Lakeshore Drown Entertainment

Nicknames: Columbia TrStar Much?

lakeshore drown entertainment

1st Logo (2015 - 2017)
Logo: We see a crossover of the background from the Lakeshore Entertainment logo and the water from the Drown Pictures logo then two boxes one with the boy from the Lakeshore logo and the boy from the Drown logo



FX: The fade ins.

Cheesy Factor: Super Cheese MEE! it looks EXACTLY like the Columbia TriStar Boxes of Bordem

Music/Sounds: None.

Availibility: Rare, found on DVDs and Videos by both companies but was plastered. You can find this on Home Video only. but are hardly seen in stores

Scare Factor: None.

Nicknames: Original now, WTH?, Now this is more like it!
lakeshore drown 2

2nd Logo: (2017 - 2020)

Logo: We see the two boys from both logos in the Lakeshore logo their both drowning (its just a picture) The same words fade in but are in black

FX: See 1st Logo

Cheesy Factor: None

Music/Sounds: None

Availibility: Rare, on DVD's and Blu-Rays produced by both companies

Scare Factor: Medium, Seeing the boys drowning may freak people out

DROWN Entertainment

Background: DROWN Pictures dropped the joint venture between both companies

1st Logo: (2020- )

Nicknames: Alternative, New Kid at Sea

DROWN Entertainment

Logo: First, we see a lake in a spooky enviroment, then it zooms into the water. We see a hand reaching high sinking down, then fades to two legs sinking down, then fades to a far look of the two feet sinking down to reveal a boy sinking in the water, he appears to have already drowned. When he reaches the middle, the words DROWN ENTERTAINMENT fade in in the same fonts in the movie logo. After the boy completly sinks to the bottom the words fade out.

Variant: Sometimes it would just be a color version of print version of the movie logo on an underwater background

FX: The water, and the boy sinking

Cheesy Factor: The logo looks kind of poorly animated and the beginning scene with the lake is just a remake of the Lakeshore Entertainment Background

Music/Sounds: Water splashing/ and a thrilling scary fanfare.

Availibility: Common

Scare Factor: High, the music may scare little kids

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