JamariJay animation productions

1st logo:1951-1964

Nickname :The Cheesiest Logo Of All Time,Guinea Pig Show,Cat And Rat,The Dirty...cat

Logo:On a colorful background we see the words Jamari Jay

Variants:On Cat And Rat The background was a sunny sky.
On I Love Piggie There was a heart that was a purple color.

Chessy Factor:On I Love Piggie The Logo Was So Choppy And On Television airing it was colorized and the color was sloppy.

FX:The camera panning out.


Availiblty:Common,seen on I love Piggie Redrawn.And the Cat And Wat Varaint is extinct it was last seen on Boomerang.

Scare Factor:None

2nd logo: 1965-1968

Logo: On a Orange background we zoom out quickly and pass the text that reads:JamariJay
Then we zoom back to far and zoom back into the text.

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