Home Cinema Video (UK)

1st logo
Nickname: "Videotape and Laserdisc of Doom"
Logo: On a black background, we see a light blue oversized disc (possibly a laserdisc) zoom in/up from the bottom of the screen leaving a residue trail of discs. A light green videotape then zooms out from the bottom and zooms in towards the center and disappears. Then the center flashes white and the text "HOME CINEMA" in the same font used in the Almi Television zooms in to the left of the screen while "Video" in a cheap handwriting font writes by itself and an underline draws itself under it.
Cheesy Factor: The videotape zooming in is AWFUL animation, not to mention the music can give someone a headache.
Music: Some creepy xylophone music (sounds similar to the one used in Converge Video) along with "SHHHHHK!" sounds that sound like they're from an Intelevision game.
Availabilty: Common, Home Cinema Video released films from Canada, USA, Japan and Australia. Most of which were not intended for children.
Scare Factor: Medium to High, the choppy animation and creepy music make this a bad logo.

2nd logo

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