Izzer Video (Malaysia)

Background:Izzer Video was launched in 1979, but didn't use a logo until 1987. In 1994, Izzer Video International launched. They are still making VHS tapes today, but are sold in drug stores.
1st Logo

Nicknames:"The Malaysian SSF", "The Evil Girl", "Little Girl of Doom"
Logo:On a black background a face of a little girl zooming in slowly. But it's eyes glow red when it's halfway zoomed, the text "Izzer Video" appears.Then the character from the show it is a tape of's face screams. Then some other kid faces scream after.
Variations:The original was retired in 1999, but they continued to used the original until the logo's end in 2001.
- In 1999, audiences added watching the logo but at the end they scream.
- On Malaysian VHS tapes of Rugrats, Tommy Pickles' face is in the middle at the end.
- On Malaysian VHS tapes of The Simpsons, Bart's face is in the middle at the end.
Music/Sounds:First silence, at the end, one scream, after millions of screams
Avilibility:The 1999 version is more common than the 1987 version, You can find the original version on Malaysian tapes of Rugrats, Simpsons. etc.
Scare Factor:High to NIGHTMARE, The face, the screaming can scare many people. Low to Medium for the 1999 version.
2nd Logo

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