Johnny Test Productions

1st Logo (May 24, 1987- October 31, 1988)
Nickname: "Mission Accomplished"
Info: We see the still photo of the 2005 episode entitled "Johnny to the Center of the earth" and the words "Johnny Test Productions" were typed in like a typewriter. When it ends, it fades out.
Music: The 1984 Saban Entertainment logo Music.
Availability: Rare
Scare Factor: Low, due to the music that may scare some.

2nd Logo (November 3, 1988-March 13, 1990)
Nickname: "Barbour/Langley knock-off"
Info: We see the words "Johnny Test Productions" wipe side to side like the 1989 Barbour/Langley Production logo, and it has the copyright disclaimer and it said "COPYRIGHT (C) [Year] Johnny Test Productions, inc."
Music: The 1989 Barbour/Langley Productions synth jingle.
Availability: Rarely seen
Scare Factor: Nightmare, due to the music which may scare some.

3rd Logo (March 14, 1990-November 14, 2000)
Nickname: "Johnny and Dukey"
Info: We see the picture of Johnny and Dukey standing in a stone background though the words "Johnny Test Productions" fade in, and the whole logo fades out.
Music: March 14, 1990-October 13, 1993: Same as Logo 2
October 15, 1993-November 14, 2000: The 1993 Barbour/Langley Productions jingle.
Availability: Somewhat Rare
Scare Factor: Medium due to the first music which may scare some viewers who first watch the logo
None for the October 15, 1993 logo.

4th Logo (November 15, 2000-April 12, 2003)
Nickname: "Tired Johnny" "JOHNNY! GET TO SLEEP!"
Info: Screenshot from the episode of Season 1 of "Johnny Test" which premired on September 17, 2005, and the words "Johnny Test Productions" fly in and it puts up with the disclaimer saying "Copyright (C) [YEAR] Johnny Test Productions, Inc." and the byline "A Time Warner Company" fades in after the production name flies in.
Music: A Really cool riff played by Johnny himself.
Availability: Seen on "AOSTH" which is followed by the MGM Worldwide Television logo
Scare factor: None. This is the last logo before the 04/14/2003 incident with Johnny's wounds.

5th Logo (September 17, 2005-now)
Nickname: Secret Agent Johnny, 00Johnny
Info: Screenshot from the episode segment "00 Johnny" is seen on screen and the words "Johnny Test Productions" fly in and freeze frame and the logo fades out. The copyright at the bottom fades in "Copyright (C) [YEAR] Johnny Test Productions, inc." and the Byline "An AOL Time Warner Company" (2005-2006 only), "A Time Warner Company" (2007-now)
Music: The Last few seconds of the Johnny Test theme song from seasons 1-now
Availability: Current
Scare factor: None whatsoever.

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