Hollywood Pictures


1st logo (20??-20??)
Nickname: "Sphinx on the hill" "Framed Sphinx" "Sphinx at dawn"
Logo: On a dawn setting, we see a hill with the Hollywood sign lit up on the right side of the screen. As we pan left, we see a greek Sphinx (a creature with the body of a lion, the wings of a great bird and the head of a human) walk on the top of the hill before sitting down and looking right. As the Sphinx sits down, a thick square frame fades in around the sphinx, then the words "Hollywood Pictures", in a Arial-like font, fades in next to the frame as the camera stops panning. Throughout the whole sequence, we can see the sky transitioning from a dark dawn setting to a 20th Century Fox-esque dawn background.
Variations: There is a variation where the box appears in a different way: by a "from-thin-to-thick" type of animation.
Byline Variation: There is another variation with the byline "a Disney company" fading below the company name, with "Disney" in its corporate script font.
Cheesy factor/FX: The camera panning, the sphinx walking and sitting down, the frame and the text appearing. Plus this logo solves the problem the original Hollywood Pictures logo has: an egyptian Sphinx theme that has no relation with the company's name.
Music: A re-recorded rendition of the original Hollywood Pictures logo fanfare. Sometimes none or the opening theme of the movie.
Availability: This is a dream logo, so don't expect any availability on actual Hollywood Pictures movies (expect when the boss of Hollywood Pictures happens to like this logo idea and hires me to make it official).
Scary factor: None to minimum because of the dark-ish setting at the start of the logo.

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