Hypnotoad Productions

Logo description and picture by LogoMan36

Background: Hypnotoad Productions was founded on August 7, 2003--four days after the airing of the Futurama episode "Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV" with the second appearance of the Hypnotoad. Hypnotoad Productions is a subsidary of 20th Century Fox Television and The Curiosity Company to make episodes of Futurama and Everybody Loves Hypnotoad.

1st Logo
(August 10, 2003-September 19, 2009)
Hypnotoad Productions (2005)
Logo: We see a Hynotoad. In the upper right corner is:


Effects: The Hypnotoad's eyes.

Music/Sounds: A man saying "All glory to the Hypnotoad!" in a hypnotised voice from the Futurama episode "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid". Otherwise, the sound of the Hypnotoad.