Chu Panic and I selected Amitie, but instead of the game coming up, the 1982 NBC "Just Watch Us Now" bumper came up. Then, the game started to come up and I played on Hard mode. After I died, the 1972 WB "Big W" logo came up and then I saw my high score. After that, the dream was over and I woke up in the morning.
Last night I had a dream where I was playing Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary on my PSP outside. On the main menu, I selected Endless Fever Mode and I had to play as Lemres, but instead of the Character Selection screen a strange logo went up. It started out as the 1984-1987 NBC "SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES" policytrailer, but the peacock scene was cut out and the stars werereplaced by Puyo. Then, after the logo formed the text "A PUYO MATCH FOR LEMRES!" came up as a byline. Then, the Character Selection screen appeared and I chose Lemres. Then, after the match was over I saw the 1982 SNAS, Inc. logo with "YOU WIN" being the byline. After that, I saw my High Score. The dream was over and I woke up.

I also had a dream last night that was the Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary logo in style of the 2010 20th Century Fox logo. The background was switched to a starry sky with floating Chaos Emeralds in the sky and the structure read: "SONIC" (in their same font as the Sonic logo), "THE HEDEHOG's" and "BIRTHDAY". "A NEWS CORPORATION COMPANY" rather read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SONIC!". Then, it panned up through the 75 Years version of the 2010 FOX logo, but the light streaks drew "20" rather than "75". Then, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Rouge, Amy, Big, Cream, Cheese, Vector, Esipio, Mighty, Blaze, Amitie, Yu and Rei, Raffine, Rider, Klug, Sig, Feli, Lemres, Nights and Ms. Accord all said "Happy 20th anniversary to a great hedgehog!". Then, the dream was over and I woke up in the morning.

FainterPingy:I was on the internet when the MGM Logo popped up,Leo looked around,Nermal comed in and put a strong gate on the circle where Leo was in.Then the inside circle was flooded with facebook logos.Then Nermal grabbed the circle and rolled it up and throwed it away.Then Nermal grabbed the drama mask and set it on fire.Then Nermal grabbed the filmstrips and roped the drama mask with the filmstrip,then Nermal runned away.Then after 29 seconds,my second dream started...I was watching Kid vs Kat,when suddenly Nermal popped up with the Universal globe,He throwed it to the bathroom(I was in the living room and the bathroom isn't so far.)Then i ripped some filmstrips somewhere and tied Nermal with it,I wanted to set the Universal logo in the bathroom to fire,when suddenly Coop and Kat jumped off the tv and chased them into my computer,they were now fighting in CLG Wiki Dream Logos,then a giant VID Mask crushed them into small Coops and Kats.Then the small Coop army and the small Kat army fighted.Then the Giant VID Mask crushed them into even smaller Coops and Kats.I erased the VID Mask with the cursor and put the Coop army and the Kat army into the recycle bin.

FainterPingy:I found a strange copy of The Land Before Time 4 VHS. It was in a green clamshell and it had a strangely arranged Universal logo on the top.It was like a enhanced version of the 90's Universal logo what looks like this http://scifimafia.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Universal-blk-Logo-wide-560x282.jpg (its a link) So the differences was it had the Universal text little shifted up,below the Universal Text it said VIDEO.and at the right side it had in a script font A subdivisary of Universal Studios.I put the tape in.It had a FBI Warning in blue.Then i seen a Blue ball on a space bg,then some countries from the 90's Universal logo zoomed out and attached to the globe.Then UNIVERSAL in the usual font in a nice shimmering bronze zoomed in letter by letter.Then VIDEO in silver zoomed out to letter by letter and settles below UNIVERSAL.Then it zoomed out revealing a white bg with the A subdivisary of Universal Studios script on the right side.Then a red line below the script wiped in.The song was a calm little fanfare what sounds like the Back to The Future song.Then it had the Espace Video Europeen logo.Then the France logo faded in,then faded out.Then the movie started.So it was some rare france print of TLBT4.


I had a dream once. Me and Doug Funnie go to my bedroom, watching The Caleb M. Show. At the end of it, instead of Mess Productions, Mew (in its 1974 appearance) appeared out of nowhere, flew out from my TV and straight into my mother's room. Doug yelled out "AFTER THAT FLYING CAT!" and we went into the point where Splaat (an anthropomorphized version of the second Klasky-Csupo logo) plays with my mom's hair. As I tell Splaat not to play with people'shair, only to be interrupted by a sudden appearance of Michael J Mushroom stealing my candy necklace! And he went back into the TV and the Nickelodeon Pinchface bumper plays on my computer, making me and Doug screamed "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" and ran into the living room.

Me and Snap are watching The Ryo the Cat Show episode "Scat Cat!". On the near end of the show where Ryo says "I've never seen myself poop like that...", all the sudden a standby screen appeared in front of Ryo and says that "Pinchface will be here any moment" and then it cut to the Nickelodeon Pinchface Bumper where Pinchface and the Fists sing "Pass Out" by Chris Brown instead of the Nickelodeon theme. Snap screamed in Doug Funnie's voice and ran away to under my bed. After Pinchface and the Fists finished singing, the screen freezes and Beebe Bluff appears next to Pinchface. She says "Great Job, Floating-Teeth-and-Glasses-Man!". Pinchface then turns into the Brave Fencer Musashi and shouts "I'm NOT the Floating-Teeth-and-Glasses-Man!" and cuts Beebe in half with his Lumina sword. I was like "What the Heck!?". (PS: The Brave Fencer Musashi is the 1998 video game that exists in real-life. It's for the Playstation.)

mariofan202: I had a dream where I was hanging on the 1986 WHV logo. I tried to hang on as much as I could, but I slipped.

Another dream was about the Paramount 1988 logo. It turned into ice cream, and I ate it.
iPuffle (7/13/13): I was dreaming of the WDHV 1986 logo that had the words "Coming Soon from" zooming out above the logo after the spark animation, and I believe it had Beau Weaver saying "Don't miss out on this classic from Walt Disney Pictures." Then I think the trailer for Fantasia played after that.
7/15/13: There are 2.
1. The Viacom V of Doom logo was in a bright shade of yellow, it was flipping, and it had a majestic fanfare!
2. The 1978 WGBH logo draws itself out, shines, spins, and zooms out. It has a sloweddown version of the 1985 WDT music. Pretty odd...


1. I had a Book of Pooh VHS from 2001. But instead of the 1999-present feature presentation, it had the one from The Rescuers 1992 VHS.
2. I also had a dream where I was locked in a room with the Paramount Home Video Logo. (At the end, it had a Ed, Edd, and Eddy scene.)
3. My final dream was my only good one. I was hanging from the Dreamworks Moon, when it suddenly started to smell like chocolate. This helped me climb
up. I caught some fish, and instead of chocolate, they tasted like vanilla. From there: I woke up. Someone probably got up and ate chocolate, and I sleepwalked
and pulled out vanilla ice cream or yogurt, but I'm not quite sure.

1.I remember having a dream with some weird 80's Columbia Pictures Television logos. I think one had a daytime cloud background and it zoomed on the torch with and it had the Sunburst logo in blue and the background was black and Columbia Pictures Television was underneath it and it had a fanfare for it. I also remember an in-credit logo which was a circle having a print logo with pigeons flying around the Torch Lady,with Syndicated by Columbia Television Distribution in Souvenir below and a copyright notice.I also remember a square shaped logo with the print Torch Lady in orange and Columbia International Television above it and Distributed from Germany below. This one was still and it had a calm 5-Note piano tune to it.
2.I had a dream of odd Nelvana logo variations.One variation for the 1996 logo had a space vortex background with a
Bleu de France half-circle and a white outlined polar bear with Nelvana in a white Peignot Bold font below. It had a Moog Synthetizer theme with three trumpet notes and a ding note at the end. Also I dreamed a retro variation of the full version of the 2004 logo. It had a dark blue background,and the polar bear was an azure blue outline and NELVANA was glowing red and it had sketchier,more hand-drawn animation,and the haze formed the stars expect the one the polar bear made. It had a 8-note synth tune with three timpani drumbeats and a twinkling sound like the one from this YouTube link bit.ly/1e0GvRG when the haze forms the stars.


I had another dream last Wednesday. It was me going into Walmart, wanting to buy Kid vs. Kat(I'm not FainterPingy, I just love to watch that show on Disney XD), Pink Panther, and Garfield and Friends on DVD. Suddenly I tripped on something, I just found a Garfield and Friends VHS. "Wow, this must be rare!" I said, I picked it up and I walked to the check-out lane, "Miss, is this tape for money?" I said, "No, This is free." she said. This is where the logo stuff is coming. I walked home, and I put the VHS into my Panasonic NV-SD420 VCR. I started to play the VHS. I seen an FBI Warning with a blue background. Then the 1982 MGM/UA Home Video logo played but at the bottom when the Leo picture and the MGM/UA text came together there was a text reading © GARFIELD AND FRIENDS 1984 FILM ROMAN VIDEO INC. "Film Roman Video Inc?" I said. Then the weird Film Roman Video Inc logo came up. On a black background there was a lime green laser drawing the Film Roman fireworks. Then FILM ROMAN in the Impact font zoomed out slowly and Video Inc. faded in below Film Roman. The music was a synthetized theme sounding like the RCA/Columbia International Video logo theme. Then the Presented In Dolby Surround logo came up. Then something really unusual came up. It was the 1987 MGM logo. But the ribbon was silver instead of gold, the drama mask
was light blue, Leo had crisper colors, the text Metro Goldwyn Mayer was white, the Trade Mark text was smaller and it was white, Tanner's roar track was used, and Presents in white was under the logo. Then the 1982 United Artists logo played, but the music was different. It was already a triumphant fanfare. Then Garfield and Friends started.


Update as of 14/03/18.

I had a dream of logos and cartoons. In my dream I seen the Neon WGBH logo in yellow, without the glow, and in CGI.
The theme was an orchestra version, ending in a flute note reverbating. Then I seen the V of Doom reverse, then forward, then reverse again, speeding up, until it catched on fire! the background spinnedout as the text faded to black. I then walked into a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant, seeing the DiC Kid In Bed logo on a tv, but with DiC on a wireframe globe, in a gold coloring, with INTERNATIONAL below in Times New Roman. The theme was a synth theme resembling the 1st Ragdoll logo and the New World Pictures logo. The logo zoomed out the screen, and I burst out the restaurant, being chased by the logo, then I jumped through a big brickwall, with the logo crashing into the brickwall. I checked the logo, and the wireframe globe was cracked in two pieces, with DiC on the ground, with the i crooked. the letters in INTERNATIONAL lied everywhere. The brickwall crashed onto the logo, sending wireframe globe and letter pieces everywhere. Gumball and Darwin where walking behind me, and they seen the logo in pieces, they were shocked, and they falled on to the ground. Sportacus with the 10 replaced with a drawing of the DreamWorks moonboy sitting on a crescent moon fishing. I guess this was a joke, as the sky gone green and the cloudswere shaped like the Qubo logo. I started to spin, seguing into the 1997 Atlantis logo. And it ended.


I had 2 dreams.

1.I was watching Tom and Jerry Tales in the TV, and after the credits, the Film Roman 1995 logo played, but the fireworks exploded, setting the text on fire, I was scared.
Then the 1986 MGM/UA Home Video played, but Leo was replaced by a tuxedo cat, and when the text flashed, the cat jumped out of the circle and ran away as the circle spinned around and then it
falled onto the ground, making the black background fall forwards, crushing the logo and revealing the 1986 Walt Disney Television logo with the daytime jingle.
Then the castle turned green, the background turned purple, and Winnie The Pooh poured honey on the half-circle, which then dripped onto the castle too, which falled apart and Winnie the Pooh became Kirby
who sucked up the logo, and became the Disney castle. Someone knocked on the door, I opened it to see the Nelvana Bear, and then it threw a 75th anniversary Warner Bros shield at me, and
the ring slipped down from the shield, and I threw it at a sign which had the 1969 MGM logo on it, and the abstract lion caricature broke apart.
Then the bear hugged me and gave me a high-five.
2.I walked in the park, when I seen the Polskie Nagrania(the 3 colored notes) logo from the Hanna-Barbera Poland logo, then the swirling star
flied in with really cool shimmery trails and the Polskie Nagrania logo looked at the swirling star who then swirled into the familiar logo
then some filmstrips hit me in the face, and I seen the VID mask threwing little swirling stars and filmstrips everywhere,
until Garfield appeared and threw a giant Regency logo on him, and made the VID mask fly away, and Rainbow Dash jumped onto
the Regency logo, and sleeped on it, and then Garfield pulled out a lasagna shaped like the dts logo and ate it, who then
belched a Rockstar North logo, which then grew arms and legs, ran at me, then knocked me over,
I threw the logo at a cloud shaped like V of Doom, which then shaped into the Paramount mountain
and I whistled the Charter Entertaiment jingle which then Garfield danced to, and the Intercom(hungarian vhs and dvd distributor) logo
appeared who stole the Regency logo, and woke up Rainbow Dash, who then beated up the Intercom logo, and the Carolco logo giggled in my face,
and I ran away, jumping above a small lake shaped like the DiC logo, with fishes resembling the one from the Tadpole Kids logo.
I then meet the Spyglass Entertainment man who gave me a Universal 1997 logo which then I threw into the lake, and then the logo broke apart
and melted, making the water colored like the globe. Then Pinkie Pie emerged with a blue Universal logo in her hoof, and she looked at it quizically,
and then crushed it between her hooves, turning it into water. I then transported back home, where I seen the Disney DVD logo and Twilight Sparkle watching the TV and drinking Mountain Dew on my waterbed, I then joined
and drinked Mountain Dew too, and the 2nd Cinar logo appeared on the TV which started to dance and it cut to the 1990 Camelot Entertainment Sales logo
but the letters mixed up reading "MCLOTEA" and then it fell apart and became a liquid substance that morphed into Splaat(Klasky Csupo Robot) and Splaat said "DHX Media" and the DHX Media logo letters flew out his mouth then he flew away
screaming in a monotone voice "ALCOR FILMS!!!" Then the Cookie Jar logo appeared but it fell apart and catched on fire and burned and my
A few years ago, I had a dream where I saw the 20th Century Fox current logo, but it said "20th Television" instead and the music playing was the old 20th Television theme! It was also sped up. Then I left my friends house (where i saw it) and i woke up.


2015/07/12: I was watching Boomerang on TV, with the CGI Inspector Gadget reboot on. Only the credits was in the dream, and after the credits, something awkward but cool played! A revamped version of the 1997 DiC logo played, with a new high-quality nice photograph of the kid and the dog, a really nice space background, and a new shiny metallic DiC logo. The byline "A DHX Media Company" was below the logo, and zoomed in with the logo. Then, something even weirder happened. It showed a still picture of the 1992 Cartoon Network logo and the current TeleToon logo below on a white background. It had a 4 note cartoony synth jingle.


Two nights before, I had a dream with lots of logos! I was watching Two Man And A Half (season 1) on Viasat 3, and after the credits, instead of the Chuck Lorre Productions logo playing, it had a different logo. It showed some filmstrip with a blue light in it on a black background and it opened like a safe (but not the blue light) to reveal Chuck Lorre in a grungy font with Productions below in a spaced out, also grungy typewriter font. It had a deep pitched, synth drone/bass humming. The Tannenbaum Company logo was on a white background and was smaller, and the Warner Bros Television logo had the 1994 theme, low toned. I then put a Hungarian VHS of My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks (which is funny, because Rainbow Rocks never came out on VHS, as it was discontinued mid 2000's, but don't forget this is a dream) into my VCR and the warning was white text on a blue scrolling background (I think it looks like the Hungarian UIP-Duna/CiC Video warning, but I can't check that now because my VCR isn't hooked up to the TV), and then it showed an animated version of the Pro Video Film & Distribution Kft (Hungarian DVD and movie distributor) logo (I never seen an animated logo for it), which first showed filmstrips criss crossing on a blue background, and it zooms out to reveal the rounded rectangle in the logo, then the filmstrips fade out, and the stylized P and V from the logo zoom out and settle on the rectangle, and the camera goes into the view of the original logo, and the PRO VIDEO text fades in below. Then it shows the Warner Home Video logo, weirdly with the synthetized strings, despite being on a VHS. Then it shows trailers for upcoming movies, and the movie starts. After the movie (The movie wasn't in my dream, the dream cut to the end of the credits), and then a very weird Warner Home Video logo appeared. It was like the 2005 (50 years) Warner Bros Television logo, but there was no "50 years" ribbon on the shield, the banner read "Warner Home Video", there was no byline or anything, and the logo was still and had a shortened version of the 1985 Warner Home Video logo theme (last 3 notes). Then the dream became weirder and showed a shortened version of the 2002 Paramount logo, starting from the zooming out part, and it was bylineless and had a slightly dramatic fanfare. Then it showed a video of two kittens playing with a toy mice, then the VHS suddenly shot out of the VCR and a sped up V of Doom music played, and the screen showed a sad smiley face on a navy blue background with a slow version of the 1991 Universal Television playing. Then I woke up.

CaptinFalconFan2000's Dreams
Last night, I had a dream where me and my family went to a movie theater to watch Home and a strange Columbia logo plays! (Note: the movie was screened off a computer and recorded off a screencap software) The flash of light reveals the creatures in the film stacked up in a triangle, with the top one holding the torch in a silver room where they sing the fanfare. The text appears with the SPE byline strangely, and then the text fades out and unstack as they talk. I also remember one where the 2010 Paramount logo plays but at the end, Manic and my Sonic OC, looking at the logo, then we go get a giant DVD, which we put behind the mountain and the print logo appears. See you in the next update!


2 days ago, I dreamt a weird variation of the Columbia Pictures logo for Spectre I think. It was kind of desaturated and dimmer, and at the end the torch lady jumped off the pedestal, and her limbs or head were all motionless (like on the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs variant when she gets knocked off by the banana), maybe she bended a little bit (think After Effects puppet tool).
RysherTPEMan's crazy logo dreams!!!!!!!
I had a crazy dream. I was at camp, and went into a literal underground thrift store. While walking through the aisles I spotted a Blue's Clues tape from Kookamunga (a fictional country). It was "Magenta Comes Over". After purchasing some stuff I went to my cabin, and put it on in a 1978 Panasonic PV-1100 VCR. When it began playing it showed a logo with a man with a shaved beard and glasses and another man in a red and black plaid shirt with grey hair, a prickly haired face, and a hat holding cans of Billy Beer while in a normal living room sitting on lawn chairs, as the text "The Two Guys' Video Co." flew in (ala Valley of the Sun Video), with an excerpt of "Generando" by Pastoral playing throughout the logo and the following, scrolling warning screen which read:

The distributors, The Two Guys' Video Co.,
have licensed this videocassette
for usage in homes, schools, oil rigs,
prisons, and daycares only.
For further details refer to
the end of this tape.

After that, the song faded out and so did the warning screen and it cut to a odd Paramount Home Video logo. It showed the Paramount script in blue zooming in, with "HOME VIDEO" sliding into place like the Windows Movie Maker title "Scroll, Banner" except it's small and it stops. The abridged version of "Superstar Fanfare" composed by Keith Mansfield from the Worldvision Home Video logo played with no "WHOOSH". After that, it showed the Mid-Late 90's Nickelodeon Home Video intro, and after that Blue's Clues began. After the episode ended, I saw the Nickelodeon VHS outro from the Mid-Late 90's and the same Paramount Home Video logo from before, then after those I saw the same warning screen from the start, except it had more information.

The distributors, The Two Guys' Video Co.,
have licensed this videocassette
for usage in homes, schools, oil rigs,
prisons, and daycares only.
Any copying, recording, pirating,
use on television stations w/o
permission, and unauthorized
hiring will result in a
98 dollarydoo fine.

After 38 seconds of black screen it showed a close-up shot of a "Be Kind, Rewind" sticker, with a calm British man saying "Be kind, and please rewind this videocassette". After fading out and 8 seconds of black screen, then cut to static. Then I woke up.

The next day I had another dream at the camp, I was in the underground thrift store, and while purchasing stuff I tripped on something, the thing I tripped on was a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DVD from Kookamunga. After purchasing it I went to my cabin and whipped out a Sylvania 7-Inch Portable DVD Player. I put it on and it showed the Two Guys Video Co. logo from before, except the warning scroll was edited to black out the word "videocassette" and replace it with "entertainment disc". After that I went to the menu and hit play, and the show began. Then I woke up.

That same day I went back to bed for some reason and had another dream where I was in the underground thrift store, and I found yet another Kookamungian home video release, a VHS ofMy Science Project. After purchasing it and going to my cabin I put it in the VCR and it showed the Two Guys Video Co. logo and the warning scroll again. After that it showed the 2nd Touchstone Home Video logo and then went to the film. Then I woke up.

ArgosyFan9000: 3/12/16: I had a dream where I was at a video store, and Ifound a Stickin' Around: The Movie (it's fictional) VHS. I took it home and put it in my VHS/DVD Player. It showed a FBI Warning on a green background. After that, it showed a logo for a company called Starlight Video. It showed a space background, then Starlight zoomed out, and Video slided infrom the right, Then a star zoomed in, and a flash occurred behind it. After the logo ended, I saw some previews. Then it showed a Feature Presentation logo, and the movie began.
I remember having another dream (possibly around 2013) Where i had a little blue room with a TV playing the Backyardigans (yes that what it showed) then i crawed into a somewhat cramped hallway then exited the room, and i came out through some closet in my house's bedroom, and the TV in THAT room showed the Dreamworks Animation logo from Madagascar 2, but the boy falls of the moon instead, then some blue particle things fly up and the DWA text fades out, and we pan up to see another moon and the particles form a different moon boy, and he looks to the right, but the he looks to the left, like normal. also, when the 2nd moon boy forms, the text "Dreamworks Distribution LLC" fades in in blue, and it's stacked like the DWA text, and then a film about Halloween played.
I also have another dream about logos i had before, i was in my 2nd Grade classroom, and we were watching some trailer about a Pirate movie, and after that, the first THX logo played, and i KNEW it would be the THX logo history! So i ran into the bathroom near the classroom Library, all dressed up nice for some reason. I stayed there for a while.
This one's more recent, as i had it just this morning. I had a dream where i was watching a fictional movie on DVD, and i heard about a rare Fox logo at the end of said DVD, but the only way to access it is to select a certain language track. I did so, and at the end of the DVD, the rare Fox logo showed. I don't remember much about it, but i think the logo was golden.


6/5/16: I had a weird but cool dream full of logos. I got a VHS of some Garfield/My Little Pony/Sonic crossover DTV movie. I wanted to see what is it like. I put the VHS in first, and on a black-dark red gradient background, yellow text started to scroll. It showed a weird logo. It first showed the clouds from the 2015 TriStar logo but in nighttime, and then suddenly a bright light shined and it faded to a clear night sky, and it had the Columbia logo (textless), the current TriStar (also textless) logo, and the LionsGate constellation (on a space background) next to each other in three boxes and "COLUMBIA-TRISTAR-LIONSGATE INTERNATIONAL" below it. It had the music of the 1993 Columbia TriStar Home Video logo, only it was more dramatic and orchestral sounding. The byline "a Sony/Lionsgate company" faded in below. Then it showed a beautiful space background, and the Hasbro logo zoomed out on the top, then the Paws Inc. logo in the middle, and the Sega logo on the bottom. The logo was silent. Then some previews for upcoming movies of Warner Bros, Columbia/TriStar/Screen Gems, and Lionsgate played. Then the Columbia Pictures logo played, and after the logo ended, the torch flashed to a shortened version of the current Lionsgate logo starting from the zooming out part. Then I watched TV and I saw a still of the 1990 Viacom logo in silver and the 1987 UA swoosh below also in silver on a black background and "presents" below the logos, and then it zoomed out and some preschool show started. I also saw the V of Steel in 16:9 HD with a Paramount byline on AMC. I then saw a weird opening variation of the 2011 Universal Television logo which had a still of the logo on the 2012 Universal Pictures background and it had the 1997 UTV (Universal Television) theme. Then suddenly 'Sweet Dreams' from Eurythmics starts, and I woke up when Annie sung "Travel the world and the seven seas".

I have had 3 weird logo dreams recently.

The first is with the MGM logo. In this dream, the logo played like normal, but then a video of the Pokemon Go kid popped up as he sang "I play Pokemon Go everyday..." and I heard someone saying "MY EARS!!!!!!".
Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos
The second one is of the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment print logo. Here, the WB Shield appeared, but then Bugs Bunny pops out of it, holding a gun. He says "I wonder what this does" and points it at himself, but then accidentally shoots himself in the face.
Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos
The last one is of the Jim Henson Pictures logo. Here, Kermit was replaced by Dat Boi, "Jim" was replaced by "Meme", and at the end, Dat Boi says "Oh sh*t whaddup!" as "o sh*t whaddup" appears above Dat Boi.

Logos From a Dream - CLG Wiki's Dream Logos
I had a dream before i saw the Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of water, i had no idea what the Paramount Animation logo would look like. in the dream, it looked like i was in Universal Studios Orlando, (i've always wanted to go there. that's why i always have dreams where i was in Universal Studios Orlando) after a little while, i was in a movie theater. (with my dad too. he was in the dream too.) and on the movie screen was the Paramount Animation logo! the Paramount logo was from 2002-2012. but the byline was from 2010-present. and it also had "Animation" in the same font as the Paramount logo.
Another one i had was of the Lucasarts logo. well, i think it was called Lucasfilms Games Ltd from the logo i was looking at. in the logo was a stylized old man either sitting or running in a square with Lucasfilms Games Ltd under it. but that was just the print logo. the in-game one was almost the same. but the old man was 3d! and it looks like it came from a N64! and this one was interactive! idk how but the old man from the logo got out of the screen! and whenever it came to the edge, it fell down and 2 Lego paramedics (well the dream said that) came! and my dream ended after that. If my dream were extended, it would've told me that there would be options to be interactive or not. if you chose not interactive. The old man would've walked in a straight line in and out your computer screen and fall down the edge and the Lego paramedics would come in time with the 20th Century Fox fanfare. (get it? Lucasfilms and 20th Century Fox? Star Wars?)
There is this one I thought was strange, but it was about PBS, 1 dream was where I was watching it, it showed the 1971 logo, but it was slightly different, it had the theme from the We are PBS ident used on the majority of the 2002-2009 PBS idents except with no announcer, it had the text Be More below it and the www.pbs.com URL (Which is confusing since it was pbs.org not .com. Isn't that awkward?!
PBS (1971) With Be More byline
Another one featured a time machine that I went through, it showed a logo world, and it showed the NET (PBS' first name) logo morphing into the 1970 PBS logo, another strange one.

I once had a dream when the Sony logo appears. When it appears, The back ground changes from black to a blue background from the THX "Tex" trailer. The 1984 TriStar fanfare is heard for 10 seconds until, the Sony logo changes to the fast version of the 2015 TriStar logo (with no transition for some reason) the fanfare changes to the 1993 TriStar fanfare. Then, the logo ends.

February 8, 2017: I had a dream where I went to Cinemaworldin Fitchburg, Massachusetts to see a movie called "Minerva Mink: The Movie"(fake movie, so don't look for any showtimes). The movie was a huge crossover and was very lewd. At the start of the film, I saw a edited version of the "Don't Forget to Watch the Movie" policy trailer made for Sony/Loews movie theaters, and we did callouts, like "don't stand on the back of someone else's seat, hold your butt into the air, and growl", "don't put popcorn in musical instruments and then blow it all over everyone around you", "don't take someone else's nose off their face and put it on someone else's face", "don't jackhammer the floor", and "don't make everyone in the audience disappear". During a scene where Minerva Mink had an ultra spasm over seeing Billy Mays in a infomercial for the Big City Slider Station, for some reason the Samurai Pizza Cats ran into the projection room and Speedy Cerviche knocked over the projector (possibly a Christie, since the first Christie Projectors logo appeared). Then it suddenly blacked out, then these words appeared: "Error, projector feed cut off. We are sorry. This screening of "Minerva Mink: The Movie" has been cancelled until further notice". Suddenly, I felt something furry at my legs, then I looked down and noticed Cleo from Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats was rubbing against me! I jumped in shock and joy, and grabbed her. Cleo shouted "Let me go!" but I refused to. Then I woke up and found out I was rubbing my old teddy bear (yes, I still sleep with it). Aaaaaaugh. I went back to sleep and had a dream where I was watching Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats on, oddly enough, Boomerang. I expected the Cookie Jar logo at the end, but instead, the "Mmmmmmm Creamy!" clip from LazyTown played with "Robbie Rotten Productions" on screen. Underneath that text read "A Division of LazyTown Entertainment". Then it showed Arlene from Garfield singing Devo's cover of "Are You Experienced" while Razor from SWAT Kats jumped in and out of a coffin playing aOlympic white Fender Swinger (a short-lived electric guitar model released by Fender in 1969, with few made) plugged into a Fender Frontman 10G. I then saw Minerva Mink and Jessica Rabbit kissing on a "Furries' Night Out Productions" logo. It stormed and rained, then Xfinity went out. There was a Complete Signal Loss thingy: But here were the listings:
1. To gain a relationship with Cleo, press 5.
2. To become a part of Robbie Rotten's dream team, press #
3. To watch TV, press record.
4. But wait! You can't press record because it's broken!
5. Call Comcast you idiot to fix this problem.
Cleo then pressed #, then we got into Robbie Rotten's jumpsuits and shoes and sang "We Are Number One". Then she pulled out the remote and pressed 5, and we were at a wedding place. She was in a white gown, and I was in a Devo yellow suit with 3D glasses and patent leather combat boots, because all the males' clothing-only stores were closed on Tuesdays. We then kissed, and had 17 shape-shifting cat babies. We lived in LazyTown. Then I woke up.

dogekid44's logo dreams
(11th May 2018) Last night, I had a dream where I went to a movie theater to see a movie based on the TV show Steven Universe. I remember that, in the dream, just after all of the adverts had finished a variant of the THX logo played. It started with the THX logo in the middle of a black screen, and Pearl and Amethyst walked out from the right. Pearl began inspecting the logo, and then she spoke 'Be careful Amethyst, we don't want to-' before being cut off by Amethyst saying 'Hey look! A switch!'. Amethyst then pulled the switch which was on the side of the X in THX, and the logo began to rise and become brighter. As the Deep Note rose in intensity, Pearl became panicked and screamed 'Amethyst! What have you done!' before she began to run around with her arms in the air. As she ran, Amethyst began to laugh, and the THX logo shone a subtle pink color. A blackboard then fell down (ala Tex Moo Can logo) with the usual 'www.thx.com' text and copyright info. Then, a variant of the Warner Bros logo played. It was the normal 1998 logo, except the music was replaced with a ukulele being tuned, and the background was a generic sky background painted in the style of a Steven Universe background. The logo then morphed to reveal the current (2010) Cartoon Network logo, and the text MOVIES in CN Bold appeared below it. The camera then panned down to show Steven sat on a beach holding a ukulele, and that was all the logos in the dream.
Lillianalexia102's logo dreams
June 14th, 2019 - So I was watching an episode of Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot with my sister. After the logos showed up, my sister noticed a blimp outside of my window with the American Greetings logo on it. We checked out what was going on, and all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice yell "Hey you two!". It turned out it was Tenderheart riding on the blimp. My sister was ecstatic to make her dream come true... meeting the Care Bears in person. Cheer offered us a trip to Care-A-Lot. My sis was so happy. So we took the trip, and I thought "Huh, maybe meeting the Care Bears would make our lives complete!" so we had a great time. We saw Grumpy's inventions, we played with Funshine, I even spent some time hanging out with Good Luck! At the end of the day, it was time to go back home. On the way back, Good Luck gave us this advice: "It's not about having good luck, it's about following your dreams!". So we kept the advice which is what I will never forget. I ended up gathering everyone for one last group hug when we got home. Good Luck winked at us when we got off the blimp. The blimp flew away as it left. I ran back inside to watch TV. I turned the TV on to the CBS logo. Then the dream ended.
December 8th, 2019 - I had a dream where I just finished watching an episode of Arthur, but the WGBH logo played on repeat WITH THE ORIGINAL MUSIC. It then switched to the 1987 WNET logo. I was startled. The 1987 logo was playing on repeat with the 2018 WGBH Kids logos and 2009 WNET logos playing on repeat over it as well. I was scared. I heard Arthur yelling "D.W.!". I was shocked. A technical difficulties screen appeared all of a sudden. I started hearing the characters' voices. I heard Arthur telling me that him and the others will take care of this. Francine popped up and said "Everything will be fine. Just stay calm. D.W. was messing around the studio again." I was confused. Everything went back to normal and the dream ended.
brodieslogos' logo dreams
(5th March 2019) I had a dream about the Pervez Productions 1980 logo appearing, along with the 1979 Rangeela Productions Logo, the 2011 Jaymashree Pictures logo, and more scary Asian Logos, I was vored by M. Pervez
(19th July 2019) I was standing on a gigantic Universal print logo from 1914 without the "MOVING" and "PICTURES" text, I was wearing a space suit because there was no oxygen on the logo, Then I heard through the distance the 1936 Universal Art-Deco Globe fanfare.
(24th July 2019) I had a 2000 Ramu Enterprises logo cake, I decided to cut it up and eat it, After I ate the entire cake munch-by-munch, The 1994 20th Century Fox cake had been got.
(4th August 2019) I was watching Cars 3 but then it turned off and the Disney logo from "Black Cauldron" appeared then went away, the TV screen cracked as the 20th Century Fox TV logo (As 30th Century Fox Television, from "Futurama") came up onto the screen followed by the creepy The Curiosity Company Logo, My sister-in-law went to watch Sailor Moon at Odeon, the movie started with the 1986 Svensk Filmindustri logo as it was a Swedish print, Meanwhile at the Euro Films logo, Polandball was hanging out with Ukraineball having some popcorn and cola, The rest of the countries were investigating at the 1951 Zhenming Film Company logo until they heard a bang sound, The 1936 Universal Art-Deco Globe was turned on and they went to investigate that, I was busy with a broken TV with the 20th Century Fox TV (As 30th Century Fox TV from Futurama) and the The Curiosity Company logos outside of it. Unfortunately the logos went "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so loudly.
(29th March 2020) This happened if COVID-19 didn't exist. I was watching The NFG short "Jelly Explains an Anime" on Youtube. but the computer screen broke with the evil red R from TVOKids logo bloopers (It's like watching the 8th Warner Bros logo again!), And later on I was like "8th Warner Bros logo, *ding* (Abruptedley because of the fact that the logo was wasted)" and never watched the "Kinney Shield" logo again. Later on was the WB Kinney Shield logo rendered as the TF! Logo, And Sleven jumpscared me by saying "SLEVEN KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE!". Later on someone had found the animated version of the 1st Granada logo, I swapped it for the static variant, but it creeped into my face. What I found again was a Bluezoo logo. It seemed to be a fanmade 1970's one doing a what if Bluezoo existed in the 1970's, It appeared to have it's own cinemascope called "Bluezooscope". And then I seen a 1988 Antenne 2 logo singing "A2 A2, Jay is kicked! A2 A2!" instead of "A2 A2, Passioniment! A2 A2!", It was insulting to J W and like my previous logo dream was a Swedish print with an SF Studios logo aswell. Then I found a TVOKids logo reading "Movie Night" that it was an intro for that comedy series. I later seen a Numberblocks Season 7 poster on a billboard while driving through Birmingham, and I saw another Movie Night joke, It was a WB Kinney Shield again. The GTO Logo appeared aswell as the NFG Short "Meet Lizzy", I stopped at Matalan then I saw an A2 logo again. I went back home so I could watch The NFG Special "Clowning Around" then the dream ended.

This was in 2012: I saw a Disney Videos VHS of A Goofy Movie.The video opened with the Disney Videos logo, but "VIDEOS" was replaced by "VIDEOBANDEN" and an announcer with a creepily deep voice said "Van Walt Disney Home Video, een wereld vol magie om je leven lang van te genieten!". After the first trailer, I saw the same bumper, but with "VIDEOS" restored and the announcer saying "Da Walt Disney Home Video, un mondo magico che sara tuo, da custodire per sempre!".