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JH Home Video

Logo 1: (2007)

Nickname: "Paramount Ripoff"

Logo: We see the current Paramount logo play as usual. Instead of "Paramount" being seen, the letters,
Jered Hunter
are seen. Inplace of "/\ VI/\CO/\/\ CO/\/\P/\NY", we see the text:

JH HOME VIDEO or JH DVD or the Blu-ray logo

fade in.

SFX: Same as the current Paramount logo.

Music: None.

Cheesy Factor: The logo looks like a ripoff of the current Paramount logo. Also, bad grammar, Jered is misspeled.

Avialability: Only seen on Rock On, DUDE!.

Scare Factor: Same as the current Paramount logo.

Logo 2: 2008-2012

On a gradient blue BG, the words:
JH Home E ntertainment
are seen. "FEATURE PRESENTATION" fades in under the text.

SFX: Stuff up there, 'nuff said.

Music: The 4th Paramount Home Video one.

Availability: On JH Home Video releases from 2008-2012.

Logo 3: 2012-present

Nickname: "Leo & JH"

Logo: On a yellow background, we see Leo (from Disney's Little Einsteins) standing next to a big blue JH, & the words:
JH Home Entertainment
above Leo & the JH. Leo is holding up the text.

SFX: None, still logo. But sometimes, we see the text falling down, and Leo putting it back into place.

Availability: Current, 'nuff said.

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