Jerks inc.

Background:Jerks inc. was founded in 1980 by Lame Y. Jackson, and went popular in the 1987 when they produced their first animated movie, entitled "Free". In 1997, Jerks inc.Successfullymade their first Animated cartoon, "The Mr. Jerkface Show" for Cartoon Network. Today,Jerks inc. participates in animated cartoons and movies.

1st Logo

Nicknames:"The Blue Letters", "JERKS Part 1: Blue Letters and Shape-Shifting i's"

Logo:On a white background, we see the words"JER
KS inc." (with JERKS being in different shades of blue) move into each other which causes the word "inc." to yell "HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!"

Jerks inc.(1981)FX/SFX:The words crashing into each other, and the "i" in "inc. changing into a mouth (and of course, changing back into an "i".)

(except for the "i"yelling "HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!")

Availability:Seen on movies from the company, from "Free" (1987) to "Things can Only Get Better!" (1991)

Scare Factor:Medium, The "i" yelling
"HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" may startle you a bit.

2nd Logo

Jerks inc. (1991-1997)

Nicknames:"The Black Holes", "JERKS: Part 2: More Blue Letters and a Shorter Outline"

Logo:We see the words "JERKS" (all in dark blue) and "inc." (all in black) on a light Purple background. "inc." later runs off screaming.

FX/SFX:None, Except for "inc." running away.

Music/Sounds:"inc." running away screamng.

Availability:Seen on movies from the company, from "Free: Journey 2 Freedom" (1991) to "Mr. Jerkface" (1997)

Scare Factor:Low. "inc."'s Medium-Pitched screaming may startle a few people.
3rd Logo
Jerks inc. 1997-2000

Nicknames: "Mr. JERKface","JERKS: Part 3: Mr. Jerkface enters the scene."

Logo: On a black background, we see the same text, this time in different colors and in the Checkbook font and Mr. Jerkface, from the movie of the same name, appears next to it.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: 1997-2000 episodes of The Mr. Jerkface Show play a one-liner from the episode, à la King of the Hill. For Movies, none.
Availability: It was used on 1997-2000 episodes of The Mr. Jerkface Show on Cartoon Network, and movies from "Triple Free" (1997) to FAIL WARS (2000)

Scare Factor: None.

4th Logo
JERKS inc. 20th AnniversaryJerks inc. (2001-2007)

Nicknames: "Happy 20th, JERKS.","JERKS: Part 4: The Jerks have a Birthday Party."

Logo: On a white background, we see the text "JERKS" again in multiple colors. "inc." is back in black, and above the text is "Celebrating 20 years of excellence." In front of the text "JERKS" is "20th anniversary."

  • Later airings of this logo had the 20th anniversary part taken out.
FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: 2000-2004 episodes ofThe Mr. Jerkface Showplay a one-liner from the episode, à laKing of the Hill. Xtreme Losers has a 5-second Guitar Solo. For Movies, none.
Availability: It was used on2000-2004episodes ofThe Mr. Jerkface Showon Cartoon Network, 2005-2007 episodes of Xtreme Losers on Nickelodeon, and movies from "Free: The End" (2000) and "FAIL WARS II: The Grinding Menace (2001) to FAIL WARS III: The Revenge of the Stunter (2007).
Scare Factor: Same as before.
5th Logo
Jerks inc. (2007)
Nicknames: "CheckerJERKS","JERKS: Part 5: Red Text and a Green, Purple, and Messed Up Checkerboard"

Logo: On a Green, Purple, and messed up Checkerboard, we see theRedtextJERKSinc., this time not doing anything whatsoever.


Music/Sounds: Same as above, with the exception ofThe Mr. Jerkface Show variant. FAIL WARS: CLONE WARS has a Burp sound followed by a Fart sound.

Availability: It was used on2007-2010episodes ofXtreme Losers on Nickelodeon, 2010- Episodes of FAIL WARS: CLONE WARS on Disney XD, and movies since "FAIL WARS 404 Error: File Not Found" (2009)

Scare Factor: Same as before.

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