I Hit a Birdie, Mr. Amend Productions

Background : This is the vanity card of Bill Amend, creator of FoxTrot.

Nickname(s) The Bird, Roger's Win, MoPo Productions Logo Knockoff, Birdie Joke, MoPo Spoof

Note: This is a hybrid ABC Studios/I Hit A Birdie, Mr. Amend logo.
Logo: Roger Fox (from "FoxTrot"), waves to the camera and smiles, then tees off. The ball flies over the green, hits a birdie (litterally!) which then does a comic-stirp like "effect" where it says


(in Foxtrot character dialouge type from the mid-90's-present)

A Universal Press Syndicate Company

plus a copyright disclaimer. It then countines to fly, then the camera then pans over to an arieal view of the hole revealing the golfball spinning down to land to have a print logo of ABC Studios with "Disturbuted by" at the top.

Variant(s) : Some varaints include:

An abriged version where the ball just flies and hits the birdie revealing the logo which then fades out.

No Universal Press Syndicate disclaimer is on the bottom when this logo plays on some episodes of "FoxTrot: The Animated Series"

The complete logo plays, but your ABC affliate cuts second half of it out to air the next program.

Some countries have censored the "bird" due to moral reasons.

There is no landing of the golfball at the end.

In syndication, the ball reads "Buena Vista Television".

Sometimes a still shot of the logo plays with the final notes of the "Foxtrot" theme.

FX: Roger smiling and waving at the camera, teeing off, the birdie being hit, comic strips the camera flying over to inside the hole, and the ball dropping in plus the transitions.

Trivia : This not only is based on a couple comic-strip jokes from FoxTrot with the birdie litterally being hit compared to the golf rule, but also pays homage at the end to MoPo Productions' logo.

Cheesy Factor : 1.5 Minimal, depends on what you think of the text graphics and how good (or bad) the animation is.
  • Music/Sounds: Generic dramatic 15-note Harpo-like jingle.

  • Availability: Seen on "FoxTrot: The Animated Series". Ocassional for the long version in the countries with the bird intact, common for the abriged version or long verison cut off depending on slot time on the next program, and common for the syndicated version.

  • Scare Factor: The jingle may get to some, also depends on animation.
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